Delete Redmond ( again )

The New Promotional Site for Mac Office 2008 is whole done in Flash.

Being myself a long-time consultant and programmer specialized in Action Script, I just have noticed those famous "undefined" as soon as the page , and the executable, is loaded. A 'result' typical for a non-programmer, or a programmer without the ability or quality to manage classes in OOPS, or someone lacking basic knowledge of Javascript language.

The classical beginner mistake ( not a bug ) you have when handling incorrectly Databases ( via Xpath, XML or derivatives) is an "undefined" message in your Flash Movie.

Once again, in 2008, the work Microsoft' programmers is wrong, seriously wrong .

PS: And Adobe's Action Script is ( or was) a non open-source language. So they might be used to work with.

A plea: Redmond: Need Help? Don't depress yourselves. Here I am. Do not hesitate. Contact me. You can learn something new everyday. But listen, I can not trust a Software company that publish software ( - I notice a .swf linked or assembled to DB is software -) in wrong, wrong way.

Delete Redmond ( again )
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