Ninety percent

Mr. Jeffrey Zeldman wrote once: " 90% of the websites are bad designed ". That was years ago, and still today the web looks the same.

It happens to me I spare time visiting e-commerce sites. Pages written and published by professionals formed in the area of marketing. It's hard to imagine what color of underwear those people prefer to wear, but if you ask me I will say you: grey. A blurred, stoned grey.

Ninenty percent of the websites made in the cyberworld lack of good taste. Specially those that speak abount content, those made by marketers for their own's profit.

Yes, I know you will say to me: "Content is king".

And content, I would answer, is like the bright of your eyes. You can wear glasses, but your eyes speak for you. They can be brown, blue, green or whatever. You can move your hands, you can wear a brand new suit with a Pertegaz' tie. I do, sometimes, it's not that bad.

But as soon as I put my eyes upon yours, I feel that all your discourse reaches the non-sense area. They don't look at me honestly.

I had the feeling also, that you just want to take my cash. That's not bad. If you belong to that mole of ninety percent people without charm. Steel does not mean to steal, honey.

Next time, try to sell me something cute, if you are able to. Sure I'll willingly pay for it.

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