It Was The Middle Of October

Brendan Dawes: Lazyness
Where’s loadMovie gone? What do you mean there’s no getURL - I loved that method - in fact we regularly went on holiday together (there was this wild time in Vegas, but that’s another story). Only now it’s gone, along with many other much loved binary friends.

Things are very different in the new world of startups. We couldn't save someone from the market's judgement even if we wanted to. And being charming and confident counts for nothing with users. All users care about is whether you make something they like. If you don't, you're dead.

Ten Ways to Make More Humane Open Source Software
Figure out the tasks that people want to do with your software. Make those tasks as easy as possible. Kill any feature that gets in the way.

Guido on Python
That is one of the things I've always had as part of my philosophy: it's much more important that you can read someone else's code than how fast you can produce your own code.

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