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*note form the Editor in 2013: This post - published in the year 2005 - might be entitled Web analytiacs in the year 2005. Most of you, youngsters, might find of use the techniques and methodologies this blogger used more than five years ago. It wasn't an exception. It was the common method, then. Before analytics were a trend. 

There is mentioned before, nor the benefits of working with an operative system or another, but my predilections and choice for the matter. This does not mean that  I do ban on purporse, or evangelize to the people for using and abusing one OS in favour to another. I am a proud user of MAC OS X, but this does not mean that I am against watever it is not Macintosh.

Statistics from this site, reflect the operating system used by visitors of this - your - blog. Here they are:

On Notation Statistics
Operative SystemsOSVisitorsPercent
Windows XPWinXP25632.38%
MacOSMAC OS X12816.41%
Win2000Win 2000486.15%
Win98Win 98141.79%
WinMEWin ME30.38%
WinNTWin NT20.26%

Most visitors, most of you, dearest,  speaking in plain terms, visit this blog using Windows OS. A total of an 82,56 percent compared to a 17,44 percent using MAC OS or Linux.

Are you a Firefox beleiver? Take care: Today I'm not talking about browsers, but OSes.

So, Win users visitors of this - your blog -  might found OpenCD useful.

I came over OpenCd tonight. The OpenCD project aims to introduce users of MS-Windows to the benefits of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS).

The release of source allows external observers to inspect the true functioning of the program, which means that you can be confident that the program treats your private data with respect. A real problem with proprietary software can be that your data is locked in to a software's proprietary file format, which means that you may eventually be forced to upgrade to newer versions of that software to retain access to your data.

If you are curious, or you want to save money in your wallet, or you might like to become a geek; you can always get your cd here. And see what goes on.
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