Taking the dirt away -- Part Two

Just realized the new road for Ajax through Coldfusion.

Did  I forget to mention you I'm into proprietary technologies and, because of this,  Coldfusion attracts me quite a lot ? 

Being a developer for more than four years with Coldfusion can let you extend its possibilities to make the Coldfusion method call on a server directly from an HTML page using JavaScript and returning back again.
It's new, or so it seems, and the receipts remains here.

More next weeks.

Fish and cheaps

*Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in May of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Shiira is the Japanese word for dolphin fish (not the mammal 'dolphin'!) or Dorado, also known as 'mahi mahi' in Hawaiian.

Browsing and finding new browsers, I've downloaded it to my desktop tonight.

is written in Cocoa, and lets you add little cooked Hello World ;-) pieces.

Briefly: If you are another Mac OS X lover, kind of ones who flirt with open source at night, shure you might like this one. Beleive me.

Pixels and Points

Pixel and point measurements are interchangeable when it comes to CSS.

You may get some argument from a programmer on this issue, but the fact is a pixel is: a pixel and a point in CSS is 1/72 of and inch. Meaning, with a website resolution at 72 dpi, a point is a pixel.

If you choose to use pixel or point measurements your fonts will stay the size you designate, no matter what the user has done to their personal browser settings.

However, pixels units are relative to the resolution of the screen. That is why some one with an 800x600 resolution will have larger type than someone with a 1280x800 resolution.

Using MacJournal

As soon as reading this notes will cost you anything , I promise in a solid way that I will stop writing.

 One should read blogs to whatever, but to loose time or pennies.

As a recomendation, I will suggest you to write a blog too. Use Mac Journal to do it.

Mac Journal is kind of a diary application developed gently by Dan Schimpf. It includes a powerful extension for Blogger, the company that kindly support this pages you read.

And it's cute.

To validate or not to validate

Last night, a new face to SEGONQUART was made in half an hour or less. Quickly.

To develop a design idea more than a concept of code.

Funny thing: It validates, or also it seems to.

Here's the plug.
You think is valid, because you're not intelligent...

Taking the dirt away

Ajax, as you've heard, is a new and trendy technique that comes here to stay. It feels like we should recover old Javascript' books. Be ready, more posts in this matter will come next days...


The Internet deserves me ingenious websites. Not mine. I cannot pretend to do anything ingenious. It does not fit, as you agree. With that rule in my hands, I accomplish my daily work and return home feeling very satisfied, as much as I will others do.

There are, but, honorable exceptions.

Make a visit here before to sleep, and smile.

Should I Get or Should I Post?

*Note from the editor: Contents and links from this post, written in May of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Today, I just had been explaining the meaning of the acronym URI to some clients from an advertising company. There's often the same question: Should I GET or should I POST?.

As a norm, I do recommend to POST most of the times, but maybe there might  be somo kind of a logical reason to use GET action properly.

Here is the recommendation. It's official. And I'm pleased to bring it to you.
Use GET if:

The interaction is more like a question (i.e., it is a safe operation such as a query, read operation, or lookup).

Use POST if:

The interaction is more like an order, or
The interaction changes the state of the resource in a way that the user would perceive (e.g., a subscription to a service), or
The user be held accountable for the results of the interaction.

Delete Redmond

Paul Thurrotts SuperSite for Windows: Windows Longhorn Build 5048 Review winsupersite.com
From the page: "In many ways, OS X is simply better than Windows, especially for experienced computer users, and Tiger rubs Microsoft's nose in the embarrassment of shipping a key Longhorn feature--instant desktop search--a full year ahead of the software giant."
Well, it's time to think about it. Next Step : Tiger.

Considering Time

Nevertheless one can find nuances when developing external projects. Projects that, in itself, must paralize those who care about time...
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