I am not into the Web 2.0 anymore. Do not, please, ask me why not. I have my solid and private reasons.

Are you, honey, yare still into these exciting and new trend applications and communities present in the web these days?

If you stand still, this is for you. Read it with attention, please.

Let me tell you: I received a mail yesterday by Mr. Joseph Maaravi, who runs - and also is the CEO - of SuTree.

SuTree is a knowledge community and an aggregator of instructional & educational videos.

It comes a happy breathe from this SuTree, and there is a feeling, when you visit it of a dedicated feeling of Joseph and all his team in this app they have designed and bringed into life: SuTree.

I wish it will be a brand new experience for all the lonely hunters that live in the cyber-space. Like you, honey.

Worth a visit.

NOTE: Thank you, Joseph, for liking my blog. I am blushed.
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