Who killed Darwin

Darwin is clearly fading into the background now.

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OpenDarwin was originally created with the goal of providing a development environment for building and developing Mac OS X sources as well as developing a standalone Darwin OS derivative. OpenDarwin was meant to be a development community and a proving ground for fixes and features for Mac OS X and Darwin, which could be picked up by Apple for inclusion in the canonical sources. OpenDarwin has failed to achieve its goals in 4 years of operation, and moves further from achieving these goals as time goes on. For this reason, OpenDarwin will be shutting down

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Life Goes On

Myths and Math
Many IR and PhD students have developed beautiful models in controlled computer lab environments.
When transferred to a real environment like the Web, these models simply do not work.
The Global Curse of Comic Sans
Visitors to Barcelona and the Costa Brava are somewhat obligated to acclimate to the mysterious Catalan dialect, a cross between Spanish, Portugese and pidgin Esperanto, where every third word seems to begin with the letter "X."
Ruby On
I’m still learning about the Ruby/Unicode issues, but for the moment, suffice it to say that the most advanced Ruby regex technology doesn’t do Unicode properties. Blecch.
History of the Button
Push. Click. Start.

Still early days in Barcelona

Delfin, ein Catalane der tatsächlich durch seinen kulturellen Aktivismus in seiner legendären "Fist-bar" neue Anstöße in Barcelonas Musikszene durchsetzen konnte, zählt für mich zu den avantgardistischsten DJs. Seit 1988 hat er in den letzten acht Jahren immer wieder Neues nach Barcelona gebracht. So individuell seine Persönlichkeit ist, ist auch ein Musikstil. In seiner Exbar traf sich alles und jeder, vorallem, weil die Beschallung immer etwas Neues bot. Im Moment hat er sich ganz der elektronischen Musik verschrieben und wartet nur darauf, wieder einen eigenen Club zu etablieren. Ich wünsche ihm viel Glück dabei. Die Nächte in Barcelona fangen spät an. Vor drei Uhr lohnt es sich überhaupt nicht, einen Schritt in einen der Tanztempel zu setzen. Wenn die Diskotheken frühmorgens schließen, ist die Nacht noch lange nicht vorbei. Die Clubhopper ziehen weiter und hier beginnt, was in Barcelona im Moment populär ist, nämlich die "after-scene". Kleine Clubs und Bars mit einer Lizenz, frühmorgens zu öffnen, nutzen die Gelegenheit, den Schlaflosen eine Verlängerung der Nacht zu bieten.
Still early days in Barcelona.


Aptana is a robust, JavaScript-focused IDE for building dynamic web applications.



David was a closest friend of mine since we were six years older.

David Such i Perez, founder member of Fist Bar! was killed yesterday.

We played music together when fourteen, went at night into the 80's scene together, attend Universityand  master classes...

David, rest in peace, wherever you are, my beloved friend.


Adobe Flash Professional 9
Adobe's Flash Professional 9

Basic Values

Yes, regulation to keep the Internet open is regulation. And mostly, the Internet thrives on lack of regulation. But some basic values have to be preserved. For example, the market system depends on the rule that you can't photocopy money. Democracy depends on freedom of speech. Freedom of connection, with any application, to any party, is the fundamental social basis of the Internet, and, now, the society based on it.

Training Adobe Flash

While I am training ActionScript and OOP development, we share lovely moments, being me the only musician aboard: Designers, webmasters, infotainists, art directors, marketers, programmers, engineers...

A mean to communication and art. The media is not, once again, the message. Coffee and Nicotine, stains.4"It's my wife and it's my life...And I guess but I just don't know"


If web design were not an art, then we would always get every part right. But it is an art, and, like all arts, it deals with the subjective. The subjective is something you can never get 100% right.

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Should leave computers. Asleep.

Training ActionScript and Flash Architecture modules can leave you without blood.

Told you more tomorrow, honey.

Sleep well.
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