Blograma FM

Blograma FM, a dedicated child theme of the superb Nowell theme, is the last dish refactored by your favourite new media and development studio : Segonquart Studio.

Blograma FM by Segonquart Studio
Blograma FM by Segonquart Studio 2014

Fun isn't it? Time were spent in the enhancement of security protocols and server responses, following the agile approach to use as less plugins as possible. The main idea for the whole development was, as you may perceive, to not touch, not to distort, but rather enhance the excellent work done by the team of developers of the theme Nowell.

Following the motto "Mobile first" we concentrated our efforts working on the details, leaving the main solution to the original template. As an example: To force an HTTPS display -- yes, that trend --  we wrote a customized .ht implementationn, considering it was a best approach than the plugin solution the Wordpress framework platform offers for free.

RewriteCond %{HTTPS} off RewriteRule ^ 
https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]

Well, two simple lines of code, of a software extension -- a subtheme - that required more or less 2000 lines of code. And if you browse the code you'll find a little bunches of subtle etceteras.

Blograma FM is our last re-creation. You might want to have a look at the final result here. Worth its value.


AE-35 Unit

Everyday is the Talk Like Hal Day, not just the 12th, in Urbana.
"Everything's running smoothly. And you? "



Due to the importance and relevance of the HTTP +TSL protocol { a.k.a. HTTPS } in our days and in the future of the web, this yours truly has been practicing and playing these days located in Europe, not with fire, but with Stunnel.

The stunnel program is designed to work as an SSL encryption wrapper between remote client and local (inetd-startable) or remote server.

Back nearly a decade ago, circa October 2004, one of Stunnel's most common uses was encrypting communications between POP or IMAP mail servers and e-mail clients.

Stunnel in a PC local machine
It could be tricky for permissions, but back onto those days Stunnel was useful even to encrypt other services like MySQL transactions to prevent wiretapping.
This method can be used to encrypt any service where neither the server nor the client are SSL-enabled. Common examples include CVS, MySQL, etc.
as Mr. Barry O'Donovan pointed in Linux Gazzette.

There is an Android, a desktop and other port downloables ready for you to be installed. The source code is released under the GNU General Public License and, as such, is freely available for download and installation.

The last update of Stunnel is dated



Ecofont saves toxic ink and toner, while maintaining readability. We believe it is important to save the precious natural resources of our planet. For ourselves and for future generations.
While developing our last project, here at the Segonquart Studio headquarters, we faced a problem: There is the need to print the content, or at least facilitate this possibility to the audience and visitors.

For this simple reason, we had to decide which favored over the interests of the audience and community solution.
After investigating and conducting a  possibilities and feasibility study, we find EcoFont. A solution belonging to typographic world enabling sustainable resource-saving and clear evidence of its usefulness. We calculate the savings our client will have offering this tempered solution.

Then, we wrote a simple declaration pointing to an URI in the print CSS styles which goes to the directory from where resource is served, so you can print in paper the complete edition or some single articles from the server/website, in a sustainable way.

As you may have noticed -- looking at tyhe clean code of the mentioned project, our choice was Ecofont.

They believe -- like we do -- that it is important to save the precious natural resources of our planet for ourselves and future generations.

RFC 3987 Handling

...an IRI is defined as a sequence of characters, not as a sequence of octets. This definition accommodates the fact that IRIs may be written on paper or read over the radio as well as stored or transmitted digitally.
Internationalized Resource Identifiers is a acomplement to URIs , and is a new protocol element that is in common use in internationalization.

Language on the Web is a good point to get started.


Autumn 2014

Some brave news from your favourite new media & design studio { a.k.a Segonquart}.

As it has been said, as I've heard, the team are branding and cooking , and this yours truly is somehow involved on to that, an old cow.

They say it will be ready to serve chilled -- that is , it will be in beta -- around Autumn. 2104.

If you are hungry,  you can have a taste and see the flavour and how it will look like.

Click here, download the archive and use MS Excel to view it.


More than words

Mr. Jason Thibeault says in his article via The Pulse
...status post after status post about themselves and their kids... And I’d venture to guess that you are checking these status updates more often than you realize. Which is a clear sign that you need to check, just like you might need another cigarette, or another drink.
Well, why do not, instead, keep mantaining social moods through a blog?

What I do most like about weblogging is its un-addictiveness. This is, weblogs are a non-adictive process of comunication behaviour expressed in the formal way of doing things by example. Communication is not only inherent to our human nature, it also conforms itself our daily activities. We are born into language. A dialect for each buying, each talking, each waving, each liking or even each disliking.

A weblog is a collection of thinks, or remarks, or bookmaklets, or guess whatever is a collection of personal content or of -- using marketing terms -- interests.
Weblogs face the two aspects of interaction and communication: the self and the social . And face those aspects in a much wider, discrete and human way than focusing in a simple but effective activity stream of generated content.

Reflects the interests the editor/publisher/narrator/photographer/marketer who wants to express content and publish it in the web.

You interact with weblogs ( We-blog, I-blog, She-blogs ) in quite different and interesting moods, enhancing the way communication flows and data interacts; one can subscribe to them, or one might get involved with other them in a elegant manner.

A weblog is more than a collection of words, subtly curated and carefully published by its editor. You can even alter the chronological fact tied behind them.

A weblog is not just social. Is much more than a social thing.


The Coolest Protocol Ever

  • Email was a newsfeed
  • Email was the primary means of direct social communication on the Internet. 
  • Email was a digital package-delivery service
  • Email was the primary mode of networked work communication
Alexis C. Madrigal bangs on the door with his stirring and yet exciting article on the Email, as well known as SMTP Internet protocol. The best tool, ever.
Email is a refugee from the open, interoperable, less-controlled "web we lost." It's an exciting landscape of freedom amidst the walled gardens of social networking and messaging services.
Being younger-than-millenial does not equals to mean stupid neither a fool. Your personal data belongs to you. Read this article, use your email, and stay well.



Discover, like it is 1994, a world wide web server.



I have been kindly invitedby  Jason, Karina and Sinead - The Blog Action Day Team, to spread Malala day, so you are too.

Blog Action Day was founded by Collis & Cyan Ta’eed in 2007. With the support of their team at Envato in Australia, as well as numerous volunteers, they recruited thousands of bloggers to blog about the issue of Environment on October 15, 2007 – making the first Blog Action Day an immediate and quite unexpected success.

Your choice.


Going Deep

Segonquart Studio
Wireshark on my desk

Wireshark, a useful tool analyzer for Unix and Windows. Hands on.


Picasso made ​​an extensive use of the colour purple in his works. Purple is -- as I learned -- a completely artificial colour, only seen in nature when one takes his/her glasses off and blinks her/his own eyes. Purple is the new black.

Thinking on the post of Jeff

Rebecca Meyer had a favorite color. It was purple. A color that might be expressed in the hexadecimal language of web design as #663399.
Heaven and angels look purple from now on.



The Philip K. Dick novel “Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said” is about a minor celebrity that loses his identity overnight. He wakes up to find that he has no identification, no record in databases, and a very real problem: He was once known by many, but now is no longer even a citizen. 
 Deranges of the virtual non-physical identity that we must consider before making hypotheses.


Swear It Out Loud

...Of course, I’m old enough to re­mem­ber when we had to haul the in­di­vid­u­al bits that made up our pro­grams an hour up­hill in a rag­ing snow­storm and put them to­geth­er with white glue… Se­ri­ous­ly, the tools get bet­ter and bet­ter each year.
When a programmer’s writ­ing or chang­ing code, she or he is ac­tu­al­ly edit­ing a text file. So the tool is at some lev­el a text ed­i­tor; but it’s not like any­thing you’d use to write a son­net or bud­get overview...
An excellent approach and a short narration about the fine art of programming, about over­priv­i­leged males with an ex­clu­sion prob­lem, about --most at all-- what programers do.

From the savvy knowledge point of view of  Mr. Tim Bray.

An article that you might want to read in his blog, here.


Carpe Noctem

The wrong market was chosen. Google Glass could be a very important tool for professional use, and not just some kind of consumer tech toy on the face of a Stanford educated hipster from Mission Bay. Anyone operating a truck, a train, a taxi, a boat or an airplane could be demanding better data to help them navigate quicker and safer. Machine operators could be fed up to the minute information about a manufacturing process. Police and security personnel could receive data about threats around them to better protect the public. The list goes on. Google should have taken this device to a specific market and worked with the developers in that industry to create business-use applications that would be used to help companies provide better services. In turn, the public would be intrigued about this important and serious tool. It would not be ridiculed if it were shown to have a useful business application. And it would’ve gone a long way to justifying the $1,500 per unit price too.
Gene Marks, on Forbes, about the miss in making an idea weareable before it goes to the common good.


The Rise And The Fall

I wonder what percentage of “the mobile web” is truly built and designed for “the mobile web.” Until discovery becomes more frictionless, along with more derivative value, don’t expect these numbers to change.
Mr. Matt Khoury's comment on Dixon's The Decline Of The Mobile Web.



Open Sourced Hardware

“Two years ago, it sounded like a crazy mangling of apples and oranges. … We’re just at the beginning of open-source’s impact on the hardware business.”
Mr Frank Frankovsky via VentureBeat.


The Singularity is a concept that has gained enormous currency in Silicon Valley. Several decades from now, the story goes, man will effectively merge with machine. This is seen not so much as a bold prediction but an inevitability. And the benefits will be historic. We will be able to solve problems that once seemed insurmountable. The exponential growth of computing power will create a future of abundance. We will live forever, in one form or another.
That singularity concept seemed to be right, before Geocities was closed, or down, might I say. Circa 2009.


Rights and Creators

The only secure method of protecting software is not giving it to the user. You'll notice you can't "pirate" Google Docs, for example. Ultimately, if you're trying to secure something, you have to assume they have full knowledge of anything you give them. You can't trust the client. This applies to preventing piracy just as much as it does to protecting a system against being compromised.

Via Ars Technica.


The Weight Of Perfection

... CSS and JavaScript joined forces to form the Technology of Terror: DHTML ... DHTML, which stands for "distributed HTML", was the final feather in our cap of web development tools. It would stand the test of time, ensuring that we could make snowflakes fall from the top of the page, or build an accordion menu animated image map, or building your own custom marquee except using semantic tags like div ... DHTML helped transition web development from a hobbyist pastime into a full-fledged profession. Sites like Dynamic Drive meant that instead of thinking through creative solutions for problems you face, you could just copy and paste this 50 line block of code and everything would be fixed ...
In effect, DHTML was the Twitter Bootstrap of the time.
Zacharias Holman nails the nail in your memory card, with his excellent article Only 90s Web Developers Remember This .
I miss the good ol' days, too. Worth a read.



And so we had to decide, what are the fundamental directions we’re going in? And what makes sense and what doesn’t? And there were a bunch of things that didn’t. And microcosmically they might have made sense; macrocosmically they made no sense. And you know, the hardest thing is… you think about focusing, right? You think, “Well, focusing is saying yes”. No, focusing is about saying no. Focusing is about saying no. And you’ve got to say no, no, no. When you say no, you piss off people.
John Gruber quoting Steve Jobs. An excellent article that can be read here



The actual physical representation of an interface element. The term widget is most often used when discussing the physical appearance of a document. Widgets include buttons, listboxes, and checkboxes.
Programming Firefox, written by Mr. Kenneth C. Feldt, includes an excellent definition of the widely sprtead term widget. The book it's available through O'Reilly publishers here.

In case XUL matters to you. And XML, of course.


Case Studies in Miscommunication

...the CEO is really seeking, and the CEO calmly responds “I want GOD! I want a rockstar programmer who has developed highly sophisticated machine learning algorithms, has built a distributed back-end big data platform, and has started a company!
Dmitri respectfully responds back: “I wish you the best of luck finding that person.”
Analyzing the Analyzers, a brand new introspective survey of Data scientists and their work, published in June 2013 by O'Reilly Strata, is a book I have on my nighstand. Highly recommended.



Segonquart Studio txt
Debuggin' with Netbeans


Model Driven Semantic Web

In contrast to GPML, domain - specific modeling languages (DSML) capture the essential concepts of a limited domain. They address specific applications.
An Example of DSML is the W3C HyperText Markup Language (HTML).
Semantic Web and Model-Driven Engineering is a book written by Fernando Rivas, focusing on the next enterprise computing era, that I have the pleasure to read these days, and I bought it, here


Server Error

Things that happens in our everyday living. Might be good to know that lovely corporations like Dell, might have exceptions, like you and me do have. Because of exceptions are the norm, in most of the cases, in our everyday living.

Unhandled Exception
Use the stack tracer
Unhandled exceptions during the execution of the current web request, were and still are our daily bread. The rest is silence.

Note from the editor:  Please, do not read this post as if it was kind of a critical post, neither a mention of  failure, but a plea on how things in the Internet, and in the code of web applications works: Requests, and handling them against a server.
If machines behave like humans, to err is human. 

Update [12:53.00 January,31 2014] The matter of this post, Ausnahme, begleitet von einem Bild, has been quickly and professionally solved by now. The link placed outside the object image points to the expected URL



Ghost is my favourite blogging  framework in these, our days.

It might sound strange that I recommend a you bloggin platform - I mean, a platform specifically build to write posts and publish them in the www - from here, your favourite blog. Because of I have no personal interest in promoting a paltform of which I have no direct involvement, one may only guess that when a product is well done, one must tip the hat. And Ghost is really good,and using it becomes a pleasure.

Dedicated writers, professors, scientists or literates who want to have control of their work should have a try to the Ghost platform. Developers and marketers may find an opportunity in the Ghost marketplace.

To fell in love with a ghost, you only need a personal server, a domain and the ability to write.

Ghost now is version 0.4. Kids are growing up faster in these, our days.



I dislike the consequences, but I agree with the decision.

Why a developer has to be fired because of his insistence to use a pronoun gender?

    ...it's not the use of the gendered pronoun that's at issue (that's just sloppy), but rather the insistence that pronouns should in fact be gendered. To me, that insistence can only come from one place: that gender—specifically, masculinity—is inextricably linked to software...

Effectively, a gender is inextricable linked to a noun, as you - dearest reader - well knows.

There is a plausible reason, then, to understand the decision made at Joyent, one of the most brave and innovative companies in the net in our days.

I do not guess, in contrary to some respectful opinions, that the misunderstood came because of whether he understood what was being asked of him because English wasn't his native language. Personal pronouns exists in every language, even if they are not implicit neither visible.

One might be an excellent programmer, but if that one does not understand the basics of semantics in the natural language - i.e: the power of a pronoun - it hardly will be able to complete or enhance a code written, or a system language. Coders write code, they do not compile that code.

And this what making good software - though that good design - is all about: About making the invisible, visible; in a way that one cannot see it but you feel it.

Read more about this, here, and there.


Going RWD with JQuery Mobile

The JQuery Foundation presents here a couple of well counseling points, useful if you are willing to develop an app using the now-famous responsive web design technique.

My favourite one, number three:
Choose the breakpoints based on your content, not a specific device


Art Is Not A Product ( neither should it be)

The internet DID NOT made it easy for everyone to become an artist or content creator.

An artist or a content creator is a difficult one to find; and after all those years I am still scarving in the stone of life to find a valuable artist. I have found 'em - of course - before and during the internet era.

Seeing art a simple product, is like reading, say, a treatise of philosophy like a succession of words concatenated, I fear.

It is not because of the internet that we all feel like creators. It is because we are all able to read or to take photographs using a smartphone. Even our most primitive ancestors were able to use a tool. This is human kind.

But being able to read or to take and upload pictures to a hard drive does not gives one the ability to appreciate, nor create, neither understand Art.

To solve this, there is the need of education.  But - alas! - in our delicate days, education is mere a product in itself. And this is really bad, because of only educated people can make a distinction between a piece of art and a piece.

Keep this in mind, you savvy : The fact that you live in a house does not mean that you can design a house.