Safety Net

...But most companies do not innovate around safety or push for tougher safety standards; they merely comply with existing requirements. Because extra safety pushes prices up and can't be marketed, there's no point in investing in it until a tragedy requires you to do so...

...If anything, safety is downplayed as pre-flight instructions to airline passengers are now routinely presented in a comedy format. Safety is viewed as a "must have" but not a differentiator....

...The range of safety risks has expanded and consumers everywhere are trying new products and experiences they aren't familiar with. Marketers must do more to educate consumers about safe behaviors and not worry so much about putting them off. Consumers will appreciate their honesty.
The ugly truth is safety, until now, does not sell, says John in his essay. But neither did it an electric car ten years ago, nor a web standardised project.

Safety is implicit into a good design. And must be present, but invisible. At whatever price it costs. That means good design in our days.

Read Companies Need to Start Marketing Security to Customers by John A. Quelch, at

Play it safe.

Welcome Back

macOS 2016

MacOs is back, diminished. Welcome Back macOS

Still in: while not authorized for hardware or software packaging, Apple does encourage developers, user groups and "partners" to use this logo on their Web sites.

How Problems Can Occur

In the early days of computing, people were content to simply run programs on their computers. Usability was closely tied to functionality and understandability.
The infamous MS-DOS error message, “Abort, Retry, Fail?” once represented the quality and limitations of our conversations with computers.

An excerpt. A quote. Defiant, comprehensive, incisive yet relevant and necessary from a written essay by Susan Farrel.

This week at Nielsen via AlertBox.

Do Companies Make Bad Decisions?

Whether a paper gets accepted often depends on who the reviewers are, whether they've had enough coffee in the PC meeting, whether they are confident enough to stand up for the work, and so forth. Above a certain threshold, the objective merit of the work has little to do with the outcome.

Matt Welsh, brilliant as ever.

Read his essay, Death by peer review, or thoughts on how the process of peer review could be improved, here


"Russell asked (in a letter written to Frege in 1902), if the set of all sets that are not part of themselves (ie, that set that includes all those sets that are not included in themselves, such as" books ") is part of itself.
 The paradox is that if not part of itself, belongs to the type of sets that are not part of themselves and therefore part of himself. That is, will be part of itself only if no part of himself. "

This unnecessary verbiage described above exemplifies what the greengrocer lady, when I am located at the grocery store, tells me she knows as 'metadata'. I guess this composed word may sound familiar to you because the term is very fashionable in our days.

Besides I can take with me for the home a pair of lettuces from the grocery store, it let me have a brief and interesting exchange of words with the greengrocer lady. For some of us, this composed term is even up in the air you breathe. Thereof is made in the lettuce.

All the lettuces from the grocer's are not included in itself, but wrapped and delivered inside a plastic bag. Better if its made of recyclable paper. The bag, I mean.

Metadata is not bad in themselve, but rather the opposite. Metadata is needed.

Please two lettuces and a bunch of fresh parsley too. How much is it ? Thank you.

Quick Fix

“People assume today’s consumer has to make a deal with a marketing machine to get stuff for ‘free,’ even if they’re horrified by what happens with their data.”

“We don’t have a technology problem, we have a social problem.”
Quoted excerpt from an essay wriiten by Matthew Ingram featuring Sir Berners-Lee.

Tee-Hee. I could not resist to exchange this pleasantry, yes my fault sir.  I know I owe you a round of drinks, Tim.

Via Fortune.

As It Was In 2009

Paul Ford: Like, “I need to publish pages.” Well you should probably just use WordPress and it will cost you less than a dollar a month if you find a certain plan. The cost to produce and deliver content is basically zero or approaching zero. The tools to upload all kinds of rich media and do all that stuff are widely available. You have to ask yourself, “Why?” If it’s for an intellectual exercise it makes a lot of sense.

Rich Ziade: Yeah.

Paul Ford: Anyone who would come to us today and say “I want to build a new CMS.” They need to really know why they’re doing it.

Rich Ziade: Exactly.

Paul Ford: Why would you? What would be your reason to build your own content management tools top to bottom?

 An excerpt from Track Changes, with Paul Ford, that caught my attention.

 A conversation that puts the hit in the nail, presenting serious arguments and inquiries on the following subject: The real need and the objective reasons required to start from the ground and , with this action, to reinvent the wheel.

 A subject, this yours truly, was advocating for time ago. There is no reasonable fact to re-invent the wheel. But, there is the need to polish it. The answer to this plea, now in the year 2016, is the same as it was in the year 2009. Or it was 2010. Who cares.

 There is, however, a subtle difference whether in the talk, whether in the transcript: In those savage years, during the past decade, one still had the option to deliver a fresh new product by putting her/his hands on work. But nor Mom neither the Milkman invested in fresh new delivered products. It was not did then, neither now. Open the bottle and fill me with its content. Mom and the Milkman can make use of the WordPress to accomplish their purposes and objectives. To publish content. Why they should not? WordPress is easy to learn, and it’s more fun to use.

 This yours truly still does not see, now in June 2016, there is any logical reason to start to build a new CMS from the bottom. Except for testing purposes. Or for vanity. Or both. Who knows.

"If it’s for an intellectual exercise it makes a lot of sense."

Rich, Of A Relationship

And maybe the biggest truism that I’ve discovered about software products is they are the direct result of the people who work on them in the beginning, those very early formative stages.

Paul Ford and Rich Ziade sit down with designer Khoi Vinh, who is currently the director of product design for mobile at Adobe, and former Design Director for The New York Times.

Worth a podcast, worth a read.

Handwrought Design

As to frameworks like Bootstrap, they’re great if prototyping is part of your team’s design process—and in the world of apps, it surely should be. Such frameworks make it very easy to quickly launch a working design and test it on real human beings. But after a few iterations have improved your design, it’s time to dump Boostrap and code from scratch.

That’s because launching sites and applications based on Bootstrap or any other heavy framework is like using Microsoft Word to send a text message
Jeffrey, brilliant as ever. Read his last approach on what really matters, here.

Currently listening: 


You are good, you are confident, you are brave.

The Web Marketing Association's 20th annual international WebAward competition for website development, has extended its entry deadline to June 10th. So you have two additional weeks to submit what might be the best website in 98 different industries. Its easy to enter and feels great when you win!

There is still a chance to prove your braveness: what might be the best website 


See you there. No dogs and kids allowed.

Guten appetit, kinder!

Are melodies out of fashion? Not with the public, which enjoys them more than ever. But the tailless foxes known as Futurists or cacophonists are doing their darnedest to create the impression that they are building up a new musical art, far nobler than the music of the past, into which so puerile a thing as melody cannot be allowed to enter.

Stravinsky Provokes A Riot
, via Lapham's Quarterly

Currently listening The Universe is A Big Place by DR


Unless an IT system is indeed providing a mission critical and core capability for the business, there is very little, if any, justification for an IT organization to develop or customize that system.
Daryl hits the nail and writes what we all have in mind.

This yours truly, ruling that Segonquart Studio played with this solid idea as a foundation of  a business model. Did we need to invent a software to write code? Not really. Do we have to design a brand new typography to express the content of a personalized website ( or app) ? Not now.

So, why, except if it is a core need for the business, do we or our selected friends and clients must depend solely on the IT system?, Tell Siri. get an answer.

Will Cloud Kill The IT Star? on Forbes. Well spent six minutes.

It Wasn’t Always That Way

Call me cynical, but every time I read about a new app launch, all I can think is, “Not gonna happen.”
Erin Griffith hits the nail.

Why apps are not the common trend, and why -vieleicht -  there is a space and a need for traditional websites in your business world.

Via Fortune. Worth a read.

Have your site evaluated by professionals.

At The 20th annual WebAward competition every single website entered will be thoroughly evaluated by multiple judges, all of whom are experienced experts and industry leaders in the web development field. The judges, most have which have participated in the WebAwards for years, review sites based on your target audience using a highly tested set of quantitative judging criteria. Each entry is submitted to multiple judges and the scores averaged in order to select the winners. Whether or not you win an award, you may receive constructive criticism on your site which can help in future development efforts.
Submit your work to the Awards. And I'll see you in there. I won't be a bad judge, I promise. Good luck.


segonquart studio featured at
segonquart studio featured at

In its ruggedness and lack of concern to look comfortable or easy.

Excerpt from .  Image screenshot from .Brutal is the new gray.

Search ? Type : Search

Apple Support has a brand and cute new re-designed site.

Besides this trend fade header we all know -- an element of the page where you notice why Apple is still Apple, due to its charismatic and elegant fade movement when its scrolled -- visitors like me notice the search.

A search with a help, or a help within a search.

Honestly speaking it reminds me that brilliant work done by the team at Plone, which this yours truly implemented with passion in a prototype circa late 2007, early 2008. Curious? You may want to have a look here.

Differences between both examples, the and the website mentioned here lies in the design. In the adoption of a model of screen and another.  Effectiveness of LiveSearch, a QuintaGroup IT's product based on Google's suggest, it's clear and adopted.

Note: That was what make the prototype developed between the places at Segonquart HQ and the city of Brussels a winner. But, you know, as all the innovations you may offer to a government as a  client, it was rejected, say dismissed in that days. Too innovative for 2008. This is, uh, nearly a decade ago.

Prototype Water Guidelines- Segonquart Studio

Apple Inc. --  I guess, a very conservative company speaking in terms of adoption -- hits the nail. Again.
This is what one feels looking deeply at the corners and details. It's innovative. True. Aspect that leads a future. True innovation does not come from anywhere else except from the past. however makes. Which is something pretty good. To understand this concept makes us see better why Apple is a natural born leader, and --still -- is miles ahead from its competitors.

Speaking in terms of use, the new mini-site ( I do hate that word), better the new  minimal-site, covers the needs of a human user within a web. To make questions and obtain answers.

The clean layout and the responsiveness are really appreciated to the visitor, but they are nothing new, too. In our days to be responsive becomes a necessity, in all aspects.

What has caught my attention in the new minimal-site is the following: Figure out that background, for a second. Yes, the background of that page.
An excellent piece of design from the in our days dismissed but forthcoming isomorphic representation ( equal form and what shape really is perceived, not a flatness). A piece of wood table, that looks like a made of wood table.

Apple Support has a brand and cute new re-designed site. Have a search.

It's official


If a Stranger at the first Interview, regarded his ugly Leg more than his handsome one, he doubted him.
If he spoke of it, and took no Notice of the handsome Leg, that was sufficient to determine my Philosopher to have no farther Acquaintance with him.

“The Deformed and Handsome Leg” - Benjamin Franklin

08:04:25 AM

Since 1997, the Web Marketing Association has worked to help define what it means to be the best website in a wide variety of industries.

Its 19th annual international WebAward competition will evaluate 96 different industries and name a lucky few will compete for Best Website Award this 2016.

See the list, and the past winners, here. Fit yourself in.

Competition starts soon.

Balancing Design And Identity

Whereas organizational design is concerned with how tasks are prioritized, structured, and coordinated across individuals (“what we do”), organizational identity is defined by the central, distinct, and enduring elements that give meaning and provide purpose to an organization (“who we are”).

An enlighten article on how design principles fit together into the business models we know.

Written by Mrs. Carmen Nobel, published at Working Knowledge, kindly delivered in my subscription mail list. Worth a read.

“So you had all these faculty members who were used to teaching MBA students how to run a business,” he says. “And suddenly nothing was about running a business."


Collab is a talented and imaginative interactive agency founded late 2003. Our story is one of hard work, determination, and a strong desire to create the best user experiences possible. Our team specializes in producing digital, interactive multi-user applications.
I did first hear of Collab in the year 2004, when alongside this company, other talented agencies -- like Segonquart Studio -- were in the game and in the world wide web.

As Tian Gersbach, here ( in this your social network of weblogs named Blogspot ) did mention:
Collab has a very creative chat interface using the potential of video in Flash . Their developments have won several awards, including the renowned Flash in the Can 2004 .
That was in the year 2004. Rewind the tape.

Two years before that date, in 2002 , this your truly helped an agency named Trigital to build  and deploy what we know as the first web standards compliant portal app in Europe:, a subsidiary of

Yet, in our decade, HTML valid and compliant.

Those were the years of the past decade when Flash Player interactions and Actionscript movies were if not part of the web standards, a subjectof matter and study too,  Do not ignore that fact. Here, a brief.

 Those were the years of the past decade, years when Flash Player interactions and Actionscript movies were, if not part of the web standards, a subject of matter and study too, Do not ignore that fact. Here, you’ll find an evidence of my assertion.

 I still fond good memoirs working and training minds in the field of computing and design. I remember sharing classrooms middle times and coffees with Tian in those early days. Me, in a scientific and R&D mood. He, wearing glasses and with that “a communications and advertising company man” suite. Apologizes for the verbosity. Pause.

 Collab, Thijs Triemstra & Leo van der Veen included , still holds good examples and works of this milestones explained in his the Lab section of its website

 Worth a visit. A return to the past and a chance to learn and to see from those nice early pioneers Dutch fellas,

Cognitive Referent

For startups jockeying for position in nascent markets, pressure is intense to come up with a viable business plan before running out of money.

Unlike mature industries, nascent markets offer little certainty and plenty of ambiguity—undefined customers, unclear products or features, uncertain customer demand, and even an ill defined set of competitors.

The successful firms focused first on trying to solve a problem and then getting attention for their solution.

Why Your Company Wants to be a 'Cognitive Referent' via HBS.


Usual readers of this weblog may have noticed there is always here an intentional mix of posts on code, web development, design, career building, legal issues, business advice, arts, music et al.

A boulevard. Things in life, beside the ordinary ones.

Selfzine published a short, but effective, interview with this, yours truly. Hidden aspects built in the past.

My advice is that if you want to manage a digital company, an agency, highly recommend you to have success , or at least a failed experience, managing or administering a non-digital company.

Delfi Ramirez featured at SELFzine 2015
Delfí Ramírez featured in SELFzine 2015
This fact gives you a clear advantage in the digital ecosphere. You can be the perfect coder. There is no perfect coder, however, who is learned into the intrinsic relations and possible truths that the representation of a shopping-cart, or the experience a CRUD imitates, really have. Some designers by nature know this fact pretty well. This is one fact of why some digital companies and start-ups do not rise or reach success.

Like if we were supermarkets, it only wins the one that understand the complexity of the local market and promote the super, gain fidelity and stability. We do not mean groceries when we talk about markets.

By managing or administering a non-digital company you will learn:

Sense: You now know how human behaviour is really interacting in a physical world. So you are able  to learn to predict the needed actions and develop further imagined scenarios by code, scenarios which fill the needs of your community.

References: Do you have in mind  IMDB ?. Built by fans of movies and cinema who understood the needs and goals of cinema fans and film seekers. Other reference that comes in mind: Weblogs, originally made and build by people who love to write using a typewriter machine.

Trainee: You learn about Health, because you are responsible and you are able  to offer a healthy solution that improves the real needs.  You learn about Security, because of the wealth of your business and the obvious need for safety everyone deserves in a public place. There is no need of dreams in security, just because dreams were part of our lives. But they are no taking part in the real world. Like creativeness do. Dreams fit themselves under that personal experience everyone of us has. In opposite ,the real world is communal. Right, your business is kind of a public place, shared both in the private and in the common spheres. You learn about Law, and understand how to act and react to.

It is also a good idea to start and fail when you are young and when you're not. Because of young people tend to be more social, less conservative and opened to new values. Old people too,

In fact, building a digital community starts in building a community in the real life. Later, you make this community grow, stay in touch through devices, and you say hello with a message within the protocols. The IRC protocol, to mention one.

For the need to be able to get some sort of success, your early build non-digital company should have before been established with a small business identified with a  brand. A brand that your loyal community of people built around. A name that looks and feels as it belongs to them. Not to you. So you are the manager. The coordinator. The admin. You need a logo. Colours. Sound. Vision.

Trustness always require a physical presence.

What a self-ie.

Ready, Steady, Go!

The Web Marketing Association is pleased to announce the call for entries for its 20th annual international WebAward competition.

The WebAwards are the standards-defining competition that sets industry benchmarks based on the seven criteria of a successful Web site.

 It recognizes the individual and team achievements of Web professionals all over the world who create and maintain outstanding Web sites.

The deadline for entry for the 2016 WebAwards is May 31, 2016.

Ready? Enter your best websites at

Who killed Bansky?

Researchers from ETH Zurich, Disney Research Zurich, Dartmouth College, and Columbia University have developed a “smart” spray can capable of painting murals all on its own. 
All the user has to do is wave the spray can over a canvas.

Robots are taking the game.

Shocking or don't, and still being this technique in its infancy, the "smart" spray sessions needed of eighty-five minutes to paint, ehem, a tiger. Not so smart, then

The final result of this process, and the milestones, and the results of the "smart" spray, it might be appreciated by you, fans of modern art, in the following video,

The result, for the experts and the older, bring us back those written memoirs where old techniques used that "brush or spray tool"... in that "Photoshop" on screen. Late eighties, late nineties, I refer.

Fist Bar! Barcelona 1987-1998
Fist Bar! Barcelona 1987-1998

Robots, now it's your turn. The good thing: Large wall paintings of printed photographs, have now no need of any Frisket.

Robots, The bad thing, spray painting, is still illegal in some places.

Who killed Bambi?
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