Readings Jan 2007

...Soon, the price had topped £1000, finally peaking at £1120. We were starting to wonder where all this was going to end – the sticker page suddenly looked like a go-er – and then nothing. No more bids. The initial enthusiasm dissipated and, thanks to a deadline too close to Christmas, we got no more offers. We emailed the winner, Gemmy Harris, repeatedly, but she never got back to us. She had no bid history, we couldn’t trace her. Running out of time, we tried the runner-up who, quite reasonably pleading that this was all a bit late in the day, offered us half the money. We hummed and haahed and decided to give it one more go on a “buy it now” basis. No response, except for some stroppy buyer feedback from Ms Harris accusing us of operating “a scam” and stating, somewhat presumptuously, “money doesn’t go to charity”. Was she a saboteur? Saboteuse? Person engaged in sabotage?
cited E-CR.
As stated in the intro, this guide only covers the essential functionality of Active Merchant and only for the AIM API. The Active Merchant project is up and coming so be sure to check the source for updates and hopefully someday, more formal documentation than this.
cited Mark A. McBride.

Anders Hejlsberg, Herb Sutter, Erik Meijer, Brian Beckman: Software Composability and the Future of LanguagesThis is an about an hour long video on channel9 about various .NET languages.
cited Software Composability and the Future of Languages
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