Harmful limits in XHTML

Sending XHTML as text/html Considered Harmful is a must-to-read article written by Hixie, a well respected person into this net-world community passionated by standards.

Some of them, trying to be purist as purist will be not, try to convince me about the obvious necessity of writing in perfect structured (X)HTML.

Well, read to the author telling us:
 "The worst problem, and the main reason (I suspect) for most of the REALLY invalid XHTML pages out there, is that authors who have no clue about XHTML simply copy and pasted their DOCTYPE from another document".

Huh, that's a hard blame.

I will still use XHTML for the benefits of the future. Faster than blaster. Since seventeen, an attraction for the limits of language took residence inside my soul, so I grew up believing that soup tags are a perfect example from those who have an attraction to reach languages' limits. Is to say, not a choice between good use or bad use. A focus upon the real use.

One should have in mind the mentioned article. Even for its title. And give to it the appropiate consideration that deserves.

Note from the editor: Links and text from this article,written in June of the year 2005, have been revised an updated in 2012.

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