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Peter-Paul Koch, ppk on JavaScript, 1st edition, New Riders, 2006. ISBN 0321423305.

Release date: probably second half of August 2006 in the US. It'll be available in Europe about a month later.

Go to your local Web design bookshop and ask for the book by name. It deserves it.

The June Articles

Marx Attack
One key issue with this is the case where users have more than one browser window open at once. In some instances, a script from one page should be allowed to access data from another page or object, but in others, this should be strictly forbidden, as a malicious website could attempt to steal sensitive information this way. For this reason, the same-origin policy was introduced. Essentially this policy allows any interaction between objects and pages, so long as these objects come from the same domain and over the same protocol. That way, a malicious website wouldn't be able to access sensitive data in another browser window via JavaScript..
The Regex
The Regex Coach is a graphical application for Windows and Linux/x86 (also usable on FreeBSD) which can be used to experiment with (Perl-compatible) regular expressions interactive.
3 column
Since it can be done, and since I wouldn’t be writing this article if I had nothing to show for it, here it is: a (mostly) cross-browser JavaScript implementation of the CSS3 multi-column module.
AHAH is intended to be a much simpler way to do web development than AJAX: "Asynchronous JavaScript and XML." Strictly speaking, AHAH can be considered a subset of AJAX, since (X)HTML is just a special kind of XML..

Bills and Contracts

Et le maître loua cet intendant malhonnête d'avoir agi de façon avisée.

Car les fils de ce monde-ci sont plus avisés envers leurs propres congénères que les fils de la lumière.

Debug Safari

Look at those liite devil's details while browsing.

Close safari 1.3. or higher.

Open Terminal

Run the following:

defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1.


Open Safari and look at the navigation panel. Right Away.


Something thou like, save it as Web Archive.

Before The End Of June

Flickr killed the Opera start
I don’t care that some might think the number of Opera users is too small to care about. If just ten of you visitors experiences a crash, you can be sure they’ll spread the word of your shortcomings. Not to say my sites support every single browser that swings by, they don’t. But this is Slashdot, one of thé most popular sites on the web, and we’re talking about one of the world’s top five browsers (I’d think)..

Is asynchronous communication really being used?
In other words, the Gmail interface, for one, doesn't use Ajax's advantage in practice, since it's pointless to continue interacting with it while a request is being handled. From an interaction point of view, Gmail could as well have used frames: a click in the navigation frame shows a page in the content frame, and the net result is exactly the same. (Of course, from a technical perspective Ajax is much sexier than frames.)

International Codes OK
There is no more important cause for electronic freedoms and privacy than the call for action to stop DRM from crippling our digital future. The time is now. Join us.


Putting the flash back in Flash.
Brevity is a new language, based around ActionScript 3.0. It provides a very simple syntax to create ActionScript 3 based SWFs. Think “Processing for Flash”.
by Keith Peters

Artificial Inheritance

"Myspace is another recent experiment that has become even more influential than the Wikipedia. Like the Wikipedia, it adds just a little to the powers already present on the Web in order to inspire a dramatic shift in use. Myspace is all about authorship, but it doesn't pretend to be all-wise. You can always tell at least a little about the character of the person who made a Myspace page. But it is very rare indeed that a Myspace page inspires even the slightest confidence that the author is a trustworthy authority."

An article by Jaron Lanier

Stop the music...

..For a minute or two.

Currently, at Segonquart, developing four new projects:

One, Eyesea, uploading and publishing their web-site. The company has also commanded us the design of their logotype. ;-)

EyeseaCrea © Delfi Ramirez 2006 @ Segonquart Studio
EyeseaCrea © Delfi Ramirez 2006 @ Segonquart Studio

Two, Mr. Carlos Mata's new flash based web-site.
Carlos Mata Bijoux © Delfi Ramirez @ SegonquartStudio 2005
Carlos Mata Bijoux © Delfi Ramirez @ SegonquartStudio 2005

Three vs. Four ...mmmhhh, we can unveil in part: AnarkoFlamenco, the project of Maluk, formerly dancer of Ojos de Brujo.

AnarkoFlamenco © Delfi Ramirez 2006 @ Segonquart Studio
AnarkoFlamenco © Delfi Ramirez 2006 @ Segonquart Studio

Eutopia, an NGO's project.
Eutôpia © Delfi Ramirez 2006 @ Segonquart Studio
Eutôpia © Delfi Ramirez 2006 @ Segonquart Studio
Best wishes, honey.

Since we are friends

this happens

* Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in June of the year 2006, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

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