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On August 3rd 2005, Mozilla Foundation announces Mozilla Corporation.

One more dot com in the jungle, you might say. In response to the great, and maybe unexpected, Firefox Browser's succes, in Mozilla becomes true everyone's dream: Get into real bussiness.

The Mozilla Corporation is legally a taxable, or in general terms, a "for-profit" entity. However, it is not a typical commercial entity. Its purpose is not to generate a return on investment in the financial sense. It is not an investment vehicle or an IPO candidate. It is completely owned by the Mozilla Foundation to promote an open Internet, where consumers have choice and innovation thrives.

President from the Corp is Mrs. Mitchell Baker. A honest person with a well-known career promoting choice and innovation on the Internet. Congratulations.

The main question:

Why not spin off the Mozilla Corporation as a true for-profit company?. You can find an answer here.
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