Searchrolling it

Since two weeks ago, I'm into Rollyo.

Rollyo is still in its beta phase, offering to roll own your own search engine. A brilliant application of what these days is known as Web 2.0; powered by Yahoo! search.

Designed in a minimal way, red is the second primary color, followed by grays; what gives you a strong and trustful feeling. Yes and Not become suggested through black and whiteergeebees. Must say I miss a few yellow tonalities.

Dan Cederholm is the professional who did Rollyo's website CSS. Mr. Cederholm is a web designer and author living in Salem, Massachusetts. As founder of SimpleBits, Dan's design studio, he brings years of experience in designing and building sites with web standards.

Rollyo's search engine is oriented in many ways to a community based sources they trust making this searchroll the perfect tool for a hungry analyst, with the smell of preferences and tendencies flowing around the wide web.

I like this fast-food company's "employee of the month" attitude, I mean: To be nominated "High Roller" if your searchroll becomes popular with the Rollyo community.

Fast Food for the search engines. It sounds hard. I know. But I'm loving it.
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