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My main gripe about eMusic isn’t their download manager. It’s their business model. I don’t want to sign up for an account before I can simply browse their store. I wouldn’t shop at a brick-and-mortar store that required me to sign up for something before I got in the door, either. Frankly, I’m surprised eMusic has thrived with a home page that shows you nothing other than a sign-up form.

Open OS X
I feel good about Mac open source.

Kurt Erich Suckert
Malaparte extends the great fresco of European society he began in Kaputt. There the scene was Eastern Europe, here it is Italy during the years from 1943 to 1945; instead of Germans, the invaders are the American armed forces. In all the literature that derives from the Second World War, there is no other book that so brilliantly or so woundingly present triumphant American innocence against the background of the European experience of destruction and moral collapse..

Behind HyperCard

The art of creating software that is usable by individuals is a communication skill. It is not a programming skill. Programming and what a software artist does is analogous to a pianist who needs to know how to move the keys and have that down cold so that he can concentrate on the feeling and message that he is portraying in his rendition of this music.
Read complete article here.

Big kudos to Brian for 'pointing' me to the article.

Jef Raskin

*Note from the editor: Links and content of this post, written in September of the year 2007, when Mr. Raskin was still in this world , have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

A big influence Jef Raskin.

While best-known as a computer scientist, Raskin also had other interests. 

  • He conducted the San Francisco Chamber Opera Society and played various instruments, including the organ and the recorder. 
  • His artwork was displayed at New York's Museum of Modern Art. 
  • He received a patent for airplane wing construction[2], and designed and marketed radio controlled model gliders.
  •  He was said to be an accomplished archer, target shooter and an occasional model race car driver. He was a passionate musician and composer, publishing a series of collected recorder studies using the pseudonym of Aabel Aabius.
  •  In his later years he also wrote free-lance articles for Macintosh magazines, such as MacHomeJournal as well as many modeling magazines, Forbes, Wired and computing journals.

Raskin owned a small company, Jef's Friends, which made and sold model-airplane kits through hobby shops. Somehow, he managed to turn most of his hobbies into profitable businesses.

Jef and the Pascal Poster, worth two visits.

Delete Redmond ( again )

The New Promotional Site for Mac Office 2008 is whole done in Flash.

Being myself a long-time consultant and programmer specialized in Action Script, I just have noticed those famous "undefined" as soon as the page , and the executable, is loaded. A 'result' typical for a non-programmer, or a programmer without the ability or quality to manage classes in OOPS, or someone lacking basic knowledge of Javascript language.

The classical beginner mistake ( not a bug ) you have when handling incorrectly Databases ( via Xpath, XML or derivatives) is an "undefined" message in your Flash Movie.

Once again, in 2008, the work Microsoft' programmers is wrong, seriously wrong .

PS: And Adobe's Action Script is ( or was) a non open-source language. So they might be used to work with.

A plea: Redmond: Need Help? Don't depress yourselves. Here I am. Do not hesitate. Contact me. You can learn something new everyday. But listen, I can not trust a Software company that publish software ( - I notice a .swf linked or assembled to DB is software -) in wrong, wrong way.

Delete Redmond ( again )

Logic Studio

Here it is.

“One of the big things about our design philosophy is progressive disclosure,” said Schoeben. “You want to be able to get things done quickly and easily without things getting in your way. We shouldn’t get in way of task at hand — we are just here to help.”

Apple Logic Pro 8 also features new audio production tools like Quick Swipe Comping and dynamic channel strip creation. In addition to surround production capabilities, the new version of Logic also includes multichannel tracks and busses, and support for True Surround software instruments and effects.

The new application included in the suite is called MainStage, which turns your Mac into a live performance rig. According to Apple, screen controls link software plug-ins to hardware knobs, faders and buttons, so musicians can use their favorite gear while performing live.

Tech Humour: Apple

"Assembly line workers were replaced by machines, why not professors?" said technology historian Harold Neves. "It's all part of progress."
Apple Iprof: A professional killer.

Not everyone was pleased though. Kyle Martin said, "Five dollars to just walk into the store? It's like they want to be elite snobs or something."
When told of the criticism, Sciopiano said, "That's exactly the case."

Apple: Think.

How not to die.

If you can just avoid dying, you get rich. That sounds like a joke, but it's actually a pretty good description of what happens in a typical startup. It certainly describes what happened in Viaweb. We avoided dying till we got rich.

Via Paul Graham

I died, a thousand times.
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