Failures from Today: Vista

Microsoft's Vista has seen the light.

Aaron Right explain it in an acid way here.

A brief:
The disgusting graphics of XP have been replaced with translucent windows, beautiful shadows, and smooth “Exposé” like movements.
They finally have a decent search engine built right into the system, allowing them to quickly find photos, music, movies, and documents without waiting for two hours.

They finally have a more secure (so we’re told) system that promises to crack down on spyware and viruses, although I dare say we’ll hear of a virus being released for Vista next week.

They finally got their own gadgets (widgets), inspired by Konfabulator, allowing them to check up on weather, news, stock information, and other interesting tidbits with the click of a button.

They finally have decent software pre-installed on their system that allows them to do decent things, such as browsing photos and sending them to Kodak for real prints—no more of those trashy programs that they have to uninstall as soon as they get their computer.

Oh yes, things are looking up in the world of a Windows user, and I’m happy for them, honestly. I’m actually pleased Microsoft has finally gotten their rear ends into gear and released Windows Vista and given their users something Apple has given us for many years—a real computer.

NodeBox and other stuff

  • One:

Working at Segonquart Studio until late, and finishing two delayed projects plus two more ones.

This week will is the deadline time to finished them and to let them see the light in the net. Casual ones, but lovely ones either. Stay informed in this - your - blog.

  • Two:

As a relaxing way to update my efforts, next week-end I will start testing Node Box.

A few introduction: Based in Python, this MAC OS X framework looks better to me than, say, Processing. As you might know, developers of Javascript, Python Framework is meant to be the next step ahead.

For example, unbelievers, see the elegance this ICICLE script has ( and compare it yourselves with any of your em-barrasing Java apps:

size(600, 600)

def point(x=WIDTH, y=HEIGHT):

return (random(x),random(y))

def abstract():

x, y = point()
for i in range(1,random(20)):
x, y = point(0,HEIGHT/i)

if random(100) > 80:
w = random(20,80)


for i in range(40):
fill(0,0.5,random(0.5,0.75),0.1 * 0.04*i)


font("Arial Bold", 20)
text("ICICLE", -10, 80)

Wow. Shame for the unnecesary use of Arial ( a Wintel traditional font) but,a yu might know, nothing is perfect these days.

NodeBox is a Mac OS X application that lets you create 2D visuals (static, animated or interactive) using Python programming code and export them as a PDF or a Quicktime movie. NodeBox is free and well-documented.

So, if you wanna be introduced, stop Java and welcome, in a visual manner, into Python. Follow me.

Taking the dirt away -- Part Fourteen

...very significant internet application to date has been backed by a specialized database: Google's web crawl, Yahoo!'s directory (and web crawl), Amazon's database of products, eBay's database of products and sellers, MapQuest's map databases, Napster's distributed song database. As Hal Varian remarked in a personal conversation last year, "SQL is the new HTML." 
Database management is a core competency of Web 2.0 companies, so much so that we have sometimes referred to these applications as "infoware" rather than merely software.

via Tim O'Reilly

Detached Widgets

I opened the Terminal and typed:

defaults write devmode YES

Pressed Return. Then, I loggedout and loggged back in again. Debugging mode was activated.
To get a widget  onto my desktop, just did the following:
  1. Activate Dashboard by pressing F12 (the key I've assigned to Dashboard).
  2. Begin dragging the widget.
  3. Pressed F12 again, before letting up on the mouse button.
  4. Drop the widget upper left.


Posting from Dashboard, OS X platform, using Widgets.

Readings Jan 2007

...Soon, the price had topped £1000, finally peaking at £1120. We were starting to wonder where all this was going to end – the sticker page suddenly looked like a go-er – and then nothing. No more bids. The initial enthusiasm dissipated and, thanks to a deadline too close to Christmas, we got no more offers. We emailed the winner, Gemmy Harris, repeatedly, but she never got back to us. She had no bid history, we couldn’t trace her. Running out of time, we tried the runner-up who, quite reasonably pleading that this was all a bit late in the day, offered us half the money. We hummed and haahed and decided to give it one more go on a “buy it now” basis. No response, except for some stroppy buyer feedback from Ms Harris accusing us of operating “a scam” and stating, somewhat presumptuously, “money doesn’t go to charity”. Was she a saboteur? Saboteuse? Person engaged in sabotage?
cited E-CR.
As stated in the intro, this guide only covers the essential functionality of Active Merchant and only for the AIM API. The Active Merchant project is up and coming so be sure to check the source for updates and hopefully someday, more formal documentation than this.
cited Mark A. McBride.

Anders Hejlsberg, Herb Sutter, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman: Software Composability and the Future of LanguagesThis is an about an hour long video on channel9 about various .NET languages.
cited Software Composability and the Future of Languages

Testing from Journler, again.

Project Packed: 3.000 visits

Deixa'm en Pau website has been moved to Segonquart Studio's project folder.

More than three thousand visits to the site during Autumn 2006 ( and still going on) deserves no less:

First the audience, second the audience and finally the audience. In other words: YOU.

This web have had its life-time on the net...  So,  what to do when a web-site have finished it's cycle's life-time ?.

We were thinking about this, seriously, over the past last weeks.

WE realize that we did enjoy deploying this website, a companion site for a film, which is also a piece of digital art of our era. The results were satisfactory, has been working so well, that even is mentioned in couple of design directories. 

So, in a kindly manner and after a dinner, the client company agree with our   proposal idea: The project, even being a local one, has been a likely-one to u. And has to remain for the future.

Keeping the project alive in a virtual bag of our domain, let you and all the film's audience to always visit the project. It looks like a nice idea, ain't?

The original dom,ain dot com ( will be active just for a couple of weeks more . I measured as the time needed for you to update your bookmarks.

Forms and databases of the original protoype, are and will be not active, mainly because of there is no use for them to be, in accordance to ethics and to our global Law system. So, if you click or punch on them you wuill obtain no response. We keep them in the original folder just for the educational and cohesional need to.

We  -- and me -- don't like to think of a web-site  just as an ordinary product, but more as a crafted artwork. A website defines your project, your world and your vision. Hope you too agree with us.

Visit it here, whenever you want it. To your dedicated pleasure.

Jose Anievas

Jose Anievas: Brand new web project , due to be published Winter 2007.

Jose Anievas web © Delfi Ramirez 2007
Jose Anievas web © Delfi Ramirez 2007


This document entitled [Client-Side Web Applications (Widgets)], specifies the design goals and requirements for a specification that would give developers a standardized way to author, package, and deploy client-side Web applications.

Say Uncle

Hard to say that, being forty, I am uncle for the first time in my life.

Arnau, son of my brother Oriol and his wife Anna,  has born today.

Dark is the new trend.

A year in the life

1987, I remember, was the year I started to start-up. Twenty years later, still going on, projects still came in mind and come into hands.

Really busy these holidays, I have not posted due to, say, a "philosophical attitude". Re-thinking about one-selfish I mean.

Ten years ago, I remeber to ghet introduced to the www through the work with friends in a mobile phone prototype stuff. Today's we've got the Apple's solution.

Interface, interface... in it's pure sense.

Besides, reading the AJAX thang about Dojo offline, re-inventing AJAX as a platform it seems to me.

And Finishing two projects.
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