Apaga y Vamonos

Apaga y Vamonos featured at the Sao Paulo International Documentary Film
Apaga y Vamonos featured at the Sao Paulo International Documentary Film
04 28 2006: Ready to go.

In case you want to know how was built the music score, this blog seems to be the right place for. ;-).

Yours truly.

REST, In Peace

*Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in April of the year 2006, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

REST describes what makes the Web work well. Adhering to the REST principles will make your services work well in the context of the Web.
  1. All resources accessible via HTTP GET should be side-effect free. That is, the resource should just return a representation of the resource. Invoking the resource should not result in modifying the resource.

  2. No man/woman is an island. Likewise, no representation should be an island. In other words, put hyperlinks within resource representations to enable clients to drill down for more information, and/or to obtain related information.

  3. Design to reveal data gradually. Don't reveal everything in a single response document. Provide hyperlinks to obtain more details.
Via Roger L. Costello.

Allright, I'll wrap it up. What I like about it is that if more sites were RESTful, a lot more URLs would be easy to remember and share...making the internet a little more approachable for each of us (which means A LOT more approachable as a whole).

Via Giacomo 'Peldi' Guilizzoni.

Interesting, isn't it? So, enjoy yourself and learn about REST here or there.

Coaching V3

EyeseaCrea Coaching © Delfi Ramirez @ SegonquartStudio 2006
EyeseaCrea Coaching © Delfi Ramirez @ SegonquartStudio 2006


Personal branding

Or how Anita went from lawyer to corporate IT to small business consultant.


Or how sophisticated and expensive content management tools produce poor-quality, non-semantic, inaccessible mark up.

Kill Paragraphs

Or how no to insert your replies below the relevant paragraph and trim the exchange to be just about the matters of discussion.

Note from this yours truly: Some links of this article, dated in 2006, have been re-visited & updated in 2012.

Coaching V2

Eyesea Crea © Delfi Ramirez 2006
Eyesea Coaching - © Delfi Ramirez @Segonquart Studio 2006

Coaching Standards

I am currently working on a web-site re-design: EyeseaCrea, a coaching firm bureau from BCN, Spain.

Our main work was to develope a funky-but-no-so style, using web standards and pure Nifty Corners.

Also a brand logo re-design, information architecture study and imagery treating were realized.

We'll see... Meanwhile, have a look.
Eyesea Coaching © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio -2006

One of these days

Just Boot Into Windows
As many pundits and members of the Mac community feared, Apple’s decision to allow dual booting of Macs into Windows has caused all OS X developers to abandon the platform.
The Unthinkable
Mark my words: within five years, there will be no Macintosh. There will probably be no Apple.
Launching Crappy Apps
Software developers who’ve made Windows and Mac OS versions of their applications will inevitably drop their Mac efforts. It’s in their bests interests. Most people don’t care enough to do more than grumble. They need the functionality, hamstrung as it is, to do their work. They will continue to pay for the application, especially because they can run it reasonably well. Mac-only developers will rarely, if ever, be able to profitably compete with established Windows applications. The growing momentum to provide Mac versions of applications will stop dead in its tracks.
The Viruses
Because the Mac becomes a true Windows computer when in Windows mode, it is susceptible to all of the viruses and spyware that plague regular Windows machines, but not Macs running the Mac operating system. While these viruses can't infect the Mac side of the machine, you do have to install antivirus and antispyware programs on the Windows side.

No Object Allowed

I told about the patent that afects how you click a plugin embedded in a page to my alumni, back in the year 2003. Now, in 2006, you have two months to be ready.
Who’s affected? Well, do you use the object element? Then, potentially, you are. 
Sites that embed PDF, Flash, QuickTime, Windows Media, or RealPlayer files will all get hit by this. 
What happens? The page loads, but the controls are disabled by default. In order to activate them, the user must click on them first. Bad for advertisers? Yep. 
Bad for CMS/eCommerce vendors that rely on ActiveX controls? Yep. Bad for media sites? You bet. Bad for Adobe? Of course.
Read more in:

Oranges and Apples

About the stirring in Wall Street Boot Camp has made last days. A clever and well-documented article by Mr. Robert X. Cringely.

A must-read page if you care about your job as sysadmin.

I have not yet installed Boot Camp. Just downloaded the app, and send David -- an old time-colleague of mine with whom I shared unforgettable moments, talking about Macs and Maths when we were students dreaming in our bachelor degree's date in the eighties, -- one email.
He just phoned me back after reading it, excited, with a figured smile over his face, and told me: " After Intel, this is the next logical step for Cupertino". David has always been a MacOs evangelist. He is still one, in spite of his wife's despair.

Reasons for David's happiness might be Apple never has had the influence in Spain, were we live, as it deserves like , say, ii has in the United Kingdom. We were treated as fool geeks.
Macs were for people who does not like computers, but design. No Linux in Macintosh, no left mouse button, no IBM packages. After the OS X release, we were back to programming again and time, now, seems to be in our side. Ordinary sys admins should think to themselves silently, maybe there were wrong in their initial considerations. Maybe.

Ordinary sys admins don't listen to, and don't make music. Not in Spain. Some of us - however - do it.

An Ipod is a brilliant thing. And Ipod is a computer. And sys admins now must face companies who demand to be attended with their own systems, not theirs. It's the sign of our times. First, the costumer, later the big corps. The end of OS wars.

Mr. Bob Cringley's article explains what you can be expected about the end of OS's wars. His article is essential to understand how future might be.

Obviously, I don't agree with all his terms, what make his opinion even more respectable.

Writing this - your blog - have nothing to do supporting Apple or Windows. I'm just an ordinary consumer who post about things that care in life.

Is because experiences I share everyday, like a MACOSX pro-attitude with friends like Dave, I talk and know about Redmond or Cupertino. No other hidden intention. I promise you.

ADDENDA: Excellent metaphor: Windows: The New Classic via Daring Fireball.

Return (to the source)

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends.

Two interesting links of two great composers, just below.

Me ( or Satie )

I'm burning to give you my description here (enumeration of my physical particulars - the ones I can mention decently, that is):... Hair and eyebrowns dark auburn; eyes brown-green (probably clouded); hair covering forehead; nose long; mouth medium; chin wide; face oval. Height 1 metre 81 centimetres.
The description on this document dates from ....). It would not fit me today.

I'm sorry I can't give you my digital (finger) prints. Oh yes. I don't have them on me, and these special reproductions are not good to look at (they look like Vuillermoz and Laloy combined).

Let us pass on. I shall come back to this subject later.

Following a rather short adolescence, I became an ordinary young man, tolerable but no more. At that moment in my life I began to think and to write music. Oh yes.

Wretched idea!... very wretched idea!

It certainly was, for I lost no time in developing an unpleasant (original) originality, irrelevant, unnatural, etc..

Then life became so impossible for me that I resolved to retire to my estates and pass the rest of my days in an ivory tower - or one of some other (metallic) metal.

That is why I acquired a taste for misanthropy; why I nurtured hypochondria; why I became the most (leaden-like) miserable of men. It distressed people to look at me - even through hall-marked gold eye-glasses. Oh yes.

And all this happened to me because of music. That art has done me more harm that good, really: it has made me quarrel with people of quality, most honourable, more-than-distinguished, terribly genteel people.

Precise and acuratte words to describe oneself. I did not wrote them. But he did.

PNG, part two

How might look your PowerBook if your screen would be less or more like, say, a window?

  Kosmar has the answer.

A reason to beleive in transparencies. ;-)


Khoi Vinh is behind the new NYT brand.

In the archives, you can find me there, because of this.

Via Todd Dominey.

*Note from the editor: Contents and links from this post, written in March of the year 2005, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

O Essays

On Algorithms
We, as hackers, know the USPTO is letting people patent the knives and forks of our world. The problem is, the USPTO are not hackers. They're probably good at judging new inventions for casting steel or grinding lenses, but they don't understand software yet.

The Age of Mechanical Reproduction
For every page of print and pictures published a century ago, twenty or perhaps even a hundred pages are published today. But for every man of talent then living, there are now only two men of talent. lt may be of course that, thanks to universal education, many potential talents which in the past would have been stillborn are now enabled to realize themselves.

Video Killed the Webby Star
Sir Tim Berners-Lee speaks on the 'Future of the Web'

On Players
“IBM and Macromedia were in discussions to open-source the Flash player. It was down to signing the contracts when MM pulled out of the deal. IBM had already built a Flex plugin for WebSphere Studio before these events that was eventually shelved. IBM was told at the time that MM was not interested in Eclipse (on top of which WebSphere is built).”

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