Good Ol' Dayz

Answering to your question: Macromedia Lingo is a programming language much more "human" and stronger than ECMA specifications , in my modest opinion.

Expressions like tell or if the visible of sprite 5 then go to the frame, were to me more human than today's standard dot syntax.

The study logic in college days, was like an open door letting me discover the fascinating world of programming and authoring. With the years, lot of headaches and gratitude ( mostly due to BASIC).

Back to 1996, Dave Yang contribute a few pages for a Director's programming book.

Those were the old good days gone. Human-liked languages, easy to understand, clear, and functional.

Back to 1997, we were reading reading with passion and and practicing, and what's most important, authoring and obtaining results.

Funny to see in action the use for books, as Schopenhauer did.
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