Gutenberg is almost dead

For someone like you who spend almost twelve years of a life studying philosophy, logic and a long etcetera this is a good new:

It's here today. Google Print is born in its beta mode, to resurrect Herr Gütenberg from his ashes.

Three opiniated phrases:

Unfortunately, people will only be able to see a few pages related to their search and copy, save and print are disabled. And a publisher can remove a book from Google Print at any time..

There are some noble exceptions: If you're self-published or the rights to your book have reverted back to you,youu can join the program yourself by sending Google your books or uploading them in PDF format.

Even in this case, you would not feel stumbling Google's library as comfortable as you would be in a public library - yeah, that one you and me willingly pay with our taxes - Google Printit's like going to a bookstore and browsin'.

Conclusion: We'll see.
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