Just a Break

Or a kind...To mention music.

HezBollah has been accepted and included in Life of Bush Remixes' web-site.

That I told you before in this, your blog.

File Under Artist's name: Delfin - take notice - , or title song HezBollah - a premonitory one for peace -, joining the grouppe of deconstructers along with genious like Scanner.

Happy almost because of- private things and chatty confession - "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts" was a real influence in my early years.

Guess it was to everyone involved into samplers, enoism...and all that bush.

How to Learn

I didn’t learn programming in school, but mostly on my own reading books and just doing it (initially on a Commodore VIC-20, later on a Sinclair QL). 
That said, I think especially University was very useful. Rather than go to an engineering school, I went to Helsinki University, which is pretty theoretical...most of the courses tended to be on fundamental concepts and things like complexity analysis. 
Which can seem boring and even a waste of effort at times, but I think it was useful, and I mostly enjoyed it. And I think I’m probably a better programmer for it.
quoting Linus Torvalds.
I learned programming by starting to put together my first web page in HTML. Then I wanted to make some dynamic pieces and picked up first ASP then PHP. 
After I already knew how to program, I then started on a joint computer science and business administration degree.

quoting David Heinemeier Hansson.

Initially, I was self-taught. I got my first programming job before I went to college. But I’m glad I did. I had a lot of fun. I kept going until I had a PhD.
quoting James Gosling.

All this savvy words were found via Sztywny blog.

Addenda: Some hyperlinks, fromt the year 2006, have been updated in the year 2012  while others, unfortunately, do not link to any current URI

At the third day....

MAC OS X open source returns.

After looking at the brand new Leopard's features, next target for Cupertino to grow up would be the actual disenchanted KDE members, or, say, people like you and me, who rather prefers a beautiful and desktop oriented OS.

Confidentially - in my opinion - gnu's aesthetics can be, sometimes, deplorable.

Take a chance.

Taking the dirt Away: AJAX

Note from the editor: Links from this post, written in the year 2006, had been revised and - if possible -updated.

Let me have a break up the series "Taking the Dirt Away" to name explicitly this post AJAX,  because of I would like to announce you something.

Some readers of this - your blog - may have noticed I've delayed myself in posting  during last weeks. The reason? Simple:  I was cooking something.

This is: Last May I was commited to design and plan a gentle 125 hour' introduction-seminar about AJAX, oriented to Spaniard's web-developers, team managers, web-designers and front-end teams. From zero to eternity, the course is intended to make your life as a developer a bit easier.

I have took several decisions planning it, most implying to leave apart some serious trends like: SAJAX ( Sorry, as a JavaScripter I see no sense in mixing PHP with JavaScript), or Google's JAVA API ( that is a good one) to focus properly on AHAH and Microformats.

It does also make sense to explain and explore the future possibilities of ECMASCRIPT as a Server-Side language, having so few hours to do it all, instead of recurring to old script-server languages.

Something, I guess, goes against the original meaning of AJAX.

So my counsel is, if you are a PHP-scripter, you better focus yourself helping to build PHP as a real strict-typed language when it comes 6.0. , and leave actionscripters or javascripters alone with themselves.

Furthermore, now we have more fascinating milestones things to climb at, like Ruby ( the rails thing ),  and Python. Languages that sure will deserve your attention dawn.

Concluding: Time for you now to start to learn AJAX. Here's the spanish version of the AJAX Professional Course. The price is right.

Notice this will be the first official professional training course offered in Spain, thanks to the interest Crea Formación, a consultancy company, has put into my initial proposal.

At the end of the course , you will get a precious certificate, be able to expand your abilities and you'll be in touch with the most professional team of shy developers (not all, you know who you are ) from BCN.

Leave your comments, if any.

Portfolio Updated

Portfolio section of Segonquart Studio has minor updates.

Segonquart Portfolio © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2006
Segonquart Portfolio © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2006

Some works in progress due to be finished before the end of the month...Stay informed.

Am I SELFish?

Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in August of the year 2006, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Just diving into SELF this summer. If you believe, like I do, Java is dead, -well, giv'em two more agonizing years - time comes now to learn something new. SELF, maybe?

The SELF Release

Self is an object-oriented programming language and associated programming environment. It is close in spirit and semantics to Smalltalk.

What is SELF?

Self has no classes. Instead a more direct object-based inheritance mechanism is provided. The programming environment facilitates direct manipulation, in which the programmer communicates with objects directly (or appears to), rather than applying "tools" to effect changes.

Wanna be pure and selfish? Come aboard, I've just implemented it in my MAC OS X today.
 More to say, tomorrow.

Legal Notice

You agree that MTVNE has the right and licence to transmit your photo, animation, video clip, sound recording, or other material uploaded by you (your "Material") on MTVNE television channels and MTVNE affiliated television channels worldwide ("MTV Channels") and on any other media whether now known or known in the future (including without limitation MTVNE operated websites (the “Websites”) in perpetuity and gratis. MTVNE also has the right to commercially exploit, host, store, copy, distribute, modify, edit, incorporate into other material, and/or otherwise treat in any way your Material at its discretion without any payment to You. In particular, you agree to waive all moral rights to the Material.

Via MTV Europe. Incredible. Monomaniac.

Bigger than you think

Big monitors are the easiest way to increase white-collar productivity, and anyone who makes at least $50,000 per year ought to have at least 1600x1200 screen resolution.

Via Nielsen.
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