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A letter  from Maciej Stachowiak into my mailbox.

An excerpt:
If HTML5 is adopted as a starting point, the contents of the document would still be up for review and revision, but we would start with the existing text.
A suitable next step might be a high-level review of functionality added and removed relative to HTML4.01, followed by focused discussion and review of individual topic areas, including both content already in the spec and proposed new features.

 Nice work, othermaciej. More soon.

Readings for April

Do we need a new kind of schema language?
The basic idea is to have a schema language that operates at a different semantic level. In the following description I'll call this language TEDI (Type Expressions for Data Interchange, pronounced "Teddy"). This idea is very much at the half-baked stage at the moment. I don't claim to have fully thought it through yet.
Microsoft is dead
I'm glad Microsoft is dead. They were like Nero or Commodus—evil in the way only inherited power can make you. Because remember, the Microsoft monopoly didn't begin with Microsoft. They got it from IBM. The software business was overhung by a monopoly from about the mid-1950s to about 2005. For practically its whole existence, that is. One of the reasons "Web 2.0" has such an air of euphoria about it is the feeling, conscious or not, that this era of monopoly may finally be over..
On a proof of Cantor’s theorem
Logical negation ¬ can be seen as a map N:Ω→Ω defined by N(p)={u∈{0};0∉p}. Note that N does not have a fixed point, for if there were p∈Ω such that N(p)=p then we would have both 0∈p and 0∉p.

Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in March of the year 2007, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

The Naked Truth

An excerpt : there’s a lot of things more important than technology and programming

The most honest article written in the last decade.

Patrick Mineault: I'm retiring.

All the best Patrick in your new life.

CSS Naked Day

Uh ,uh I miss the date.... Well, Here it goes one day, or two, late.

What happened to the design of Segonquart Studio?

To know more about why styles are disabled on this website visit the Annual CSS Naked Day website for more information.

On Records and Shops

Going into a record shop to buy the new Jam single etc was fun, exciting, butterflies in the stomach. Since the advent of CD shops, functional and bland (no display of exotic covers on the walls with cd's being too bloody small) it has been a soulless experience buying music. We are old enough that we are always going to say vinyl is best. And of course until something can make analogue recordings sound as warm on digital we are right.

via Alan McGee's Myspace's blog.
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