24 years is enough to bring into the world a masterpiece. Echo and the Bunnymen's Siberia.

This (your blog) is not really about music, but about notation, harmony and perfection in little things. Often, I post about new media, languages, or all that might matter people like you and me. Since we were born, remember?, music has had been an important unconscient influence in our daily life. We got by music an education school and college did not offered to us.

It would be unjust saying The Bunnymen are not the most influential band in the pop and rock music scene from the last two decades. Even if you never have hear a word about them. They are.

There is a brilliant David Withingand's article today in PixelSurgeon, and I encourage and beg you a quiet reading of his review.

"This is not a disc to be dismissed in one or two listens between screaming kids or corporate deadlines".

He found the words. They say it all.

It's so cold in Siberia. So cold.
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