I am not into the Web 2.0 anymore. Do not, please, ask me why not. I have my solid and private reasons.

Are you, honey, yare still into these exciting and new trend applications and communities present in the web these days?

If you stand still, this is for you. Read it with attention, please.

Let me tell you: I received a mail yesterday by Mr. Joseph Maaravi, who runs - and also is the CEO - of SuTree.

SuTree is a knowledge community and an aggregator of instructional & educational videos.

It comes a happy breathe from this SuTree, and there is a feeling, when you visit it of a dedicated feeling of Joseph and all his team in this app they have designed and bringed into life: SuTree.

I wish it will be a brand new experience for all the lonely hunters that live in the cyber-space. Like you, honey.

Worth a visit.

NOTE: Thank you, Joseph, for liking my blog. I am blushed.

Downgrade Flash Player

*Note from the editor: Contents and links from this post, written in November of the year 2007, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

I am not quite concerned about issues of security in my ordinary life day, but maybe you need to secure your ports; in your ordinary digital and connected life.

According to David Neu, SecurityErrorEvent, an ActionScript 3.0 class, is not what you might call a friend. So remove your Flash Player 9-nish version now, and downgrade to Flash Player 8.

Due to a design flaw in ActionScript 3 socket handling, compiled Flash movies are able to scan for open TCP ports on any host reachable from the host running the SWF, bypassing the Flash Player Security Sandbox Model and without the need to rebind DNS.

To read more: click here

 Update October 15, 2008: The release of Flash Player Version 10 fixes the problem.

File Under: Web Design

The inexperienced or insufficiently thoughtful designer complains that too many websites use grids, too many sites use columns, too many sites are “boxy.” Efforts to avoid boxiness have been around since 1995; while occasionally successful, they have most often produced aesthetically wretched and needlessly unusable designs.

The experienced web designer, like the talented newspaper art director, accepts that many projects she works on will have headers and columns and footers. Her job is not to whine about emerging commonalities but to use them to create pages that are distinctive, natural, brand-appropriate, subtly memorable, and quietly but unmistakably engaging.

If she achieves all that and sweats the details, her work will be beautiful. If not everyone appreciates this beauty—if not everyone understands web design—then let us not cry for web design, but for those who cannot see.
As seen in A List Apart, written by  Zeldman.

True Facts

The greatest value of universities is not the brand name or perhaps even the classes so much as the people you meet.

Via Paul Graham.

Python on Panther

At the new headquarters, I'm working both with Tiger and Panther ( OS X systems for my Macintosh computers).

In Panther, it is recommended to develop web-sites, that you install python packages, which can be easily found and downloaded here

Learning after Disaster

As ignorant as I am, never heard or read, or knew, before about Netiquette. A way of life.

After a disaster, I told you I like to be a netiquetted human being from now on. It's better. And super. And califragilistic. I'm still learning. Netiquette comes here to stay.

Step 2 -Year 2008

Headquarters at Segonquart Studio, have moved on. Click over the image, to know more about it.

Segonquart Studio picture by Mrs.Noemi Jariod
Delfi Ramirez - Segonquart Studio 2008

Unfortunately, we cannot accept more projects these days: We are full until January 2008.

Gödel, Nagel, minds and machines

One could no more disprove this modified version of the idealized mechanist’s thesis than the version considered by Gödel, et al., simply by applying the mechanist’s empiricist argument. Nevertheless, it is difficult to conceive of any formal system of the sort with which we are familiar, from Peano Arithmetic (PA) up to Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory (ZF) and beyond, actually underlying mathematical thought as it is experienced.

And mathematical practice certainly supports the conclusion drawn by Nagel and Newman that “mathematical proof does not coincide with the exploitation of a formalized axiomatic method,” even if that can’t be demonstrated unassailably as a consequence of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems.

Read it here.

The State of TXP

Textpattern was always intended as a tool to enable the author to ‘just write’. (Hey, that would make a great slogan MyPublishingTool: Just Write.) It wasn’t about having the most features or templates or plugins, but simply about being a good, elegant tool for personal publishing, primarily for weblogs. It covered the basics of weblog publishing, and in a politely opinionated way. (For example, Textpattern never had a calendar feature for accessing archives, the reasoning being that it makes no sense to access posts that way. Very rarely do you care what someone wrote purely by date alone.)

Know more about TextPattern, here

Via Drew McLellan

The Second Wittgenstein

Or how to avoid verbs in a pure logical language:

There are no “verbs” in the iPhone interface, he said, alluding to the way a standard mouse or stylus system works.

In those systems, users select an object, like a photo, and then separately select an action, or “verb,” to do something to it.

Steve Jobs - circa 2007- quoted via the nyt.

It Was The Middle Of October

Brendan Dawes: Lazyness
Where’s loadMovie gone? What do you mean there’s no getURL - I loved that method - in fact we regularly went on holiday together (there was this wild time in Vegas, but that’s another story). Only now it’s gone, along with many other much loved binary friends.

Things are very different in the new world of startups. We couldn't save someone from the market's judgement even if we wanted to. And being charming and confident counts for nothing with users. All users care about is whether you make something they like. If you don't, you're dead.

Ten Ways to Make More Humane Open Source Software
Figure out the tasks that people want to do with your software. Make those tasks as easy as possible. Kill any feature that gets in the way.

Guido on Python
That is one of the things I've always had as part of my philosophy: it's much more important that you can read someone else's code than how fast you can produce your own code.

September's End

My main gripe about eMusic isn’t their download manager. It’s their business model. I don’t want to sign up for an account before I can simply browse their store. I wouldn’t shop at a brick-and-mortar store that required me to sign up for something before I got in the door, either. Frankly, I’m surprised eMusic has thrived with a home page that shows you nothing other than a sign-up form.

Open OS X
I feel good about Mac open source.

Kurt Erich Suckert
Malaparte extends the great fresco of European society he began in Kaputt. There the scene was Eastern Europe, here it is Italy during the years from 1943 to 1945; instead of Germans, the invaders are the American armed forces. In all the literature that derives from the Second World War, there is no other book that so brilliantly or so woundingly present triumphant American innocence against the background of the European experience of destruction and moral collapse..

Behind HyperCard

The art of creating software that is usable by individuals is a communication skill. It is not a programming skill. Programming and what a software artist does is analogous to a pianist who needs to know how to move the keys and have that down cold so that he can concentrate on the feeling and message that he is portraying in his rendition of this music.
Read complete article here.

Big kudos to Brian for 'pointing' me to the article.

Jef Raskin

*Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in September of the year 2007, when Mr. Raskin was still in this world , have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

A big influence Jef Raskin.

While best-known as a computer scientist, Raskin also had other interests. 

  • He conducted the San Francisco Chamber Opera Society and played various instruments, including the organ and the recorder. 
  • His artwork was displayed at New York's Museum of Modern Art. 
  • He received a patent for airplane wing construction[2], and designed and marketed radio controlled model gliders.
  •  He was said to be an accomplished archer, target shooter and an occasional model race car driver. He was a passionate musician and composer, publishing a series of collected recorder studies using the pseudonym of Aabel Aabius.
  •  In his later years he also wrote free-lance articles for Macintosh magazines, such as MacHomeJournal as well as many modeling magazines, Forbes, Wired and computing journals.

Raskin owned a small company, Jef's Friends, which made and sold model-airplane kits through hobby shops. Somehow, he managed to turn most of his hobbies into profitable businesses.

Jef and the Pascal Poster, worth two visits.

Delete Redmond ( again )

The New Promotional Site for Mac Office 2008 is whole done in Flash.

Being myself a long-time consultant and programmer specialized in Action Script, I just have noticed those famous "undefined" as soon as the page , and the executable, is loaded. A 'result' typical for a non-programmer, or a programmer without the ability or quality to manage classes in OOPS, or someone lacking basic knowledge of Javascript language.

The classical beginner mistake ( not a bug ) you have when handling incorrectly Databases ( via Xpath, XML or derivatives) is an "undefined" message in your Flash Movie.

Once again, in 2008, the work Microsoft' programmers is wrong, seriously wrong .

PS: And Adobe's Action Script is ( or was) a non open-source language. So they might be used to work with.

A plea: Redmond: Need Help? Don't depress yourselves. Here I am. Do not hesitate. Contact me. You can learn something new everyday. But listen, I can not trust a Software company that publish software ( - I notice a .swf linked or assembled to DB is software -) in wrong, wrong way.

Delete Redmond ( again )

Logic Studio

Here it is.

“One of the big things about our design philosophy is progressive disclosure,” said Schoeben. “You want to be able to get things done quickly and easily without things getting in your way. We shouldn’t get in way of task at hand — we are just here to help.”

Apple Logic Pro 8 also features new audio production tools like Quick Swipe Comping and dynamic channel strip creation. In addition to surround production capabilities, the new version of Logic also includes multichannel tracks and busses, and support for True Surround software instruments and effects.

The new application included in the suite is called MainStage, which turns your Mac into a live performance rig. According to Apple, screen controls link software plug-ins to hardware knobs, faders and buttons, so musicians can use their favorite gear while performing live.

Tech Humour: Apple

"Assembly line workers were replaced by machines, why not professors?" said technology historian Harold Neves. "It's all part of progress."
Apple Iprof: A professional killer.

Not everyone was pleased though. Kyle Martin said, "Five dollars to just walk into the store? It's like they want to be elite snobs or something."
When told of the criticism, Sciopiano said, "That's exactly the case."

Apple: Think.

How not to die.

If you can just avoid dying, you get rich. That sounds like a joke, but it's actually a pretty good description of what happens in a typical startup. It certainly describes what happened in Viaweb. We avoided dying till we got rich.

Via Paul Graham

I died, a thousand times.

Proof Theory in Linguistics

An article by Chris Barker and Anna Szabolcsi here.

Prerequisites should be familiarity with formal approaches to natural language semantics, including some exposure to formal logic.

FontExplorer X Update

The update of Linotype FontExplorer™ X to version 1.2.2 delivers important bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

Updated features:

Complete redesign of the integrated Linotype Font Store...That's hyper-fine ;-)
Lots of new fonts and Value Packs available in the integrated Linotype Font Store
Updated QuarkXPress 6.5/7.x Plug-Ins...Not for me but maybe you...
Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug when checking for updates
Fixed a bug when creating a Smart Set
Fixed a bug when removing font request rules
Fixed a bug where "Import date" wasn't localized
Fixed a bug where Application Font Cache Cleaning didn't recognize QuarkXPress when running Mac OS X 10.3.9...if you still run 10.3.9...
Fixed a bug where creating a new Set from selection didn't update the information area
Fixed a bug where FontExplorer X would crash when cleaning Application Font Caches
Fixed a bug where not all characters of an OpenType font were displayed in the information window..That's hyper-fine ;-)
Fixed a bug where Reveal in Finder didn't work
Fixed a bug where the import date wasn't updated after importing a font again
Fixed a bug where the keyboard shortcut wasn't updated when changing the keyboard layout
Fixed a bug where you couldn't clean Application Font Caches although an application was selected..That's hyper-fine ;-)
Fixed a bug which could crash FontExplorer X at startup
Fixed a bug which didn't update the information area when moving Sets
Fixed some interface and text issues with the German localization

Philosophen für die Welt

Die Stadt war ihm mehr geworden als ein guter Ort für eine Eremitage. In ihrer weltoffenen, von Tätigkeit und Wohlstand erfüllten Atmosphäre gedieh nun auch die Arbeit an seinem eigenen "Philosophen für die Welt" zum guten Ende; - so nannte er scherzhaft sein Spätwerk, nach dem Aufklärungsphilosophen J. J. Engel. Die beiden Bände der "Parerga und Paralipomena" enthalten nicht nur ergänzende Betrachtungen zu seinem Hauptwerk, Anwendungen seiner Lehre auf alte und neue Daseinsgebiete. Sie beenden eine Entwicklung, die in der norwegischen Preisschrift mit einer ausführlicheren Behandlung der sogen. praktischen Philosophie eingesetzt hat. Die "Aphorismen zur Lebensweisheit", die den Abschluß des ersten Bandes bilden, gelten dieser praktischen Philosophie; sie sollen unser Sein und Sinnen nicht über Tag und Stunde hinausheben, sondern den Tag selbst leiten, mit seinen Schwierigkeiten, seinen Nöten und vielfältigen Erfordernissen. Der Denker spricht von den unmittelbaren Anliegen eines Jeden, er weist den Weg zur Meisterung der täglichen Aufgaben und den Weg zur inneren Ruhe. Die horazische Gelassenheit und Heiterkeit, die über diesem letzten Werke liegt, ist nicht, wie man geglaubt hat, auf einer neuen Entwicklungsstufe in Schopenhauers Denken erreicht worden; sie bedeutet kein Hinübergehen von der metaphysisch-ethischen Grundhaltung seiner Lehre in ein neues Lebensgefühl, das man im Biedermeier und vielleicht sogar im Diesseits-Evangelium des Jungen Deutschland wiederfinden könnte. Die Aphorismen haben, nach Schopenhauers Worten, einen bedingten Wert, den Wert einer Anpassung an den gewöhnlichen empirischen Standpunkt, die doch ihren Nutzen haben kann. Wir wissen, daß er selbst von Jugend an diesem empirischen Standpunkt Rechnung getragen, daß er sich immer wieder die Lebens- und Führungsregeln vergegenwärtigt hat, nach denen er seinen Tag bewältigte. Er war kein weltfremder Gelehrter, er hat sich in der Welt behauptet. Warum aber, so fragt man, kommen die längst aus den Zufällen des Lebens und aus Begegnungen mit Menschen gewonnenen Beobachtungen und Einsichten nun erst in den Aphorismen zu einer letzten Reife? Ist es nicht so, daß diese Reife kaum an einem anderen Ort so zwanglos errungen werden konnte wie in der Umwelt seiner Wahlheimat? Der kaufmännische Geist, der ihm von seinem Elternhause her vertraut war, das nüchtern-praktische Denken und Handeln, die Kunst der Menschenbehandlung, hier, in der Luft der alten Messeund Handelsstadt, war es zu finden als eine altehrwürdige bewährte Lebensform, die manchen Zügen seines eigenen Wesens freundlich entgegenkam.


Sometimes in the course of conversation the sound of our own voice disconcerts us and misleads us into making assertions which in no way correspond to our opinions.

Friedrich Nietzsche died the 25th of August in the year 1900. All too human.

From The Air

25th Anniversary reminder via Silence is a Rythm too

Good evening. This is your Captain.
We are about to attempt a crash landing.
Please extinuish all cigarettes.
Place your tray tables in their
upright, locked position.
Your Captain says: Put your head on your knees.
Your Captain says: Put your head on your hands.
Captain says: Put your hands on your head.
Put your hands on your hips. Heh heh.
This is your Captain-and we are going down.
We are all going down, together.
And I said: Uh oh. This is gonna be some day.
Standby. This is the time. And this is the record of the time.
This is the time. And this is the record of the time.

Uh-this is your Captain again.
You know, I've got a funny feeling I've seen this all before.
Why? 'Cause I'm a caveman.
Why? 'Cause I've got eyes in the back of my head.
Why? It's the heat. Standby.
This is the time. And this is the record of the time.
This is the time. And this is the record of the time.

Put your hands over your eyes.
Jump out of the plane. There is no pilot. You are not alone. Standby.
This is the time. And this is the record of the time.
This is the time. And this is the record of the time.


Being lazy as I am to use properly the Terminal in MAC OS X, Joel Barriere's Onyx came her to help.

OnyX is a multifunction utility (maintenance, optimization, and personalization). It allows you to run misc tasks of system maintenance, to configure some hidden parameters of the Finder, Dock, Dashboard, Exposé, Safari, Login window and of some of Apple's own applications, to delete caches, to remove a certain number of files and folders that may become cumbersome, to see the detailed info of your configuration, to preview various logs and CrashReporter-reports, to check the Preferences files and more. .

In case you do not need such admin privileges, Manteinance, or Deeper, might be helpful to you.

Onyx 1.8.2 has repaired minor bugs, and added some excellent icons and customizable themes for you and your family.

Is freeware, did I mention it?, but you may want to donate for future developments.

NOTE: Security Issue. Using Terminal, password and ID allows you to execute admin-root tasks from your own OS X. Onyx, however, prompts you for the pwd and user IDs.... which is not recommended using secure systems. You never know, I guess not, but there could be a ping to the software creators everytime you log into Onyx....

On Open Source: TextPattern

If you’re a serious blogger with a professional blog, or a company who wants a professional content management system, use Textpattern. If you’re a new to moderate blogger or you’re just the type that likes things easy and comfortable, stick with Wordpress.

Design Forbidden

Requesting work for free reflects a lack of understanding and respect for the value of effective design as well as the time of the professionals who are asked to provide it.

My advice to youngsters: do ever not design when an RFP is mentioned.

Clients may, at times, request you to do speculative work—that is, work done for no cost.

Let me wonder if these clients would step into, say,  La Cachette to taste something for free before they have a meal.... Or these sameclients do ask several dentists to work for free until they have stablished which one they like.

More recommendations, here.


Like Michel Piccoli, in Love Doll, I'll get one.

New IMac: here. And some interesting thoughts about the loose of  the "Command" key in the new keyboard, via Daring Fireball.

Something must break

This is a personal note:

Guess it is because the heat of the summer, melting again my temperance,but being not sure about it, it's rather complicated. Let me explain it to you briefly:

Goodbye to Flickr

I did finished my account in Flickr, influenced, without a doubt, by the brave decision of Markus, who leaved the community because of that censorship chapter in Flickr. I might add some reasons, if any:

First, as I was introduced years ago by Markus into Flickr..( that was before it was acquired by Yahoo!)...Now, I felt uncomfortable belonging to the 'scene' that censored him and a big couple of Germans. We were Old Skool. We had principles. We had illusions.

Second, and maybe a deeper reason: I have never been a photographer. Never wanted to be one neither. In fact, I had my last professional photographic camera when I was fourteen. So, every time I wanted to picture something interesting I needed to borrowed it from girlfriends, what was, say, a bit rude.

Third reason: The image scene has been always near to me since my childhood, but , honestly, my father and half of my family have a compulsive frankness about photography, and I have decided not to follow the tradition. One photographer, or two, in a family, are enough.

Goodbye to StumbleUpon (for a while)

I also stopped stumbling sites through StumbleUpon, and I am glad with the good-bye notes received in my private inbox from stumbler friends, honest and lovely humans beings I have met and known - more or less - in that community site. Now it has been bought by EBay, and I have the feeling to be part of a marketing experiment, more than into a community.

A smile was on my face years ago, when sites stumbled and thumbed up where all old-looking 1997, flashy, but, something I realize latter, with content, found everything except a polite and well-designed site.That was before the two point zero expansion in which we leave now.

I still keep mantaining a site in MySpace, until I will finish my long, long delayed project of MP3 Music. Market rules.

Goodbye to Blogger?

I'm nurturing to move this blog to my server, one of these boiling days. I dislike, for any special reason, the new trend Blogger has, being middle-aged as I am, and that hypee feeling. I started in Blooger influenced by the words of Jeffrey Zeldman: We are all bloggers...but now, I care much more about Blogger as Blogger cares for me. So I will start a new, less-re-vamped blog in Spanish. Re-reading this notations, made me see clear I have lost my British fluency and grammar. And presence is essential. However, I will keep this page for the use to show quotations and notes about things in life. Not Videos.

Sad to say, I have taken these decisions in cold. Realizing I need a break. A new scope to look at and be in the WWW.

Segonquart Studio relaunches

Minimal design, first step. Change of place, second step.

Sharing a common space with Seitan Disseny, to build a Graphic and Web Design Agency.

Shaked, but not stirred, Segonquart just carries from now on on the shoulders of Mr. Delfí Ramírez...and the help of interims....

Move this blog to our servers...

All this ready for September. Enjoy your holidays!!!


Segonquart Studio is re-vamping for a full come back.

 To help people and companies to meet their goals.

I am working on a Apple machine, in front of me there are those incredible artists working on their projects,

And, besides, this: Safari for Windows Public Beta Downloads Top 1 Million in First 48 Hours

More soon. Via this

The Good Seeds

Note from the editor: Links and content of this posts, written in June of the year 2007, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

After two intensive years, I will have a break imparting seminars these days. Still, I am thankfull to those who attended my courses.

Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Behning attended the seminars. Here, his words:

¿Soy un developer que sabe algo de diseño o soy un designer que sabe programar algo?” Debido a mi lado "desarrollador", me gustaría obtener la Certificación Flash Developer, por lo que estoy estudiando Actionscript (flash avanzado) en Crea Formación (y con la suerte de tener como maestro el extraordinario Delfi Ramírez ) ...

I'm Blushed.

Context 07

The CONTEXT conference has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary research and provides a high-quality forum for discussions about context among researchers active in artificial intelligence, knowledge representation, cognitive science, linguistics, the organizational sciences, philosophy, and psychology.

Workshops here.

Uh, I missed them.

Ten Years Ago

Why Advertising Doesn't Work on the Web.

That was, of course before Adwords, search engines and all that matters, but - still - it's interesting to newbies and people who plan to have a web-site.

An excerpt:
This makes TV much more suited for the traditional type of advertising which is flashy and promotes superficial qualities of products. While watching TV, people approach a vegetable state and the main goal of a commercial is to minimize interaction by keeping the user's hand off the remote control. As long as the user watches, you can keep them engaged by high production values and a message that says very little besides "we are good."
Where TV is warm, the Web is cold. It is a user-driven experience, where the user is actively engaged in determining where to go next. The user is usually on the Web for a purpose and is not likely to be distracted from the goal by an advertisement (one of the main reasons click-through is so low). This active user engagement makes the Web more cognitive, since the user has to think about what hypertext links to click and how to navigate. This again makes the Web less suited for purely emotional advertising. The user is not on the Web to "get an experience" but to get something done. The Web is not simply a "customer-oriented" medium; it's a customer-dominated medium.

Dawes re-aligned

Brendan Dawes web-site gets raved.

Respectfully, this new design is nearly impossible to read. 'Phillip Kerman'

So what? Atari Retro has these things...

A New Internet

We believe that the current Internet has significant deficiencies that need to be solved before it can become a unified global communication infrastructure. Further, we believe the Internet's shortcomings will not be resolved by the conventional incremental and 'backward-compatible' style of academic and industrial networking research.
Read the whitepaper here.

More about the same subject,  here.


Note from the author: Links and content of this posts, written in April of the year 2007, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

A letter  from Maciej Stachowiak into my mailbox.

An excerpt:
If HTML5 is adopted as a starting point, the contents of the document would still be up for review and revision, but we would start with the existing text.
A suitable next step might be a high-level review of functionality added and removed relative to HTML4.01, followed by focused discussion and review of individual topic areas, including both content already in the spec and proposed new features.

 Nice work, othermaciej. More soon.

Readings for April

Do we need a new kind of schema language?
The basic idea is to have a schema language that operates at a different semantic level. In the following description I'll call this language TEDI (Type Expressions for Data Interchange, pronounced "Teddy"). This idea is very much at the half-baked stage at the moment. I don't claim to have fully thought it through yet.
Microsoft is dead
I'm glad Microsoft is dead. They were like Nero or Commodus—evil in the way only inherited power can make you. Because remember, the Microsoft monopoly didn't begin with Microsoft. They got it from IBM. The software business was overhung by a monopoly from about the mid-1950s to about 2005. For practically its whole existence, that is. One of the reasons "Web 2.0" has such an air of euphoria about it is the feeling, conscious or not, that this era of monopoly may finally be over..
On a proof of Cantor’s theorem
Logical negation ¬ can be seen as a map N:Ω→Ω defined by N(p)={u∈{0};0∉p}. Note that N does not have a fixed point, for if there were p∈Ω such that N(p)=p then we would have both 0∈p and 0∉p.

Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in March of the year 2007, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

The Naked Truth

An excerpt : there’s a lot of things more important than technology and programming

The most honest article written in the last decade.

Patrick Mineault: I'm retiring.

All the best Patrick in your new life.

CSS Naked Day

Uh ,uh I miss the date.... Well, Here it goes one day, or two, late.

What happened to the design of Segonquart Studio?

To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the Annual CSS Naked Day website for more information.

On Records and Shops

Going into a record shop to buy the new Jam single etc was fun, exciting, butterflies in the stomach. Since the advent of CD shops, functional and bland (no display of exotic covers on the walls with cd's being too bloody small) it has been a soulless experience buying music. We are old enough that we are always going to say vinyl is best. And of course until something can make analogue recordings sound as warm on digital we are right.

via Alan McGee's Myspace's blog.

Moved to Vienna

Months after trying and testing couple of free and not so free RSS' reader software for MAC OS X, definetively I moved to Vienna.

I might even consider the option to design a theme for it.

Have a look up.

Not like you, not like in NYC

What is the trend? First, big companies (excluding AOL) ignored the web. Then they hired professionals who didn’t understand the web to design their sites and other professionals who didn’t understand the web to create their content. Last year, or maybe two years ago, these companies began hiring smart, experienced web designers who understand usability and web standards.
via Zeldman


Segonquart Studio
Censorship in China circa 2007

I'm not, yet, Banned in China. Es tut mer so lied Kosmar ;-)

Print Works: Cards

Print Cards. Web under construction.
Jose Anievas print cards . Design © Delfi Ramirez 2007
Jose Anievas print cards . Design © Delfi Ramirez 2007

Semantic Data Extraction

This tool, by the W3C; geared by an XSLT stylesheet, tries to extract some information from a HTML semantic rich document. It only uses information available through a good usage of the semantics defined in HTML. The aim is to show that providing a semantically rich HTML gives much more value to your code: using a semantically rich HTML code allows a better use of CSS, makes your HTML intelligible to a wider range of user agents (especially search engines bots).



Done. For them.

A minimal comp or a dossier. All rights transferred, but, as you might know, a version soon will come.

4 yous ears only.

At last

Note from the editor: Links and content of this posts, written in May of the year 2006, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

Two new internet based projects will, at last, see the light.

Easy e-commerce branded, for you and your family, and gentle developed or designed by this yours truly at Segonquart Studio.

Talking-Wear, a client-site and CMS; based in ActionScript and developed using Adobe Flash, explores the motions and current posibilities of the Fuse engine.
Talking Wear © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2006
Talking Wear © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2006

HeyBarcelona, shows how one can be trendy and effective at the same time if, say, you want to rent an apartment in Barcelona, located South Europe.
Hey Barcelona Rental Apartments © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2006
Hey Barcelona Rental Apartments © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2006

Comparisons use to be hateful, but...please, compare them with the work of other companies and say your will.

Besides this ordinary life, I am also commited to compose andproduce the jingle-soundtrack for the company Trigital, and their annual Agbar multimedia project.
  • Created and mastered in mind, later using Motu's DP4 to produce it. 
  • Before this , there is a demo done with Soundtrack Pro , using processing effects from the AU Free License Units
  • Loops, library and originals, where treated previously, using the Loop Utility, re-arranged and be-pitched all to the same tune this time.
Year 2015. Note from the Editor: You might want to explore these , now open sourced projects in GitHub.


Everyone uses copywriting, we just don’t realize it. Copywriting is the art of describing something using the best possible words to sell the poduct or idea to someone. Whether we are describing a movie to a friend, selling a product online or making a blog post on a specific topic.If you are selling a product online, be it your own product, an affiliate product or service you have a couple of choices.

1. Most Internet marketers choose to write their own salespages and most will fail miserably. It takes a lot of learning and constant tweaking to learn the art of copywriting… this could take years.

2. Hiring a high priced copywriter. You can expect to pay any where from $1,000-$10,000 per sales page for a good copywriter.

Via Pegasus Team
Note from the Editor: In 2015, is no longer available. The authors have deleted his site. Links to the site removed.


Segonquart Studio's web-site has been featured in Screenalicious.

Segonquart Studio - Delfi Ramirez 1999-2010
Segonquart Studio 2007 is the web's new premier source for showcasing excellent websites and inspire artists all alike to create spectacular work of their own.. Use your favourite RSS reader.

Failures from Today: Vista

Microsoft's Vista has seen the light.

Aaron Right explain it in an acid way here.

A brief:
The disgusting graphics of XP have been replaced with translucent windows, beautiful shadows, and smooth “Exposé” like movements.
They finally have a decent search engine built right into the system, allowing them to quickly find photos, music, movies, and documents without waiting for two hours.

They finally have a more secure (so we’re told) system that promises to crack down on spyware and viruses, although I dare say we’ll hear of a virus being released for Vista next week.

They finally got their own gadgets (widgets), inspired by Konfabulator, allowing them to check up on weather, news, stock information, and other interesting tidbits with the click of a button.

They finally have decent software pre-installed on their system that allows them to do decent things, such as browsing photos and sending them to Kodak for real prints—no more of those trashy programs that they have to uninstall as soon as they get their computer.

Oh yes, things are looking up in the world of a Windows user, and I’m happy for them, honestly. I’m actually pleased Microsoft has finally gotten their rear ends into gear and released Windows Vista and given their users something Apple has given us for many years—a real computer.

NodeBox and other stuff

  • One:

Working at Segonquart Studio until late, and finishing two delayed projects plus two more ones.

This week will is the deadline time to finished them and to let them see the light in the net. Casual ones, but lovely ones either. Stay informed in this - your - blog.

  • Two:

As a relaxing way to update my efforts, next week-end I will start testing Node Box.

A few introduction: Based in Python, this MAC OS X framework looks better to me than, say, Processing. As you might know, developers of Javascript, Python Framework is meant to be the next step ahead.

For example, unbelievers, see the elegance this ICICLE script has ( and compare it yourselves with any of your em-barrasing Java apps:

size(600, 600)

def point(x=WIDTH, y=HEIGHT):

return (random(x),random(y))

def abstract():

x, y = point()
for i in range(1,random(20)):
x, y = point(0,HEIGHT/i)

if random(100) > 80:
w = random(20,80)


for i in range(40):
fill(0,0.5,random(0.5,0.75),0.1 * 0.04*i)


font("Arial Bold", 20)
text("ICICLE", -10, 80)

Wow. Shame for the unnecesary use of Arial ( a Wintel traditional font) but,a yu might know, nothing is perfect these days.

NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF or a Quicktime movie. NodeBox is free and well-documented.

So, if you wanna be introduced, stop Java and welcome, in a visual manner, into Python. Follow me.

Taking the dirt away -- Part Fourteen

...very significant internet application to date has been backed by a specialized database: Google's web crawl, Yahoo!'s directory (and web crawl), Amazon's database of products, eBay's database of products and sellers, MapQuest's map databases, Napster's distributed song database. As Hal Varian remarked in a personal conversation last year, "SQL is the new HTML." 
Database management is a core competency of Web 2.0 companies, so much so that we have sometimes referred to these applications as "infoware" rather than merely software.

via Tim O'Reilly

Detached Widgets

I opened the Terminal and typed:

defaults write devmode YES

Pressed Return. Then, I loggedout and loggged back in again. Debugging mode was activated.
To get a widget  onto my desktop, just did the following:
  1. Activate Dashboard by pressing F12 (the key I've assigned to Dashboard).
  2. Begin dragging the widget.
  3. Pressed F12 again, before letting up on the mouse button.
  4. Drop the widget upper left.


Posting from Dashboard, OS X platform, using Widgets.

Readings Jan 2007

...Soon, the price had topped £1000, finally peaking at £1120. We were starting to wonder where all this was going to end – the sticker page suddenly looked like a go-er – and then nothing. No more bids. The initial enthusiasm dissipated and, thanks to a deadline too close to Christmas, we got no more offers. We emailed the winner, Gemmy Harris, repeatedly, but she never got back to us. She had no bid history, we couldn’t trace her. Running out of time, we tried the runner-up who, quite reasonably pleading that this was all a bit late in the day, offered us half the money. We hummed and haahed and decided to give it one more go on a “buy it now” basis. No response, except for some stroppy buyer feedback from Ms Harris accusing us of operating “a scam” and stating, somewhat presumptuously, “money doesn’t go to charity”. Was she a saboteur? Saboteuse? Person engaged in sabotage?
cited E-CR.
As stated in the intro, this guide only covers the essential functionality of Active Merchant and only for the AIM API. The Active Merchant project is up and coming so be sure to check the source for updates and hopefully someday, more formal documentation than this.
cited Mark A. McBride.

Anders Hejlsberg, Herb Sutter, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman: Software Composability and the Future of LanguagesThis is an about an hour long video on channel9 about various .NET languages.
cited Software Composability and the Future of Languages

Testing from Journler, again.

Project Packed: 3.000 visits

Deixa'm en Pau website has been moved to Segonquart Studio's project folder.

More than three thousand visits to the site during Autumn 2006 ( and still going on) deserves no less:

First the audience, second the audience and finally the audience. In other words: YOU.

This web have had its life-time on the net...  So,  what to do when a web-site have finished it's cycle's life-time ?.

We were thinking about this, seriously, over the past last weeks.

WE realize that we did enjoy deploying this website, a companion site for a film, which is also a piece of digital art of our era. The results were satisfactory, has been working so well, that even is mentioned in couple of design directories. 

So, in a kindly manner and after a dinner, the client company agree with our   proposal idea: The project, even being a local one, has been a likely-one to u. And has to remain for the future.

Keeping the project alive in a virtual bag of our domain, let you and all the film's audience to always visit the project. It looks like a nice idea, ain't?

The original dom,ain dot com ( will be active just for a couple of weeks more . I measured as the time needed for you to update your bookmarks.

Forms and databases of the original protoype, are and will be not active, mainly because of there is no use for them to be, in accordance to ethics and to our global Law system. So, if you click or punch on them you wuill obtain no response. We keep them in the original folder just for the educational and cohesional need to.

We  -- and me -- don't like to think of a web-site  just as an ordinary product, but more as a crafted artwork. A website defines your project, your world and your vision. Hope you too agree with us.

Visit it here, whenever you want it. To your dedicated pleasure.

Jose Anievas

Jose Anievas: Brand new web project , due to be published Winter 2007.

Jose Anievas web © Delfi Ramirez 2007
Jose Anievas web © Delfi Ramirez 2007


This document entitled [Client-Side Web Applications (Widgets)], specifies the design goals and requirements for a specification that would give developers a standardized way to author, package, and deploy client-side Web applications.

Say Uncle

Hard to say that, being forty, I am uncle for the first time in my life.

Arnau, son of my brother Oriol and his wife Anna,  has born today.

Dark is the new trend.

A year in the life

1987, I remember, was the year I started to start-up. Twenty years later, still going on, projects still came in mind and come into hands.

Really busy these holidays, I have not posted due to, say, a "philosophical attitude". Re-thinking about one-selfish I mean.

Ten years ago, I remeber to ghet introduced to the www through the work with friends in a mobile phone prototype stuff. Today's we've got the Apple's solution.

Interface, interface... in it's pure sense.

Besides, reading the AJAX thang about Dojo offline, re-inventing AJAX as a platform it seems to me.

And Finishing two projects.
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