O Essays

On Algorithms
We, as hackers, know the USPTO is letting people patent the knives and forks of our world. The problem is, the USPTO are not hackers. They're probably good at judging new inventions for casting steel or grinding lenses, but they don't understand software yet.

The Age of Mechanical Reproduction
For every page of print and pictures published a century ago, twenty or perhaps even a hundred pages are published today. But for every man of talent then living, there are now only two men of talent. lt may be of course that, thanks to universal education, many potential talents which in the past would have been stillborn are now enabled to realize themselves.

Video Killed the Webby Star
Sir Tim Berners-Lee speaks on the 'Future of the Web'

On Players
“IBM and Macromedia were in discussions to open-source the Flash player. It was down to signing the contracts when MM pulled out of the deal. IBM had already built a Flex plugin for WebSphere Studio before these events that was eventually shelved. IBM was told at the time that MM was not interested in Eclipse (on top of which WebSphere is built).”

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