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Just in case you pas by Montreal this weekend, don't miss the chance to have a break and see some good films. Documentaries, I mean.
Apaga y Vámonos Official Website © Delfi Ramirez @Segonquart Studio
Apaga y Vámonos Official Website © Delfi Ramirez @Segonquart Studio

From 10th until 20th November this year, Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire reaches its 8th edition in Canada.

In Québec, as in Montréal, they were driven by the desire to bring new films and filmmakers to audiences with a passion for stories from reality.

As Philippe Baylaucq, the President of the event, remarks:
The infamous “society of the spectacle” described by Guy Debord is more of a reality than ever. Thrust onto the public stage, newsmakers rattle on in real time; the pros and cons of serious issues are served up as sound bites; and cocktail-party lines supplant real understanding of the world’s complexity. Such debate in the public arena may be entertaining, but what is left of any substance when the frantic movement stops and the oh-so-democratic babble subsides?....
....The Rencontres provides such a space, in which to mull over these questions and many others. It welcomes the harvest of films that have reached maturity in the past two years. Each documentary manifests the complexity of its era and bears witness to the time required to develop a full-bodied vision of things.
I'm going to be, not physically, but virtually.

See you there.
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