Ashes to ashes

It was a long time ago we knew about the browsers war.

Users of Macintosh against Wintel forces of darkness. NN vs. IE. From Mosaic to Eternity.

Netscape developers became Gecko devs and Mozilla went down in the rodeo. Fifth Generation. All over again.

I had being involved into the new Netscape community - curiosity killed the alley cat - expecting something like the reinassance of the beloved browser. Chapter seven. It seemed that using the Gecko architecture, and with a deep knowledge of the Apple sphere, Netscape could reach the quotes it had had in the late ninetees and replace Firefox from the macusers' Dock. Nothing less far from this.

The "new" browser, formerly known as Netscape, does not have any kind of consideration to this lonely twenty-five milion humans that use, still, non-Window based computers for a living, or just for fun.

Nothing much to say. Really, this is not a plea it's just an announcement: Netscape 8.0 has born dead.
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