Aspects of Digital Preservation

On Friday January 12 2018 at Noon EST the Internet Society New York Chapter (ISOC-NY), in partnership with the Greater Washington DC Internet Society Chapter (ISOC-DC) presents Digital Preservation: Policy Challenges at Google’s offices in Washington DC.

This event, the first of a series, focuses on the policy aspects of digital preservation: Is there a role for regulators? 

Speakers will be Vint Cerf, Chief Internet Evangelist, Google. Respondents: Michelle Wu, Director of the Law Library, Georgetown Law; and Kate Zwaard, Chief of. National Digital Initiatives, Library of Congress.

Not in New York? This your neither, Comment, while you can.

The event will be webcast live on the Internet Society Livestream Channel with open captioning.

Ain't no Saint

Industry analyst firm Quocirca surveyed 500 IT decision makers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, examining attitudes towards the value of confidential data including: personally identifiable information (PII), payment card data, intellectual property (IP) and email.

Clarifying the business impact of technology, quoted from Examining attitudes towards confidential data.

One xmas feasible scenariothat may beof your concern  : What it looks like if someone is reading your letter to Sandy Klaws, or even a second worst xmas scenario, what is Sandy Klaws who's tapping your phone to know your desires.

 A more serious approach via Yves Mulkers, editor of The Data Intelligence Connection

Because of Santa ain't no Saint! 

Jingle Bell

Time to move from Broadband to Infrastructure.

Encouraging innovative internet-native business models rather than working to preserve an industry threatened by innovation is n obligation for all of us professionals of the web and the Internet.

The Roman roads built with electronic pavement are working pretty well, given that the cities can maintain complex infrastructure such as water systems and roads, all the Telecom companies have reached at this time the entertainment and the media business. Today's work is about providing services, not transportation.

In a near future, if not now, we all know robots will accomplish the needed work to maintain, to install or to repair our wires and/or radios. Design today goes further than a work to implement or draw a mechanical behaviour, done by mechanical entities with the help of little AI coded in the motherboard. Not kidding.

Define what is The Internet.
The Internet can do video because it doesn’t promise video so that it doesn’t have to reserve capacity.
Long time ago, the term broadband was used to define a fat pipe that the provider would use to sell services. If you do not remember a world connected at 56Kpbs, this classicla definition of broadband does not apply to you, neither to your siblings.

  AT&T was acquired by SBC (NYSE:SBC) and, in fact, they operate as SBC in all its aspects; as well as the latam-spaniard news agency GRUPO PRISA was 'bought' by PRISACOM ,a brand division that sells advertising, the bets paradigm of what the essence of the term.service refers.

Infrastructure is what favours services.
One reason that infrastructure creates opportunity is that it is free-to-use.
With the same principle applied to public services such as rail roads, no matter if rail-roads fails, except is there is a certain hidden purpose on that fail , innovation and equability comes in hand with opportunity, in that way the Internet is paved with its natural policies.
It’s difficult to have a conversation when we don’t have a shared understanding of the meaning of words. In the case of the transition from the telecommunications services to the Internet as infrastructure the change in meaning is at the heart of the shift.
There is a buzz in these dark ages we live in, were a real scandal in Bohemia is served in terms of solution as a missed mean. The scandal refers to the use of the term neutral. An oxymoron, speaking in tech.

So what now ? A solution to the issue what model os service do we the people want, lies in the dumb pipes paradigm. The problem is for broadband providers, because of the value is created outside of their network, how do they make money beyond providing a dumb pipe?

A simple solution to avoid an sterile debate and a usefulness legislation, is real simple, it comes from natural language, a semantic solution, and passes by adapting our terms, not our knowledge, to the real Internet-native scenario we live in. Carriers are no longer carrying a meaningful message and thus, makes trouble.
It’s the equivalent of saying “huh” and repeating the messages.
Security and privacy, other well know terms associated to the use we humans make of the Internet, are a provided service-solution, functioning more like attributes and not bare-bones. Even they're part of the buzz or twinkle your ears, do not worry about them.
Jingle Bell, originally and frequently still called The Internet.

We, the people need to make a reboot, we are urged to the need to understand and to make understand, that is time to move from the broadband to the infrastructure. It’s time to get down.

via Bob Frankston

On Net Neutrality

Something I've not heard said in the #netneutrality debate. The Internet was created by the US government, the Department of Defense, and built out by universities. Taxpayers paid for it.
Dave Winer leave a mark on the debate, again.

the less complex but more sophisticated answer to the buzz, via scripting


What does the Web sound like?

Thanks to a major grant from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, artists Paul D. Miller (aka DJ Spooky) and Greg Niemeyer will be exploring that in a newly commissioned piece, “Sonic Web” that premieres worldwide in September 2018. 
The 11-movement multimedia piece is one of the first to be created with a $150,000 grant —part of the Hewlett 50 Art Commissions celebrating the Hewlett Foundation’s 50th anniversary.

The world premiere will take place in the Internet Archive Great Room next September — stay tuned!!

In my corporate email, via IA, shared with pleasure for you, dearest reader.

My Life as a Coder

Did ever ye been a designer, say a UX mate, or ye get involved in Data Science and the big macs?.

Below, some links that may re-inforce yer daily automated activity,
Command Examples for MySQL Binary Log Files
Binary log is very helpful in MySQL replication, where the main server will send the data from the binary logs to the remote servers.

Printing File Lines using Address and Patterns
sed is a “non-interactive” stream-oriented editor. Since its an “non-interactive” it can be used to automate editing if desired.

Nginx Rewrite Rule Examples with Reg-Ex and Flags
While Nginx rewrite rules does similar things like Apache, there are still lot of differences in terms of how you write a rewrite rule in Nginx.
Linked resources kindly provided and delivered in and out from the email personal conversation, kindly started by Ramesh Natarajan.For you, as this yours truly make pleasant use of them for his one chapter partial moment of the BST +1life entitled "my life as a coder". (which is quite similar to the content of the chapter "my life as a blogger", by the way)

Case examples printed and deliveredwithout an explicit permission. This unnatural and exceptional attitude, pretty sure will not bother anyone of us involved. Click and read.

say tah.

96 Industry Categories

IAC Awards Now Accepting Entries !!  

The Web Marketing Association announces the Call for Entries for the 16th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC)Awards .

The IAC Awards are the first and only industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising.
This international award program will evaluate all forms of online advertising, including email, page-based ads, online newsletters, mobile apps, Websites, video and social media in 96 industry categories. The Competition Web site is located at and the deadline for entry is January 31, 2018

Enjoy yourself.


A note,  that may be of your interest., received today in my personal email. It's from a colleague, Brewster Kahle, Founder & Digital Librarian.
For 21 years, the Internet Archive has been dedicated to a single mission: to give everyone access to all knowledge, forever. For free. Collect web pages? Why? Who would want to read a book on a screen? Why collect TV--isn’t it all garbage anyway?
Team at the Internet Archive, have the responsibility of a noble and respectful mission. To digitize books and music and television before they’re lost, to sustain the reliability of what’s on the Web. As a reader: How would you like to contribute?

This short post is not about colours, it does not mind if your favourite colour is the blue or is the red. Even the green, a mixture of gray and shade  This is not even an sponsored post. this is Now you have a mission, too. Contribute to keep the Internet Archive going in 2018.

The Internet Archive have plans, projects and a brighten future.

Donate. Imperative. Your time is just as important as a monetary contribution. Hurry up.

The Internet Archive is a California non-profit public benefit corporation that is tax-exempt under section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code. Federal Tax ID Number 94-3242767.

Mail your donation to:
Internet Archive
300 Funston Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94118


Scenarios are a versatile tool that teams can use throughout design to explore the unique needs and behaviour patterns of customers, identify solutions, draw stakeholders together to become active participants in a shared vision, and define elements of user testing.

via Shawn Henry. Remember that people are diverse.

Fix that injection, please

  1. All database interaction must be abstracted through stored procedures. 
  2. No stored procedure should have dynamic SQL unless there is no other option. 
  3. Applications should have no access to table or view objects unless required by dynamic SQL, which is allowed under rule #2. 
  4. All database calls should be parameterized instead of being inline dynamic SQL. 
  5. No user input should be trusted and thought of as safe; all user interactions are suspect. 
An excerpt from chapter nine of Securing SQL Server, author Denny Cherry, that might be of use in case you are trating with trasnsactional database (propiertary o not). Because of design, means architecture and understanding.

Via TechTarget

Being Judged

The Web Marketing Association announces the Call for Entries for the 16th annual Internet Advertising Competition (IAC) Awards.
The IAC Awards are the first and only industry-based advertising award competition dedicated exclusively to online advertising.
Judges will consist of a select group of Internet advertising professionals with an in-depth understanding of the current state-of-the-art in Web advertising.

Past competition judges have included top executives from leading corporations, institutions and media organizations such as Arc Worldwide, Brunner Digital, Campbell-Ewald, CNN, Deep Interactive Asia, Digitas, EuroRSCG 4D, Google, IBM Interactive, imc2, JWT, LeapFrog Interactive, Mass Transmit, McCann Worldgroup, Razorfish, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Tectis GmbH, TMP Worldwide, Universal McCann Interactive and Wunderman / Y&R.
If you're best work is ready to be judged, enter at today!. Web site is located at, and the deadline for entry is January 31, 2018..

Ad Formats, Social Media Campaign, Online ad, Email Campaign, Online newsletter, Website, Online video, Mobile applications,Integrated ad campaign are welcome.

See you in there, dearest judges.


There is the professional doubt on microservices.

Which programming language lets you to deploy in a faster and safer way an API related to microservices?
Build an API for microservices in 5 minutes
In 2002 (yes, more than a decade ago), Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, famously mandated that all internal development teams at the company must expose their data and functionality through Web services interfaces that can easily be consumed
How to Set up a Microservices Architecture in Ruby: A Step by Step Guide
In a microservices architecture, the described monolithic backend is instead substituted by a suite of distributed services. This design allows better separation of responsibilities, easier maintenance, greater flexibility in the choice of technologies for each service, and easier scalability and fault tolerance. At the same time, complex distributed systems have their set of challenges.
Developing a simple API gateway in PHP and Lumen
PHP 7 is a performant language, and frameworks such as Laravel and Symfony proven to the world that PHP can be both beautiful (expressive) and functional. Lumen, being a lightweight version of Laravel, is an ideal choice because we don’t need stuff like sessions, templates and other features of full stack applications.
Laravel API Tutorial: How to Build and Test a RESTful API
With the rise of mobile development and JavaScript frameworks, using a RESTful API is the best option to build a single interface between your data and your client.

Digital humanities Specialist

Central Plains Network for Digital Asset Management (CPN-DAM) was founded in October 2015. It has a regional focus encompassing Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Colorado and Oklahoma.
The network’s vision is to provide professional development, networking and collaborating opportunities for professionals involved or interested in digital asset management.
The network is open to all professionals from all backgrounds, including programmers, system administrators, librarians, digital humanities specialists and cultural heritage professionals.
To serve the regional focus as the leading educational and networking resource for professionals involved with or interested in digital asset management, as a mission, CPN-DAM has too an open and active community at Google+ that may be of your interest when stumbling.

Why? Simple. You may be a digital humanities specialist with a will to learn about preservation and classification of cultural heritage, read case studies of incorporating linked data controlled vocabularies in existing systems, know about case studies of linked data implementations, or case studies of using -- or Bibframe a conversion programs that apply the Library of Congress conversion specifications -- if you or your company are located to provide structured data on the Web.

Personal and public interests that may benefit from the advantages, case studies and practical professional development in all stages of digital asset management. All of them applied to design, business intelligence or business information, to name a few special cultural or technical profiles.

if you figure,as I do, that data is an asset, and management is a must, or if you wonder What is a digital project for businesses/corporations? , How are completed digital projects being marketed to increase traffic to them? there is a welcome hosts and attendants to its Practicing Digital Asset Management: Present and Future (2017)

A one, two-day conference this yours truly was kindly invited last year. A place where, as a professional of all backgrounds, I am kindly invited to attend this year's virtul conference.

 Moreover, this post is not sponsored, dude, there was just the noble intention to share my virtual location next on November 7th, 2017.

It seems that fortunately, Britons are welcome, too. Yum!.

Original Software

The Facebook has announced that it will release its popular open source React, Jest, Flow and Immutable.js projects under the MIT license, abandoning the Facebook BSD+Patents license for those projects.

Facebook re-licensing React.js is good news for all you, WordPress developers.

From my point of view, there is an understanding and couple of reasonable facts about the arguments and reasons why a company like Facebook, would still preserve its right on its own property, opening the code to third parties, which is still misunderstood as being open-sourced.

First, we all know what open-source means you take something from the community or from the earth (like water or wind) and you make use of it for your purposes. No reader of this blog, invented the first computer device, I guess. Open source enables a development method for software that harnesses the power of distributed peer review and transparency of process.

Secondly, you distribute the source code you have developed, through the proper powered distribution channels provided by the community such as repositories: distribution through embedded models in the same application< and third parties can and should inspect it and review it, with the proper tool. We do all agree with the transparency ethical attribute when working in code.

After investing you time, licensing the code, there is the notated open-sourced obligation to allow modifications and derived works, to must allow them to be distributed under the same terms as the license of the original software.

Here comes trouble.

Derived works means giving free drinks around to your competitors, face it before you full your mouth with kind words. No one can assure quality in derived works. And quality is the essence of well-written software.

In the case your code is the root upon your company stands up  -- and some companies, like Facebook, have been building, writing and even litigating for code reasons unnecessarily, over the last decade -- licensing under heavy manners may be negative for you and all your team. Your society does not fill well into the open society and its enemies.
Negativeness solely based on the vision and added value you company holds. Do not misunderstood me, please. This is nothing against public wealth, but against the vision some mates like that Proudhon has on private property. A devastating vision product of a lunatic visionary who wrote in french language. And this vision impregnates the idea of open-source.

Interfaces, communication or integration, are built in our era mostly using CMS tools, no matter if they are open nor closed, neither free ( the last in the list is the term you wrongly associate with source).

For this purpose, the move The Facebook has done changing its license terms is good for the community. it means some other methods of revenue have to be found. and means that your social platform, maybe, just maybe, one day will no longer be free of use in terms of subscription.
React a Javascript library to build interfaces, now is open source.
Immutable, a functional tool, intended for functional programming, is also free of use, under the Apache License terms.
Community, it's time to work to make better these tools. No bugs, please.
because of it is my guess, most of these tools (libraries) were built having in mind processes The Facebook offers to its clients: voting, ad insertion, and other feauterettes, your business model may not need at all.
Widgets oriented to business of which your neutral and open code may not benefit from. Because of code is built and written with a single purpose in mind. As when using a tool you won-t be using the SQL language to write templates for webpages, nor Javscript with the single purpose to validate forms in the client side.


Even the infamous K. Marx showed a little respect and consideration for private property, and oriented aspects, if property does not means alienation. This is , your code belongs to me , so you are at my disposal. Shutting down platforms has been a normal activity in the last decade. No one writes code using the libraries provided by Nokia, Blackberry, either Opera Mini. Time spent with no profit returned. Freedom of trade, of a choice, presupposes property rights. Being materialists or Aristotelian if you rather prefer it, every man and woman is responsible of its own property, body and soul, which we all know it come inherited from our ancestors.
Now it is certainly easy to say to the single individual what Aristotle has already said: You have been begotten by your father and your mother; therefore in you the mating of two human beings – a species-act of human beings – has produced the human being.
You, your choice, your code is your child. Being you in the community  the ancestors won-t like you to fall down.

Custom Built

Readers may have noticed I have not paid very much attention to the brand new gadgets Apple Inc has provide us after a year of hard work. Not a single written line about the event. Which is unusual in this, yours truly, writer

Reasons for this, on purpose oblivion, may be due to focus and efforts on different interests, at a level of personal professional interests speaking, over last months. Professional interests which differ from that ones animojis represents. Bureaucratic stuff besides all, too.

So here below, a few words.

Animojis do not represent a solid and conceivable reason to get a new phone. not even a big screen. I am not interested in screens neither sizes anymore. They are outdated. Too much nineties concept.

Straight now, I do not even wear an Apple Watch, even I love the idea and the design behind the device, and the code and software served. I still keep and wear a simple, silver stained pocket watch. Looking further to the timeline of life, sure I will get one, but not right now. Wearables will be, one day or another In a forthcoming near future, outdated by the power of IoT. Like CD Players. Still a nice approach.

However, due to some professionals activities of mine in the past, I would like to express some impressions of mine on the matter -- yes, it's not cool anymore to make a grammatical use the first pronoun person narrative in written blogs anymore. Sadly I am a first person re-teller -- and my perception in  the use of Apple's products

I was having a look at the show, once was published worldwide for the common people. The rest of us. There was a curiosity floating, not for  precise reason, but because of an article written by a once famous Apple devoted persona, who I personally know and from whom I have a lot of professional respect, that caught my attention. He is on advising and art direction these days. Years ago he was one of the coolest minds in design and web programming. And art direction is quite related to Apple more than anyother tech company. The rebel ones.

For this, I visioned the show, much more glamorous than other from competitors, and my impressions were a little poor. Except if you re a n investor and except for one thing:  he thing is that one can not agree more on the best momentum of the show, than the one John Gruber describes to us in his blog, which reads as follows:
Craig Federighi, demonstrating the new animoji feature by turning his face into an animated pile of poo: “If you were wondering what humanity would do when given access to the most advanced facial animation, now you know.”
This is the sign of times, and Apple is on the road. Do not blame on Apple for not being ahead of our needs, except if you get paid to writ such a things. It’ a simple question of humanity behaviour.
It is my personal impression, after visiting the show, Apple still cares about humans, not focusing on buyers, respecting them, and what's more important, not degrading our condition of human beings calling us "audience". Which is
pretty good.

But not, for the same reason I do not wear an Android phone, I am not buying a new gadget from Apple. You should, but to me, it's not the right option by now.

You should, but to me, it’s not the right option for my needs, by now. Except for the reason to test and work with the most advanced facial animation technology we ever have known, I find it missing  — and in this I also agree with Mr. Gruber —  , that little perfection for details that is hidden in every perfect work, beyond its natural updates.

But because of you are human, you should not give the back to the new Apple’s innovative products. They are pretty custom built to your needs, to what humanity would do.

Global Networked Information Environment

The National Information Standards Organization (NISO) announces the publication of a new Technical Report,NISO TR-06-2017, Issues in Vocabulary Management determine the needs and requirements for extending the usability of the new bibliographic framework into the global networked information environment and to develop community consensus for a roadmap of activities needed in this space
Further Information:
Via niso dot org, a place where content publishers, libraries, and software developers turn for information industry standards that allow them to work together.

You can't win if you don't enter

You may want to demonstrate to the world the effectiveness of your mobile development capabilities.
The Web Marketing Association is proud to present the sixth annual MobileWebAwards competition
6th annual MobileWebAwards Awards

The deadline for entering the 6th annual MobileWebAwards Awards is

Like Paintings

Web design is the creation of digital environments that facilitate and encourage human activity; reflect or adapt to individual voices and content; and change gracefully over time while always retaining their identity.

If websites are architecture, why do we sell them like paintings?. Old gold from 2007. Via Jeffrey

Ps: Do not miss the list of wannabe commenters. ten years later, is priceless.

Index of Think

The W3C Thing Description (TD) is a central building block in a Web of Things (WoT) enabled system and can be considered as the entry point of a Thing (aka the index.html of the Thing).
The TD consists of semantic metadata for the Thing itself, a narrow-waist interaction model with WoT's Properties, Actions, and Events, a semantic schema to make data models machine-understandable, and features for Web Linking to express relations among Things.
Think on the Thing. Is just an index.

via Web of Things members

How to find a balance

The Web Marketing Association announces the winners of its 21th annual WebAward Competition for Web site development.

Entries in 96 industry categories were judged on design, copy writing, innovation, content, interactivity, navigation, and use of technology.

A complete list of the winning sites can be found at the WebAward Web site at

Congratulations to you winners who helped make this industry leading award program a success.

Let me express my gratitude to the WMA, overall for its excellent and sophisticated work behind, too, This yours truly, helping as an invited judge, behind the scenes.

See you in the forthcoming edition.

Wise Blood

Five ways data-driven marketing can transform your business into a machine that can leave the competition in the dust.

As i do, to define right goals and performance indicators, make better business decisions faster, so you will spend budget more profitably and, why not, your company will reach the excellence it deserves.

Via Adobe

Addenda, Uh, speaking about graphics and visuals, here you can see the idea number 64360 for the forthcoming winter. Vote.

Design is a crucial element

“Small changes, like a few extra pixels of padding or the tint of a button, can have large and unexpected repercussions,”
Segonquart Studio Designed Website: Nasty Mondays circa 2010
Hand Crafted Design nastymondys @Segonquart Studio circa 2010

Designing to encourage addictive behavior is a studied skill. We all knew it, sorry lads.

 Via Anne Quito

Fix Your Wagon

Drupal has released an update for its content management system (CMS) to address several critical security issues. Drupal 8.3.7 includes fixes for three vulnerabilities. Drupal has also issued a security advisory for Drupal 7.x.
Via Lee Neely 


And meanwhile, some hidden secrets from Segonquart Studio  In Motion, circa 2006
Posted by Segonquart Studio on Sunday, August 6, 2017


1.- A professional [designer]combines creative criteria with sound problem-solving strategy to create and implement effective communication design.

2.- A professional [designer] solves communication problems with effective and impactful information architecture.

3.- A professional [designer] conducts the necessary research and analysis to create sound communication design with clearly stated goals and objectives.

4.- Any self-promotion, advertising or publicity must not contain deliberate misstatements of competence, experience or professional capabilities..

5. -It must be fair both to client and other designers.
Business and ethical expectations which may -- and should -- be applicable to other fields of practice in our modern world. Becuase of when you solve problems, you act either as an architect, either as a designer.

Now there is the time we may need  to stablish a model of conduit for our digital age and assets, nothing better than the quoted from an ancient article and debate, circa 2004 at AIGA,  an authority on professionalism.

Number five looks hard in our age of selfies and vanity, but it charms me. Even at the peril of being hacked. Again.


WebAssembly in Firefox
WebAssembly. Future is Now.
WebAssembly or wasm is a new portable, size- and load-time-efficient format suitable for compilation to the web.

A Open standard plus more efficient than JavaScript, if you care about encryption and DRMs.for gaming et al.

Efficient binary format, that also has support for non-web embeddings., with eight hundred and something kids working on it. And you.

mkdir hello


: WG Action: Conclusion of ART Area General Applications Working Group (appsawg)
The APPSAWG has completed all of its milestones and is being closed.Thank you to past and present WG chairs, editors of WG documents, as well as WG participants, who together produced 35 RFCs since 2011.
Well-defined security issues, as well as calendaring, date and time formats, HTTP, internationalization, language tags, MIME, URIs and XML,  or small-scale additions to the protocol stack for HTTP and other application technologies, mostly related to service discovery and meta-data, were the main subjects discussed at the appswg working group from 2011 till 2017.

Discussion of new ART area topics should now will be brought to the DISPATCH WG.

Mission accomplished. You have done a great work. Me? well I was just an observer, more or less.
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