Gutenberg is almost dead

For someone like you who spend almost twelve years of a life studying philosophy, logic and a long etcetera this is a good new:

It's here today. Google Print is born in its beta mode, to resurrect Herr Gütenberg from his ashes.

Three opiniated phrases:

Unfortunately, people will only be able to see a few pages related to their search and copy, save and print are disabled. And a publisher can remove a book from Google Print at any time..

There are some noble exceptions: If you're self-published or the rights to your book have reverted back to you,youu can join the program yourself by sending Google your books or uploading them in PDF format.

Even in this case, you would not feel stumbling Google's library as comfortable as you would be in a public library - yeah, that one you and me willingly pay with our taxes - Google Printit's like going to a bookstore and browsin'.

Conclusion: We'll see.

Out of control

Server at Segonquart Studio is down temporarely until next month.

You may have noticed some missed links in this blog, including an unexpected error when you try to see our dot com.

We're working hard on it.

Give it a moment

Own your comment.
Anonymous commenting, while sometimes necessary, can be seen as cowardly. Build your identity and own your words by placing your name and weblog address on your comments wherever possible.
A nice pursuit of education and how to act, say react, on comments.

Read all the recommendations (useful since the year 2005), Here.

Ω What you need

You need the Typetester.

Typetester is a neat online application for comparison of screen fonts letting novice designers to get CSS' code made of their choice.

It's primary role is to make web designer's life easier. As the new fonts are bundled into operating systems, the list of the common fonts will be updated.

The Typetester becomes a good innovation made by Marko Dugonjić, the man from Burza.

Handsome experiments realized under Creative Commons License can be also found here.

Falling in love with the sophisticated world of webdesigners, again.


All the icons you ever needed, in case you are a lazy enterpreneur.

WebsiteIcons is an extensive database of useful imagery. Since the year 2005.

New Fuse/Zigo Engine

Moses Gunesch has updated his ZigoEngine class and Fuse Extensions this week.

The Fuse kit is an extension of Ladislav Zigo's MovieClip Tweening Prototype classes written by Mr. Gunesch.

A kind mail with a beta demo attachment of his updatehas been received at Segonquart Studio for testing purposes.

Some excerpt:

Very little has actually changed in this except for the packaging and the initialization methods - advanced users will like the more modern setup a lot better I think. Note that everything you need for this kit is now in the package com.mosesSupposes.fuse.

------ usage notes -------

A big part of this update was eliminating the use of include statements. Instead of #include "" you will use the line, com.mosesSupposes.fuse.ZigoEngine.simpleSetup(); which sets up the movieclip and textfield shortcuts you're used to.

Fuse has also been updated to work with the new static engine. For those of you who work in the timeline, instead of #include "", use the line com.mosesSupposes.fuse.Fuse.simpleSetup(); which sets Fuse up to work in just the same way you're used to.

For Fuse Lite, use: com.mosesSupposes.fuse.lite.Fuse.simpleSetup();

The new engine is entirely static and the tweening shortcuts (alphaTo, etc.) can now be flexibly initialized or deinitialized on any object using ZigoEngine.initialize(obj, obj, etc).

New static methods ZigoEngine.doTween(target, props, endvals, etc.) and ZigoEngine.doShortcut(target, shortcutname, props, etc.) also allow tweening of any target in the zigo vernacular without needing to initialze it first, meaning that the engine can be easily used without MovieClip.prototype being altered.

You will just use normal import statements in your classes, and may opt to initialize the ZigoEngine class in whatever way best suits your project.

Contact Moses : fuse at mosessupposes dot com


I'm not pretending to be a cretin, even I am one sometimes. I just say to you: Ruby on Rails is the most exciting framework I had seen last months, beleive me or not.

Forget me and forgive if I do not pay that much attention at new products from Redmond. Maybe in a past tense future future, who knows.

Right now, RubyCocoa - gently created by Mr. Hisakuni Fujimoto, deserves half of my whole attention.

The other half goes to Locomotive.

Locomotive is a flexible one-click solution to Ruby on Rails development for Mac OS X 10.3+. In one self-contained application, it gives you a fully functional Rails development platform. Live Motioned.

Just unpretending milestones I could not reach. Maybe investing in Text Mate.

Splashing Windows

Popup windows in web pages dislike me as much as I dislike them.

However, I have made an exception last night: Switch Off.

Turn off the blocker from your browser's preferences and look at the window.

A mention to the website has been included in Pretty File, a collection of nice websites from Thailand.

Follow me ( from Vienna to Seattle)

Follow me via newsreader RSS:

You might try  NetNewsWire Lite from Seattle's software company Ranchero.

Ranchero Software brings a list of articles to help us to get deep into Cocoa's programming and uses, also offering a wide variety of applications to tune your Macintosh. They are currently porting all their software to the forthcoming brand new Intel-based platform.

Else, if you're most kind of a geek, you might better prefer Vienna. Vienna also is a freeware source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OSX. Designed to provide simple newsreading capabilities for non-technical users while still aiming to be as feature rich as commercial newsreaders.

And these are the good news: The source code for Vienna is freely available, and instructions are given of the product at its web site. Instructions for enlisting and building -- say compile -- a copy of Vienna on your own machine.

Vienna enhances the lovely metal-brushed OS X style. And here is the place where all is being cooked.

Both are cute RSS and Atom newsreaders free for you to use. You might think about supporting them via PayPal.

Get down and pray

Server at Segonquart is over. Until next month. Due to pressure.

Meanwhile, we are listening the brand new compositions from Mr. Kirschner.

Be patient, as we are. And if you want to pray, get down and pray.

Act Normal

Well, nothing less far away from to desire to anyone that pressure feeling I have had upon our shoulders these days, but maybe rescue some exceptional pleasure moments we had re-discovering places in the net.

Sites where we could find the help we needed for building bridges.

Here the dudes, with no special order:
What else , might you wonder? Hardy buggy busy this week implementing and building bridges, say, a website, behind the classical "work-for-hire" programming job.

Apart from obvious XML and some CSS stuff, the job was done mostly programming ActionScript 2.0 in a procedural way.

  Amazing work from Segonquart Studio delivered to you on purpose?

Not really. So then?.... Yeah, you get it: a classical agency's flashy web.

I told you before: "work-for-hire". And what about me, what about us, meanwhile?

*Note from the editor: Links and content of this posts, written in September of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

A Claim

Note from the editor: Links and content of this posts, written in September of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012. 

The Internet was built without a way to know who and what you are connecting to. Or so it seems.

Dr. Kim S. Cameron, Architect of Identity and Access at Microsoft Corporation, exposes the laws of identity. With the solid purpose to clear and stablish a simple, consistent experience surfing in the net's seas while enabling separation of contexts through multiple operators and technologies.
One could build a unifying identity metasystem that is universally accepted and enduring.

Defining, digital identity as a set of claims made by one digital subject about itself or another digital subject, Mr. Cameron's laws set the rules.

Seven is your lucky number.


If you are a MacOSX-a-delic user like I am, you should be happy.

Linotype FontExplorer has been released for download, free of charge. No license fee, no shareware fee, or nag screens, and no functionality limits.

FontExplorer X is free. Gently build for people like you from the people of Linotype.

Best milestones: The Linotype FontExplorer X Setup Assistant and the metal brush theme à la old ITunes ( I do still love this metal brushed windows from Panther).

Don't get jealous honey, the previous version of FontExplorer - 177 Mb - is still available for Win users. Same link.

Coincidence vs fate

It could be better, you know, but facts become truths sometimes. We still were afraid this will not happen, not in this manner, but let's face it up: Next 5th October, in Barcelona it will be screened Switch Off, the documentary. Its Spain premiere.

Also an opening night for Docupolis festival. Therein, CCCB, a place open to new languages and look after new exhibition formats where you can see documentary films and all that scene.

Apaga y Vamonos - Switch Off The Movie
Apaga y Vamonos - Switch Off The Movie © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2005

I've been honoured,being the composer and producer of the original soundtrack, to play a live DJ set of one hour for this happening, at the CCCB Hall's bar.
Time to get lost, again, into the deep seas were contemporary and electronic music float.

They'll wait for you.

PowerPoint Kills Brain Cells

PowerPoint's failings have been outlined most vividly by Yale political scientist Edward Tufte, a specialist in the visual information design

Read it here.

Get it on

An interesting and useful article on JavaScript and how logging unveiled one of Internet Explorer's many quirks. But more importantly, we saw how logging provides an easy way to create transparent code.

Introducing concepts for newbies and experts in a clear mode, Mr. David Miller explores the uses of the alert function and it's debug implementation.

Introducing also fvlogger as a library that brings functionality into JavaScript and the browser(s) when we intend to apply logging functions.

More can be said, but this is not the primary intention of this blog. You better have a look at this article featured  in A list Apart. For free.

Going further.

That's Entertaintment

If you have insight to share about future technologies, or if you have projects that you've built that you think might be part of a foundation for the world to come, then you should be trying to talk at ETech.

Be a part of the conversation. Share your take on the shape of the future and, in doing so, invent what people are going to be doing with their computers, on their mobiles, in their homes, businesses, cafes, and fast cars.

If you are the one, and I'm glad you might be, be ready before September 19, 2005. Prepare your papers, enhance your demos, finish your applicattions, get a shower, go to the hairdresser and put some clean t-shirts into your bag.

The O'Reilly Emerging Technology Conference (ETech) will be held March 6-9, 2006 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California, U.S. And the world, and the programme committee will listen.

Fine Example

What a design company can do redesigning their own website.

Now Wash Your Hands has get a brand new look in their new September 2005 edition.

A right use of Flash potential feeling and ActionScript techniques. A must follow.
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