Project Packed: 3.000 visits

Deixa'm en Pau website has been moved to Segonquart Studio's project folder.

More than three thousand visits to the site during Autumn 2006 ( and still going on) deserves no less:

First the audience, second the audience and finally the audience. In other words: YOU.

This web have had its life-time on the net...  So,  what to do when a web-site have finished it's cycle's life-time ?.

We were thinking about this, seriously, over the past last weeks.

WE realize that we did enjoy deploying this website, a companion site for a film, which is also a piece of digital art of our era. The results were satisfactory, has been working so well, that even is mentioned in couple of design directories. 

So, in a kindly manner and after a dinner, the client company agree with our   proposal idea: The project, even being a local one, has been a likely-one to u. And has to remain for the future.

Keeping the project alive in a virtual bag of our domain, let you and all the film's audience to always visit the project. It looks like a nice idea, ain't?

The original dom,ain dot com ( will be active just for a couple of weeks more . I measured as the time needed for you to update your bookmarks.

Forms and databases of the original protoype, are and will be not active, mainly because of there is no use for them to be, in accordance to ethics and to our global Law system. So, if you click or punch on them you wuill obtain no response. We keep them in the original folder just for the educational and cohesional need to.

We  -- and me -- don't like to think of a web-site  just as an ordinary product, but more as a crafted artwork. A website defines your project, your world and your vision. Hope you too agree with us.

Visit it here, whenever you want it. To your dedicated pleasure.
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