Taking the dirt away-- Part Eight

In its 4th edition A List Part magazine presents to us a new design, a new structure, and a new publishing system powered by Ruby on Rails, coded gently by Mr. Dan Benjamin

From pixel to prose and code to content, choice of colors are earthly and grainy based, flavoring its intention with a favicon transporting us into the lost fields of Greensleeves.

The editors have either a fine sense of humor while  describing motifs for its redesign: Each issue will have its own color scheme. Imagine: Red and green for Christmas; blue underlined links for when Jakob Nielsen finally writes for us. (sic)

Since it first edition, back to 1997, A List Apart magazine has had been a pillow book all over this years for people like us who make websites.

Now, they use a fixed 1024 pixel wide layout. For a step by step, on how the site came together, check out the launch article by Zeldman.

Read it now. Maybe your article can figure it out.
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