Learning after Disaster

As ignorant as I am, never heard or read, or knew, before about Netiquette. A way of life.

After a disaster, I told you I like to be a netiquetted human being from now on. It's better. And super. And califragilistic. I'm still learning. Netiquette comes here to stay.

Step 2 -Year 2008

Headquarters at Segonquart Studio, have moved on. Click over the image, to know more about it.

Segonquart Studio picture by Mrs.Noemi Jariod
Delfi Ramirez - Segonquart Studio 2008

Unfortunately, we cannot accept more projects these days: We are full until January 2008.

Gödel, Nagel, minds and machines

One could no more disprove this modified version of the idealized mechanist’s thesis than the version considered by Gödel, et al., simply by applying the mechanist’s empiricist argument. Nevertheless, it is difficult to conceive of any formal system of the sort with which we are familiar, from Peano Arithmetic (PA) up to Zermelo-Fraenkel Set Theory (ZF) and beyond, actually underlying mathematical thought as it is experienced.

And mathematical practice certainly supports the conclusion drawn by Nagel and Newman that “mathematical proof does not coincide with the exploitation of a formalized axiomatic method,” even if that can’t be demonstrated unassailably as a consequence of Gödel’s incompleteness theorems.

Read it here.

The State of TXP

Textpattern was always intended as a tool to enable the author to ‘just write’. (Hey, that would make a great slogan MyPublishingTool: Just Write.) It wasn’t about having the most features or templates or plugins, but simply about being a good, elegant tool for personal publishing, primarily for weblogs. It covered the basics of weblog publishing, and in a politely opinionated way. (For example, Textpattern never had a calendar feature for accessing archives, the reasoning being that it makes no sense to access posts that way. Very rarely do you care what someone wrote purely by date alone.)

Know more about TextPattern, here

Via Drew McLellan

The Second Wittgenstein

Or how to avoid verbs in a pure logical language:

There are no “verbs” in the iPhone interface, he said, alluding to the way a standard mouse or stylus system works.

In those systems, users select an object, like a photo, and then separately select an action, or “verb,” to do something to it.

Steve Jobs - circa 2007- quoted via the nyt.

It Was The Middle Of October

Brendan Dawes: Lazyness
Where’s loadMovie gone? What do you mean there’s no getURL - I loved that method - in fact we regularly went on holiday together (there was this wild time in Vegas, but that’s another story). Only now it’s gone, along with many other much loved binary friends.

Things are very different in the new world of startups. We couldn't save someone from the market's judgement even if we wanted to. And being charming and confident counts for nothing with users. All users care about is whether you make something they like. If you don't, you're dead.

Ten Ways to Make More Humane Open Source Software
Figure out the tasks that people want to do with your software. Make those tasks as easy as possible. Kill any feature that gets in the way.

Guido on Python
That is one of the things I've always had as part of my philosophy: it's much more important that you can read someone else's code than how fast you can produce your own code.

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