One day's Essentials

Todd Dominey's Masterpiece
Create as many unique galleries as you need for multiple slide shows with Director's user-friendly drag and drop gallery setup system.
Woefully Inadequate
Instead of complex VM security models applied to general purpose languages, we'd be better off using domain specific languages that are by design limited to provably safe activities. I see a future more about simple and small special purpose languages that can be connected easily, and less about giant bloated do-it-all beasts like C# and Java.
Skinning rabbits
The parellization aspect is also important. By default, both Internet Explorer and Mozilla/Firefox will only download two resources from a single domain at once when using persistent connections (as suggested in the HTTP 1.1 spec, section 8.1.4). This means that while we’re waiting to download those JavaScript files, 2 at a time, we’re not loading image assets - the page our users see during the loading phase will be missing its images.
Require Positioning
What if we use JavaScript to determine when we’ve made a mistake and simply correct it? Instead of looping through all the contained elements, looking for the tallest and setting the containing elements’ height to match, the function would determine the tallest contained element and change its positioning to relative and its siblings to absolute..

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