No Tears

 As soon as you were in the classroom,  that was five or seven days a month, you explained the problems that chromeless windows presents.

Students, programmers, customers or clients demanding pop-ups and full-screen windows, mostly because of the simple reason that some ad-vertising adagency ( you know who you are...) has used extensively before.

Apart from the question thing, apart from explaining the difference between a screen and a desk ( e.g: A TV has screen, but my computer has a screen and a desk inside this ecreen ), apart from all these and those  you try to convince  your audience in the classroom , - yes you read it well: to convince -, of the needless use for a chromeless window when you ar epublishing a site. Trying to show the main problems one could face, and going further, bringing document types and modules that are based on the actual standard XHTML Strict.

One did not invented those programming modules that let you insert a piece of code that bring a pop-up window in the computer of your future client, in the same way one has not invented the rules for those natural languages as Catalan, Spanish or German. For that simple reason, what you do, and you recommend to do to others involved in programming or project management, is to follow the properly indications and syntaxes of the languages we want to use, as we do in natural languages.

The metaphor exposed above did not worked as it was intended that day.

There is a trending grow, a continuous demand, to use chromeless windows ( worst than pop-ups, in this yours truly modest opinion...). The audience, your audience, after seen one pop-up, may though," if they exists, there must be for a good reason". Sacred innocence, you might think.

An end to this headache seems to be brighten across the horizon: Representatives from the most prominent browser makers -- including Microsoft and Mozilla -- recently gathered to discuss ways to make it clearer to users which Web sites are safe and which are fake.

If they adopte a final and common decision, hoping so, we will not see more pop-ups floating over our desk, as we don't see them when, say, we do Internet using a cellular phone...

This are, of course, my own conclusions, based in your secret-and-not-told-but-meant willing for a future Web, after reading this article.

No tears from the creatures of pop-ups.

Via 456bereastreet.
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