Failures from Today: Vista

Microsoft's Vista has seen the light.

Aaron Right explain it in an acid way here.

A brief:
The disgusting graphics of XP have been replaced with translucent windows, beautiful shadows, and smooth “Exposé” like movements.
They finally have a decent search engine built right into the system, allowing them to quickly find photos, music, movies, and documents without waiting for two hours.

They finally have a more secure (so we’re told) system that promises to crack down on spyware and viruses, although I dare say we’ll hear of a virus being released for Vista next week.

They finally got their own gadgets (widgets), inspired by Konfabulator, allowing them to check up on weather, news, stock information, and other interesting tidbits with the click of a button.

They finally have decent software pre-installed on their system that allows them to do decent things, such as browsing photos and sending them to Kodak for real prints—no more of those trashy programs that they have to uninstall as soon as they get their computer.

Oh yes, things are looking up in the world of a Windows user, and I’m happy for them, honestly. I’m actually pleased Microsoft has finally gotten their rear ends into gear and released Windows Vista and given their users something Apple has given us for many years—a real computer.
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