Open Doors II: March Statistics

March statistics, reflecting OS used by visitors of this - your - blog. Here they are:

On Notation Statistics
Operative SystemsOSVisitorsPercent
Windows XPWinXP15936.81%
MacOSMAC OS X13932.18%
Win2000Win 2000378.80%
Win98Win 9871.62%
LinuxLinux4 0.93%
WinNTWin NT10.23%

Chips and Fish

Shiira 1.2.2 has been realized.

Shiira is a web browser based on Web Kit and written in Cocoa. The goal of the Shiira Project is to create a browser that is better and more useful than Safari.

Swimming in you desktop Shiira Mini, if you care.


Mr. Drew McLellan has developed and published a must-have-and-install microformat extension built for your WYSIWYG favourite editor: Dreamweaver.  I just have installed it.

Available in the Wasp site,  the main idea is to encourage and assist the on-line Dreamweaver community in the adoption of web standards. The extension ( formerly known as .mxp)  supports for hCalendar, hCard and XFN. If you want to learn grammar, this could be a good start.

All the further development will depend on your feedback, of course.So you can either email Drew or email the WaSP and let them know what you think.

Stirred but not mixed

No matter how many new marketing phrases and acronyms emerge (some even with concepts attached), and no matter how much money some people make or lose betting on them (and the choice of Las Vegas as venue is telling), what I value does not change.
Via Jeffrey.

Tue, Feb 13, 2001

Remember Dell Computer started in Michael's dorm room. There's no reason new companies can't start on the Web. All it takes is the will to do it. And after computers every product that has an embedded computer will shift to user design. Today's companies become fulfillment houses, building products on contract. Manufacturing margins will shrink, the real value will be in the insight -- this is what people want now -- and the risk taken that today few manufacturers seem willing to take.

Via Dave Winner.


Next week, I'll be mastering a Dreamweaver 8 training course at Crea Formacion in BCN. Old "What you see is not what you really get" for dummies.

I felt in love with DMW a decade ago, I even flirted with Ultradev and, the release of MX versions did enthusiasm me. Then our minds subtle changed. It was the end of the WYSIWYG era for a blank generation.

As hand-coding becomes de facto standard way for building web-sites, WYSIWYG lost all charm. Apart from T-Shirt design printing. Close your eyes and imagine for a while a huge WYSIWYG over you chest.

It will be fun, however to teach the not-so-kids to code again. And, for shure. it will be a pleasure to face Dreamweaver, in its eight version now, again. With my T-shirt on.

So, few posts next week. I'll have to back-up myself.

Mail Attention

If you receive as much emails as I do, better think to use Mail Appetitizer.

A useful and silent service that fits perfect into your desktop. Latest beta version, however, fits perfect to tigers like you.

Two of a Kind

Two of my favourite apps for MAC OS X have been updated.

Text Wrangler version 2.0.1.
A powerful general purpose text editor, and Unix and server administrator's tool developed by BareBones, the company that made possible BBEdit. A must have in case you focus your career in authoring web and software developing.

Lynotype Font Explorer X version 1.0.
Fixing minor bugs, Font Explorer is a must have. Beleive me. The perfect tool to manager your fonts, to buy the ones you need - if you ever - with a simple click. From your desk. Smart product. Free.

I told you so.

The Fight

I've been getting both public and private warnings that some people are going to try to do something nasty with OPML, maybe get a "war" going with me. 
I'd love to avoid having to protect my creative work this time. I think at this point, no one would argue that, for better or worse, I am the designer of OPML, and the author of its spec, and the developer of the app that defines the format (the last part probably some people would contest, but I believe most reasonable people would concede that). Yet, based on recent experience, there are people who think it can be "taken over." I don't know if it can or it can't. 
But why not wait until after the OPML Editor 1.0 release ships to try to hijack the format. After that I won't fight with you. I probably won't even fight very much now. 
The fight has pretty much gone out of me. I'm feeling the stress of all the fighting, and age, and I'm satisfied that I have enough money to retire on now. Why not let me go, quietly and peacefully, I'll stop writing my blog, I'll stop developing new stuff, you can be me if you want, I won't be in your way. How about it? If ever there was a peace offering, it seems like this one must be too good to be true.

Via Dave Winer.

(They Love) Your Audience

In fact the only way most of the Web 2.0 companies have any value is if they have sticky user-bases. That’s why Flickr, delicious (I refuse to do the dot thing), etc were acquired. You can clone just about any of this stuff in a matter of months but you can’t clone tens of thousands of passionate users.

Via Phil Sim.


*Note from the editor: Contents and links from this post, written in March of the year 2003, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Enterpreneurs: An example
But I gave it extensive thought — including the interests and technical acumen of the target audience, what topics I would feel the most assured and comfortable speaking about, and of course what would make an engaging, informative presentation — and at the end of the day I found it: “Off-hours Entrepreneur” (working title).
Entrepreneuring for Geeks
Go find civilians, real people who use computers because they have to and not because they love to. Find them in Starbucks, or at the library, or in a college computer lab. Give them $20 for 20 minutes, and you'll be paid back a hundred times over.
Switch On
Enthusiasts might only constitute a few percentage points of the home market, but enthusiasts are the people family and friends go to for advice when buying new computers.
Love in Itself
The web is not a singular application, it is a fluid interface. A means of information distribution, of functionality, of user-interoperability. It does not constrain to any idea of what an application is, because it is the combination of individual applications that make it so fluid.

Professional Practice

The client who pays the least annoys the most.

The Usual Suspects

There’s a line in The Usual Suspects where Kevin Spacey’s character Verbal Kint says, “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

The greatest trick Microsoft has gotten away with is convincing the public that the Wintel PC platform is open.

Via Daring Fireball.

Four Minutes

The end of EMail
Many of us see blogs as just the first driver for everyone to be able to read syndicated feeds on their computers. The next major wave of syndication will be one-way business communications, some of them personalized. Do you want ads from legitimate dealers of some hobby you have? No problem. Do you want notices from your bank when your online statement is ready? No problem, and the feed will be fully legitimate. If we're lucky, it will even be digitally signed, and possibly encrypted (although that will probably take years to get right). There is lots of room for creative growth for syndication, and having a standard like Atom will help lay the foundation for it.
About WTF 2.0.
Break it down - it seems pretty simple. You create a product or service with some inherent value, and then make money from that value and if the money you earn is more than it took you to produce that value, you’ve got a business.
What if Microsoft Never Existed
If Microsoft hadn’t risen to power so quickly, then it is quite likely that the computer revolution wouldn’t have taken place as fast. And if the computer industry’s birth had been delayed by just a few years, then Michael Dell would have finished college.
Creatives face a closed Net
Stanford Professor Lawrence Lessig warned that today's fast-growing, free-wheeling Internet is threatened by network providers who want to control innovation and commerce on the Internet much the way AT&T once controlled the phone networks.
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