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You might try  NetNewsWire Lite from Seattle's software company Ranchero.

Ranchero Software brings a list of articles to help us to get deep into Cocoa's programming and uses, also offering a wide variety of applications to tune your Macintosh. They are currently porting all their software to the forthcoming brand new Intel-based platform.

Else, if you're most kind of a geek, you might better prefer Vienna. Vienna also is a freeware source RSS/Atom newsreader for the Mac OSX. Designed to provide simple newsreading capabilities for non-technical users while still aiming to be as feature rich as commercial newsreaders.

And these are the good news: The source code for Vienna is freely available, and instructions are given of the product at its web site. Instructions for enlisting and building -- say compile -- a copy of Vienna on your own machine.

Vienna enhances the lovely metal-brushed OS X style. And here is the place where all is being cooked.

Both are cute RSS and Atom newsreaders free for you to use. You might think about supporting them via PayPal.
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