*Note from the editor: Contents and links from this post, written in March of the year 2003, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Enterpreneurs: An example
But I gave it extensive thought — including the interests and technical acumen of the target audience, what topics I would feel the most assured and comfortable speaking about, and of course what would make an engaging, informative presentation — and at the end of the day I found it: “Off-hours Entrepreneur” (working title).
Entrepreneuring for Geeks
Go find civilians, real people who use computers because they have to and not because they love to. Find them in Starbucks, or at the library, or in a college computer lab. Give them $20 for 20 minutes, and you'll be paid back a hundred times over.
Switch On
Enthusiasts might only constitute a few percentage points of the home market, but enthusiasts are the people family and friends go to for advice when buying new computers.
Love in Itself
The web is not a singular application, it is a fluid interface. A means of information distribution, of functionality, of user-interoperability. It does not constrain to any idea of what an application is, because it is the combination of individual applications that make it so fluid.

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