Something must break

This is a personal note:

Guess it is because the heat of the summer, melting again my temperance,but being not sure about it, it's rather complicated. Let me explain it to you briefly:

Goodbye to Flickr

I did finished my account in Flickr, influenced, without a doubt, by the brave decision of Markus, who leaved the community because of that censorship chapter in Flickr. I might add some reasons, if any:

First, as I was introduced years ago by Markus into Flickr..( that was before it was acquired by Yahoo!)...Now, I felt uncomfortable belonging to the 'scene' that censored him and a big couple of Germans. We were Old Skool. We had principles. We had illusions.

Second, and maybe a deeper reason: I have never been a photographer. Never wanted to be one neither. In fact, I had my last professional photographic camera when I was fourteen. So, every time I wanted to picture something interesting I needed to borrowed it from girlfriends, what was, say, a bit rude.

Third reason: The image scene has been always near to me since my childhood, but , honestly, my father and half of my family have a compulsive frankness about photography, and I have decided not to follow the tradition. One photographer, or two, in a family, are enough.

Goodbye to StumbleUpon (for a while)

I also stopped stumbling sites through StumbleUpon, and I am glad with the good-bye notes received in my private inbox from stumbler friends, honest and lovely humans beings I have met and known - more or less - in that community site. Now it has been bought by EBay, and I have the feeling to be part of a marketing experiment, more than into a community.

A smile was on my face years ago, when sites stumbled and thumbed up where all old-looking 1997, flashy, but, something I realize latter, with content, found everything except a polite and well-designed site.That was before the two point zero expansion in which we leave now.

I still keep mantaining a site in MySpace, until I will finish my long, long delayed project of MP3 Music. Market rules.

Goodbye to Blogger?

I'm nurturing to move this blog to my server, one of these boiling days. I dislike, for any special reason, the new trend Blogger has, being middle-aged as I am, and that hypee feeling. I started in Blooger influenced by the words of Jeffrey Zeldman: We are all bloggers...but now, I care much more about Blogger as Blogger cares for me. So I will start a new, less-re-vamped blog in Spanish. Re-reading this notations, made me see clear I have lost my British fluency and grammar. And presence is essential. However, I will keep this page for the use to show quotations and notes about things in life. Not Videos.

Sad to say, I have taken these decisions in cold. Realizing I need a break. A new scope to look at and be in the WWW.
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