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*Note from the editor: Contents and links from this post, written in November of the year 2007, have been revised and updated in the year 2012.

I am not quite concerned about issues of security in my ordinary life day, but maybe you need to secure your ports; in your ordinary digital and connected life.

According to David Neu, SecurityErrorEvent, an ActionScript 3.0 class, is not what you might call a friend. So remove your Flash Player 9-nish version now, and downgrade to Flash Player 8.

Due to a design flaw in ActionScript 3 socket handling, compiled Flash movies are able to scan for open TCP ports on any host reachable from the host running the SWF, bypassing the Flash Player Security Sandbox Model and without the need to rebind DNS.

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 Update October 15, 2008: The release of Flash Player Version 10 fixes the problem.

File Under: Web Design

The inexperienced or insufficiently thoughtful designer complains that too many websites use grids, too many sites use columns, too many sites are “boxy.” Efforts to avoid boxiness have been around since 1995; while occasionally successful, they have most often produced aesthetically wretched and needlessly unusable designs.

The experienced web designer, like the talented newspaper art director, accepts that many projects she works on will have headers and columns and footers. Her job is not to whine about emerging commonalities but to use them to create pages that are distinctive, natural, brand-appropriate, subtly memorable, and quietly but unmistakably engaging.

If she achieves all that and sweats the details, her work will be beautiful. If not everyone appreciates this beauty—if not everyone understands web design—then let us not cry for web design, but for those who cannot see.
As seen in A List Apart, written by  Zeldman.

True Facts

The greatest value of universities is not the brand name or perhaps even the classes so much as the people you meet.

Via Paul Graham.

Python on Panther

At the new headquarters, I'm working both with Tiger and Panther ( OS X systems for my Macintosh computers).

In Panther, it is recommended to develop web-sites, that you install python packages, which can be easily found and downloaded here
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