Next week, I'll be mastering a Dreamweaver 8 training course at Crea Formacion in BCN. Old "What you see is not what you really get" for dummies.

I felt in love with DMW a decade ago, I even flirted with Ultradev and, the release of MX versions did enthusiasm me. Then our minds subtle changed. It was the end of the WYSIWYG era for a blank generation.

As hand-coding becomes de facto standard way for building web-sites, WYSIWYG lost all charm. Apart from T-Shirt design printing. Close your eyes and imagine for a while a huge WYSIWYG over you chest.

It will be fun, however to teach the not-so-kids to code again. And, for shure. it will be a pleasure to face Dreamweaver, in its eight version now, again. With my T-shirt on.

So, few posts next week. I'll have to back-up myself.
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