Classroom Mates

ActionScript Classes a seminar I'm teaching during two weeks at Crea Formacion, in BCN.

I'm happy to face back Mr. Colin Moock lessons.

Unfortunately, I'm not yet explaining AS3, we're not people, we're devo....but reminders of AS2 Classes are spared over the classroom.

You might miss some posts. To teach is a terrible thing to waste.

Water Music

It's been three years since thisyours truly, at Segonquart Studio has been committed by Trigital, to compose the jingle soundtrack for Agbar.

A minimal 30-seconds song that can show the meaning and goals of this company.

The Agbar Group is a world leader both in the fields which constitute the core of its activities related to the water cycle and in the business lines demanded by the new society, particularly in the services of health, certification, construction and communication networks.

The Agbar Group’s business philosophy is based on a strong commitment to the continuous improvement in its processes, the excellence in quality, the commitment to technological innovation, the capacity to adapt to the new demands of the society it serves to, and finally a solid and efficient financial management, which create value for its customers and shareholders.

This week, 2006's soundtrack has been finished.

Headquarters: Here.


What is IWeb for
This application is designed to publish personal websites either to .Mac or to a folder to be used via another hosting service. It does nothing else.
What is Prototype for
...developers familiar with the Ruby programming language will notice an intentional similarity between Ruby's built-in classes and many of the extensions implemented by this library...
What is Web 3.0
When I started designing websites, if the guy on the plane next to me asked what I did, I had to say something like “digital marketing” if I wanted to avoid the uncomprehending stare.
Why Tomatoes are evil
Cherry, Plum, Beef, Sundried, Green, Organic or home grown; all TOMATOES ARE EVIL.

The Last Great Swindle

What becomes the result of a bad implementation, a negative marketing strategy, a supposed hype, and a solution that brought nothing , but a soap bubble, into people's interest and needs: Flock.

Seemed like a scam and it turned into a swindle.

One can read - yet unbelievable - excuses here.

Something more reasonable posted here:

"Let's hope their investors were consulted first ;)"


Sometimes I am kind of a liberal, others not.

When we talk about proprietary software, we might use the best we can afford, conscient and aware that some kind of software should be sold for free, in the benefit of human beings.

But, let me point thi: There must be some huge difference between both strategies, the one that gives away and share, the other that obtains a proportional compensation.

Software programs are like pencils: You can borrow one of them fçrom someone besides you.  Or you can adcquire an expensive but sophisticated one that flows in your hand and fits to your fingers. Comparing both scenarios, the better is the one made yours, that expensive one you bought, that one in your hand between your fingers fits and draws well, because you made it like that. Through its use.

Returning to soft concepts: Players. Compilers. We used to be fans of formerly-Macromedia's products and, in some dude way, we are still. We didn't mind spending money on something that brought fun into the house. Multimedia tools need a lot of investment because they are intended to an audience that does not play with computers all the time. The best creation is done by hand. If we have not time either developing or progrmming from the ground  applications just for own use, so the best chance, if any, was to get a license. We borrowed the money, true.

Remember their soft was buggy in a Mac, some disagree with some points of the license et al, but we finish buying our product. Sharing it on a single machine. Because of the license. Like renting a flat.

Gnash is a GNU Flash movie player, can run standalone to play flash movies. And also run as a plugin from within Firefox.

Gnash can play many current flash movies, supports an XML based message and uses OpenGL for rendering the graphics.

Based, like free software in other people's work : Works as is documented in the Flash Format spec.

Stealing apples from the supermarket and giving them to the poor. Like Robin Hood.

Sometimes I am a liberal, sometimes not.

P0rn Stills

Microsoft has backed out of future releases of Windows Media Player for Mac.

Provided free of charge. An upgrade directly from Flip4Mac, lets you import Windows Media files for editing and create Windows Media files for distribution.

The end of an era? No ever Windows Player for Mac-intosh?
Well,  honey, do not worry.

Being a p0rn consumer as you are, Flip4Mac came here to stay and to help you to view.


It was predicted in A List Apart: Apple's web-site just moved to 1024 pixels width resolution.

This is the begining. Forget foo. And consider to forget 800x600 too.


Phirebrush issue number 35 features Moleskin.
Moleskin © Delfi Ramirez 2006
Moleskin © Delfi Ramirez 2006

Moleskin is the title of an altered image taken by this - yours truly - blogger.

Love Cats

In September 2005 ICANN approved the first top–level Internet domain to be dedicated to a particular human language and culture: ‘.cat’. This paper describes the history of the Catalan campaign to win the ‘.cat’ domain against political opposition from the former conservative Spanish government and the reluctance of some decision–makers within ICANN circles.

Felicitats.We get it. Read more here.

Lie to Me

Guy Kawasaki exposes the Top Ten Lies of Entrepreneurs. An article written Written at Vallco Shopping Center, Cupertino, California. Here.

Via 37Signals.

Hard to say no.

I'm A Reporter

*Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in January  of the year 2006, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

It has been accepted my candidature, to be a reporter on good web design, for New Web Pick.

A place where I'll be collaborating - non-profit way -  for the next months.

NWP (, is an international digital designer union and a community of international digital designers, is one globe designing information focusing on the digital designin'.

New Web Pick includes and recommends the most excellent digital designer throughout the world. In order to construct a paradise for digital designers, which allow all the friends from all over the world who love digital designing to share their happiness in designing and promote their inspiration and originality.

New Web Pick plans to build a platform for communication of international designing and letting you talk to the best digital designer face to face, which will be a bridge of all international digital designing enthusiasts.
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