FontExplorer X Update

The update of Linotype FontExplorer™ X to version 1.2.2 delivers important bug fixes and is recommended for all users.

Updated features:

Complete redesign of the integrated Linotype Font Store...That's hyper-fine ;-)
Lots of new fonts and Value Packs available in the integrated Linotype Font Store
Updated QuarkXPress 6.5/7.x Plug-Ins...Not for me but maybe you...
Bug fixes:

Fixed a bug when checking for updates
Fixed a bug when creating a Smart Set
Fixed a bug when removing font request rules
Fixed a bug where "Import date" wasn't localized
Fixed a bug where Application Font Cache Cleaning didn't recognize QuarkXPress when running Mac OS X 10.3.9...if you still run 10.3.9...
Fixed a bug where creating a new Set from selection didn't update the information area
Fixed a bug where FontExplorer X would crash when cleaning Application Font Caches
Fixed a bug where not all characters of an OpenType font were displayed in the information window..That's hyper-fine ;-)
Fixed a bug where Reveal in Finder didn't work
Fixed a bug where the import date wasn't updated after importing a font again
Fixed a bug where the keyboard shortcut wasn't updated when changing the keyboard layout
Fixed a bug where you couldn't clean Application Font Caches although an application was selected..That's hyper-fine ;-)
Fixed a bug which could crash FontExplorer X at startup
Fixed a bug which didn't update the information area when moving Sets
Fixed some interface and text issues with the German localization
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