*Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in August of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Visitors of this blog would have noticed I have replaced the original flickr banner with a 80 pixels x 15 pixels GIF image link to the same place.

Reasons to do this were, first at all, to optimize this blog's weight: Now renders fast.

And second, a graceful inspiration I have had visiting this site.

Other changes done include a new RSS mini banner to allow you syndicate this blog, and a re-design of EXIT's banner.

Exit is a spanish board of data processing experts where you can find and see my skills or even download a short bio , only in case you need it...

Is honest to deserve all the glory of flickr mini banner to Markus AngerMeier. Vielen Danke Schön.

The rest is mine. Hope you feel more comfortable now.
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