An Infotainment Scan

Recently, a well-known friend of mine has had been rejected ( not selected, using polite terms ) while he was a demand in a strong-skilled JavaScript programmer. It's hard for him to explain people younger than thirty-five how was the WWW ten years ago. He has no official degree, just a solid  experience. Ten years of everyday experience.

In fact, he hardly is able to remember if JavaScript - the main thing, if you like AJAX - was a matter of study in College ten years ago. It was not, believe him, at least in Spain.
First generation of web developers, have had to learn JavaScript by themselves. Strange, isn't it?

An heritage from that golden years is toexamine websites from the source, a strange behavior that my friend get me use to it. Away to analyze projects or its structure. We, my friend and I, became logical minds, do not forget it.

A curious example from last afternoon: is a search platform which draws together the best of the Web.
From one search query, we provide you with results from up to 14 search engines and pay-per-click directories, including Google, Ask Jeeves, Yahoo!, Kanoodle, LookSmart, About, Overture and Open Directory.
If one looks at the source, as mentioned above, that one will find something worng like the following:

function rubar(){ document.write('/table>') }  rubar();

Noticeyourself  a written
broken tag,  at the end of every web page result. Ahem! We're talking about business, aren't we?

Well, nothing much to say. Last afternoon, we finished our coffee making a little fun about those programmer's things.

An article written just for the pleasure to entertain you, and my beloved friend.
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