Listen, kids!

True Confession: I'm not really into PHP.

I used to get curious about this language six years ago, and life move me into another kind of programming languages to achieve solid and great products.

Maybe, you might think, languages less overachieved, maybe more sophisticated, but that was my own choice. No real positive reasons why, except:
  1. One. I use to look at the syntax of a language first. And the syntax of PHP is anything but charm. Call it aesthetically criteria, that's what notation is about.
    1. PHP is like a stirred mix of C, Perl and who-knows. Serve chilled.
    2. It's functional, I agree with you, but  -- except if you live in a hotel, the most functional space to live there is the world --  why functionality should bother you?
  2. Two. I do not like that do or kill sentence PHP language presents. It means a lot about the person who invented this language.
    1. Couldn't they find a more appropiate word, for example do and stop or delete if not done?
However, due to a trendy movement, helped by well-known institutions and a bunch of self-educated afficionados programmers aside college teachers ( Where were you in 1997, mate?) PHP, as a language, has taken over the world wide web in our days.

If you are not able to code a program with a simple PHP script, then you are not able to design or create a website. Or so they say.

So I am not able. I am not the kind of person who, programming PHP, spends forty hours a week, four weeks a month, living in mummy's home winning 540€ monthly paid for a PHP-supposed-developers' job.

And now the positive reasons ( the bright side of life )

All above expressed does not mean, of course, the fact I do not follow nor read PHP concerning news with frequency. I do. I study and try to learn and understand this language. Mostly because it is native implemented in the MAC OS X system. And also because I like to know what to do, and how to do it properly.

Reading OSX Code today, I've found this interesting, rather funniest, article.

The Moral:
If you’re already a PHP Programmer, I’m sure you already know about a lot of the mistakes outlined here, and if not have a look at it in order to become a better coder.
From part one:

Improper use of printf
Misapplying Semantics
Lack of Inline Documentation
Too many variables, too much time
Rewriting existing PHP functions
Not separating client side from server side
Using Outdated Paradigms

From part two:

Not Following Basic Naming Conventions
Not Thinking Things Through: Databases & SQL
Lack of Error Checking
Overusing OO
Misusing Regular Expressions
Programming PHP Like It Was Some Other Language
Not Being Security Conscious

From part three:

Cut and Paste Coding: The Wrong Way
Not Having Project Code Guidelines
Not Doing a Code Review
Hacking at Design Flaws
Excluding the User from the Design Process
Not Sticking to a Project Plan
Getting Lost in Time


Kids, let me see your code.
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