Handy Tricks

My favourite IDE editor, NetBeans IDE 8.1 is now ready for production and ready to be downloaded as a fresh install.

In my case, to avoid extra installations, to be productive, and to preserve and save space in the HD disc of the device, I have opt for the following:

Go to  Settings > Edit > Update Center Customizer 

Modify the route of your actual version ad hoc as it follows:


Just by changing the number version of the updates, you accomplish the installation process in a fast and clean mode. No downloads

You may find it of use, in case you are using and do not need a previous version of Netbeans.Less freshy, but practical. Isn't that?

No Single Target Audience

John Gruber writes a profound review of the IPad Pro.

IPad Pro is, undoubtedly, the new gadget/device that will change, in less than five earthly years, the way in which we humans do communicate and make things.

Updating Dependencies

Art By Contrast - Deployment
Here figured, the magic that lies behind a e-commercial digital solution for the web. Like those ones you enjoy from your device.

An app expecting to be live in the next hours. By this yours truly , and the valuable work of mezod.

Applying Mitigation Steps

Oracle has released a Security Alert, named CVE-2015-4852 on November 10th, 2015, also available in an XML format.

This vulnerability, which involves the Apache Commons and Oracle WebLogic Server, has received a CVSS Base Score of 7.5.

For newbies: Apache Commons is an Apache project focused on all aspects of reusable Java components.

For people like you and me: This security does not affect  neither compromise the MySQL, neither other open-sourced catalogue.

In case you work in the cloud with --say --  WebLogic, and you are a subscriber, you my want to see a solution here

The Success Of Ideas.

When the researchers drilled down into the data, however, they found some marked differences in the ability to forecast success based on the industry of the proposed idea.
Expert interest was highly predictive of success in sectors that were R&D intensive, such as energy, hardware, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. However, in non-R&D-intensive sectors, such as mobile apps and software, the ability to predict success was no better than random.

How to Predict if a New Business Idea is Any Good, a short article by Pian Shu.

Read it here


Programmatic is a broad and somewhat ill-defined category that has as its core attribute the automated buying, selling and fulfillment of ads. The programmatic infrastructure is already in place, and its momentum is accelerating.

There remain questions, however, about “brand safety”, fulfillment and the accuracy of data inputs into the ecosystem.
Interesting mumblings on a trend that will dominate the way humans will communicate in 2017.

Via MarketingLand

Increasingly Subtle

While the 'history of philosophy' contains some metaphysics, the majority of the great philosophers were primarily not metaphysicians but analysts.
Sir Alfred Jules Ayer quoted in an elegant, crystalline prose.

We’ve Made Web Development Complicated

When I first made my transition from front-end development into back-end development in ~2002, I had two things to learn:

.- a server-side language
.- how to talk to a database (SQL)

on top of my knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. With these five basic things, I was able to build some useful stuff.

I’m working on a web app now and it recently struck me how much more complicated things have become.
In the memory of Alex King.

Who was Alex?. An independent web developer. A genious. A human being who made our live easier. Working on the medium, and on the content. Design and code. Thanks to his imagination, we are able to represent the generic action of sharing a web page. Thanks to his devotion to the social ecosphere, you are deploying webs and calling yourself a webmaster today using these tool we called b2, later  known as Wordpress.  ( Sorry for newcomers, it must be completely overwhelming ).

Read his complete article here.

 Read on his obituary here.

How many … are there?

Having visual impressions is, of course, necessary for seeing things, but it is not sufficient.

What must be added is not anything sensible. And it is precisely this that unlocks the outer world for us; for without this non-sensible something, each of us would remain locked up in his inner world.

Read what about the mainly ignored by the intellectual world Herr Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege is written here.

Don't Maltreat Users

Tim says the phrase "Web 2.0" first arose in "a brainstorming session between O'Reilly and Medialive International." What is Medialive International? "Producers of technology tradeshows and conferences," according to their site. So presumably that's what this brainstorming session was about. O'Reilly wanted to organize a conference about the web, and they were wondering what to call it.

I don't think there was any deliberate plan to suggest there was a new version of the web. They just wanted to make the point that the web mattered again. It was a kind of semantic deficit spending: they knew new things were coming, and the "2.0" referred to whatever those might turn out to be.

Via Paul Graham  in a visionary article, Web 2.0,( November 2005 )

Get into the Passion

There is still two weeks left to enter the 4th annual MobileWebAwards hosted by the Web Marketing Association (deadline September 30th). The best mobile websites, responsive websites and mobile apps in 86 industries will all be recognized.

Now is your chance to enter and win recognition for yourself and your company while receiving all of the benefits of being a winner.

Get into the passion, and flavour your creative app here

A Renderer

Three wishes:

style sheet

A CSS style sheet.


A UA that interprets the semantics of a style sheet and renders documents that use them.

authoring tool

A UA that writes a style sheet.

A style sheet is (..)  valid according to the generic CSS grammar and the individual grammars of each feature defined.

A renderer (..) in addition to interpreting the style sheet as defined by the appropriate specifications, it supports all the features defined (..) by parsing them correctly and rendering the document accordingly.

An authoring tool (..) writes style sheets that are syntactically correct according to the generic CSS grammar and the individual grammars of each feature (..), and meet all other conformance requirements of style sheets as described.

Via the W3C, CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 4, working draft.

This Indecision is Bugging Me

 Summer ends, so here goes a couple of links  that may enhance your vision and goals or serve as inspiration in your future and present projects. Choose between GET or POST.

Methods GET and POST in HTML forms - what's the difference?

The HTML specifications technically define the difference between "GET" and "POST" so that former means that form data is to be encoded (by a browser) into a URL while the latter means that the form data is to appear within a message body..

Dropbox starts using POST

Switching to POST discards a number of very useful features though. POST is defined as a non-safe, non-idempotent method. This means that if a POST request fails, an intermediate (such as a proxy) cannot just assume they can make the same request again.

The Definitive Guide to GET vs POST

Because query strings are transferred openly in GET requests, we have to consider our security and that of our users when dealing with sensitive data like passwords or credit card numbers.

Limitations of the GET method in HTTP

HTTP-based APIs take advantage of this by using GET for API calls that don’t modify server state. So if an app makes an API call using GET and the network request fails, the app’s HTTP client library might decide to retry the request. The library doesn’t need to understand the specifics of the API call.


Hack is a designed typeface for screen, to make coders' everyday living easy and pleasant.
The face has been re-designed with an expanded glyph set, modifications of the original glyph shapes, and meticulous attention to metrics.
Hack is multilingual, and based on the unfamous Bitstream Vera face. Get hacked, at sourcefoundry.

After hours of using it, I am quite impressed.

Credits and kudos for Christopher Simpkins, the designer.

Adieu to the little blue “g” icon

There was a time in the history of the web that everything, nearly every website look ugly, pretty ugly.

There was a real tendency for ugliness and dirtiness in that gutter, while quite few of us were looking at the stars. That time was until four or five years ago.

Now we have devices with cameras that may unconsciously reflect a world where design counts and is present, standardized, as physical methods of payment are, we realize design might be to embrace standards. Proportion, structure, pattern, measure, vision, use. Beauty in code is design.

Google has embraced  today, 2015, ( mark-da-date) the basic elements of visual design  ( colour and  symbol ) in a formal manner and has unveiled his new logo. Temperate, proportional, adaptable, foreseen more than one simple use ( the metaphor of a desktop through a screen).

This is what design is about: Analysis and execution. Express using a collection of signs and colours the same as you might refer or say using Swedish german language. 

You design things to fit into other things that still do not exist. And when they will exist, the thing you have designed has to fit well.

At Google, is call it an update. This old cow, coming from a business model driven education, coming from a culture where the Internet Web was made to be printed, and heard, name to this change branding.  Perfect Sans deserve less.

Congrats Google. Welcome to a visual future spelled backwards.

‘Analysis’ is ‘design’ spelled backwards

Live Templating, allready finished

Part two, of a series. Like an unfinished symphony, this, your, weblog crafted live templating is nearly finished.

Template is entitled, for obvious reasons, "Russell", and you might see below a detail of the result

Russell, a blogger custom template - gently crafted by Delfi Ramirez  at Segonquart Studio HQ, 2015
Russell, a blogger custom template - gently crafted at Segonquart Studio HQ, 2015

Instructions and the how-tos, can be found there

It is my personal hope that some of you might find it of use.

Built with faith, for you to write and post about things in Life.

HTML spec now on GitHub

Just a heads-up to those of you who like to follow the nitty gritty of spec development here: The HTML spec has joined the other WHATWG specs on GitHub, rather than being alone in the svn.whatwg.org SVN repository. This will enable other WHATWG editors to also contribute to the HTML spec, so you might get replies from Anne, Domenic, or Philip rather than just me.
Good news for followers like me, via Ian Hickson, editor of the HTML spec. This is 2015.

In theory this shouldn't really have any practical impact on anyone except them editors and those of you filing bugs, still tracked in the W3C Bugzilla.

Dancing the Mantra Ray

This is not a commercial, not a promotional post, but a personal recommendation.

OWASP Mantra is a must, if you are into app or web development , webmarketing or digital business ( formerly known as e-comm), or if you are a cat.

Mantra is a web application security testing framework built on top of a browser, free and open-source.

By having such a product, more people will come to know the easiness and flexibility of being able to follow basic testing procedures within the browser. Mantra believes that having such a portable, easy to use and yet powerful platform can be helpful for the industry.

Here below, a visual example taken from the desk of this yours truly:

OWASP Mantra delfiramirez.info screenshoot
OWASP Mantra

Mantra does not need plugins or extensions. I like that. Sometimes it may be bore me the build-it-yourself culture the open-source industry widely spreads.

For professionals, Mantra comes with many built in tools to modify headers, manipulate input strings, replay GET/POST requests, edit cookies, quickly switch between multiple proxies, control forced redirects and all that matters. For aficionados too. For cats is suitable, if not ideal.

So if you ever dream of to take part of this industry, the web industry, do yourself a favour, and dance with Mantra. Your audience will notice it. Perfection lies in the details.

Download is here. revisited

There is no great mystery about I.P. no.
It simply relates to an unregistered proxy. That means that you or I or absolutely anybody can use it to surf the net anonymously.

The way to surf the internet anonymously via this I.P. number is to quite simply:

Take and then add the address of whichever website you want to look at (remember to remove the http:// bit from the start of the address though).

Put the resulting url into your browser, click enter and you are viewing the site anonymously via the proxy number.
via Inspector Hacker Investigates

Read part one, here

On Open Source

Today an Objective-C bridge for porting iOS apps to Windows as open source on GitHub.
 Think about this news, five years ago.

via Daring Fireball

Unsolved Problems In The Open Web

These are the kinds of problems made for individual creative people, the kinds of people we enabled with blogging software. But because the leadership turned to silos, we never got to really explore them. This is why it would be a good idea for Google to realize that our interests are aligned, and that they could show some leadership. Would be easy for them.
Winer, proposing Google Inc. to finally embrace the weblog culture. Expertise and union for the Open Web.

Nice move.

Live Templating

This, your favourite weblog is being re-designed in live production, part kind of a personal experiment on UX and other methods, part to practice , and part to entertain you.

For that reason, you dearest reader,  might experience some visual annoyances  -- or unknown pleasures, who knows -- in the next few days.

Apologize for the inconveniences.  

Relax. Take a sit. Enjoy the show.

The mean of PWYW

Oftentimes, businesses use the strategy as a promotion to get new customers, sometimes with a social tie-in for extra incentive—for example, a restaurant will run a PWYW promotion and donate part of the proceeds to a charity to feed the hungry.
Name your Price, really by Mr. Richard Blanding,

The hypotheses, research methods and conclusion of a study on the PWYW trend, conducted by Mrs. Shelle M. SantanaA valuable classified read.

Via Harvard Business School Working Knowledge

Real people don’t say

Databases use primitive verbs, because they have no knowledge of the meaning of the data.
An enlightening observation by Mr. Mathias Verraes.

The upper cite is an excerpt of the comments -- a.k.a. replies -- featured in the dialog section of his excellent article CRUD is an antipattern.

Circa 2013.

What's The Use?

Usablenet, a pioner company in the arena of mobile UX, has kindly start a U-campaign to promote the benefits and present the current scenario of the mobile apps vs. the web mobile.

A helpful sixteen page document, delivered by its knowledge-center,  perfectly designed and composed, that might provide you with some interest for the mobile field, and -- of course, being this not a promotional post --  for the wealth and value of the company behind this initiative.

A company that is focused, not just in production, but in making usable -- or accessible -- mobile products.

I am not a customer of mobile products, not a salesman, but a producer myself, as you dearest reader should know. And , unfortunately, I buy few of them. Loyalty has nothing to do with disposability.

As the producer of content and websites, and apps et al, myself finds good and profitable that companies like Usablenet, promote a knowledege-center production for the benefit of all us. May be an app the key strategy for your company to success.

The best knowledge is the shared knowledge. The best technique is the one that your company, or society or community, holds and creates. In a unique way.  And this idea is strong in the mind of Usablenet as a company.

Today, in my email, there was an hyperlink pointing me to theirs "A Guide to Mobile Apps"

I  found it good and  would like to share it with you. Get your copy here.

Pieces and Patches

 Dan Geer wrote
"Open source abandoned software: When software companies stop releasing updates for code, they should be required to make it open-source so that others can patch and update it."
True. You may want to take a piece of this yours truly past released and now abandoned code here, 

Enjoy the update. Enjoy the Source.

Bemerkungen über die Farben

Perhaps you want to know a little about the current standard for the web known as HTML version 5.

In the time I spend working, my interests are aimed at training and consultancy in the field of web standards.For about four or five years or so ago, 

This slide show that you attached underneath serves as accompaniment to any of my speeches given around the South Mediterranean area.

Which it is novel gives way to what is usual or normal. Normal, regulatory drifting.

I would highlight as an interesting aspect of the slides, not the content, which in 2015 became obvious for professionals like us , but the choice of colours and forms that were applied, as well as the arrangement of the elements in the slides.

I guess this helps to properly convey the information that is of interest of those attending the talks. 

There is a link below, not to be smug about something simple, but if you find it of interest, or if maybe they can serve you and be helpful as a remark.


It seems there is a misconception in the use of "innovation" considered as one verbal form. And this misconception, is wide spread.

The misconception mentioned above prevails, and seems to come from an incorrect use of what we know as the sense and the reference.

Innovation, as an expert in the field of linguistics -- who, besides, is a close friend of mine --  kindly explained to me, derives from the infinitive form of the verb "to innovate".

This is, you and me perceive a referenced term as if it meant not a single entity, but a whole transformation. For this, maybe, we get confused on what might be a correct referral of "innovation" and its sense : "a small change for the better ".

Old terms to coin new values. Here we go.

Universals. Metaphysics into metadata. A verbal form like "to innovate" is, by definition, a universal concept. Repeatable or recurrent entities that can be instantiated or exemplified by many particular things. Patterns. References.

Let's make this point clear. Universal is  a term can be applied to more than one single reference. A term that can be understood being part of an assertion or phrase.

Subscriptions. Today I have been reading my subscriptions, and there is an interesting article written by Mr. Dave Winer, written four months ago, that still impacts me.

 In his article, Mr. Winer expresses his thoughts and his personal vision on the actual failure of the concept innovation, associated to the false expectations for the possibility to change the world through innovating.

Here comes the mistake in the sense. Innovation understood as a way to change the world. Change the world? For the better? Define better.

To define it better, you have to stare and think yourself about Thomas Kuhn. Think yourself, please,about the meaning of the term evolution. Think about the fact to discover these anomalies in the real world, and how to take profit of these discoveries, and of these anomalies. Think of enthralling your community, too, or even your audience. Think that change is a verb, not a noun, and that, as a verbal form, is too a universal term.

So we need to find an empirical example that gives a sense to this universal term. Just a second. Let's have a toast and trigger a space there to hold a place for dirt memoirs.

It was that band of youngsters named The Beatles who  -- in the seventies age of our past century  -- sang something like this:
You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world

That was then. If you want to innovate you must have in mind the year 1987, and perhaps bitter moments of the year 1995; because those were the real milestones of our present world. People who were in charge then and before kept in mind the sixties, the early seventies, and what could be done from that on. Same pattern happens in the field of  classical design, for example. You grow from a basis you have learned and studied with patience. Not to mention effort. You do not innovate by re-creating baroque.

Being myself raised during that time of Johns and Marks and Andys in Europe, means that I was raised inside a conservative and respectful society.

Not having in mind the sixties, being myself not a millennial, I feel old enough to remember in the news the death of John Lennon.  Old enough even to remember the news spreading that Mark Chapman was arrested for shooting John. That John was a Briton. That John had a picture cover for one of his works done by Andy Warhol. That person Andy wearied glasses and looked quite cool.

John was born in the basement, the place where the ideas really flow up. His famous haircut was done by a hairdresser woman who I had the pleasure to know, and with whom I was pleased to share some beers and some laughs while I was residing in Hamburg.

In Europe, then, there were two kind of societies where humans lived, if my memory serves me well.  It was the best of times, it was kind the worst of times. Europeans were at that time divided, not by states, were taught at school.

Those learning lessons we receive were that there was an East and there was a West. Both geographical parts of Europe. One is shown, the other one is hidden. We innovate one against the other. Like in a  mirror, we saw the reflection like an upside image. Two models in which a human could have the choice to grow and to become or either an astronaut or a cosmonaut. Night and day. Your choice.

If you tickle us, do we not laugh?

Mr. Dave Winner writes:

They've thought of everything by now. There isn't room to be innovative in lifestyle anymore. Back when I was a kid, that's what we thought we were doing. Creating something new in life. But the hippies are either gone or very old. Did you see what Joni Mitchell says about Bob Dylan? She looks like my grandmother!

No kidding. To grow up means you may see things clearer, such in a holistic way.

John Lennon was the former member and guitar player of a music band named The Beatles. They managed and build  they own publishing label compàny, named Apple Records.  An indie label linked to a major label. A publisher music company, Apple, that reach business success selling some songs like that A life in a Day.

A hippy anthem. From the outside, and being  honest -- and pretty rude --  for a moment, Mrs. Joni Mitchell always looked like our grandmother. Guess it's because that look she wear beg something inherent to the hippie culture. The flower-power discourse, beside the aesthetics involved within, was appealing to the older ones, not to the youngsters, in those days. They were not making any kind of innovation for its own generation, but a will for  a return to the roots of a primitive  society and also a lust for shocking while pleasing the older. No way. No future.

The past. And the sense of innovation doing something for the better against our common experiences. Define innovation, not fashion, nor trend.

Chips on my shoulder.  The past as a reference. I still hold an impression of the face of the man who played the role of my grandfather. The one who gave me, as a birthday present, the whole The Beatles Collection in a cage full of compact cassettes. I was ten years old. ( And I never used later that collection of compact cassettes to write data in, I promise ). He -- that grand stepfather of mine -- was not a hippie, because he could not. Too late. Or too dangerous. Or he did not feel the need to. At least externally.  But he always wondered about innovation. How is it possible...? Why, when I was young never we did not reach...?  That man gave me that day, as a birthday present, two innovations made in our era.

Two gifts in one. Modern music, and the modern way we used to record and preserve data. Innovative lifestyle is about making a difference. A subtle difference.

Apples and oranges. Apple and the Beatles and John and before. We never though we could browse the vinyl album covers through an electronic device named IPad. That was innovation. Because it reached the all of us, without notice. And changed the way we use to do things.

End of memoirs.

Innovation might be what you expect and dream, and make those expectations feasible. Think of patterns, think about universals. Think of aspects.

Aspects surrounding innovation: A process, perseverance, a methodology, the work of a collective, a step further. A step further, using mechanical methods, electronic devices, new components from our everyday living life.

Stop and rewind. Return to the source. The article. An excerpt of this article,

And it would have been nice if each of us had a way to feel our life had meaning, that we were making a difference, and being creative, heard and understood -- by someone, anyone. I think that's the real crisis of our times, in the first world at least.
An excellent post written last February, that has lead this yours truly to write the bunch of words you have read.

Some of us never though to change the world, except if it was done in a subtle manner.

Innovation, comes step by step, hand in hand, together  subtlety and adaptable.

Period. Press the eject and give me the tape.  Via scripting-com.
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