Remove the .DS_Store files

I needed to remove the .DS_store files from some archives I uploaded via FTP.
Gratefully, there was a free OS X app to do that for me.

This app is gently provided by programmer Mr. Roger Jolly.

ZipCleaner 1.0
Although being able to create zip files right in the Finder is very convenient, they have the disadvantage of often including invisible files. These can be handy on the Mac, but if you send them to people using other operating systems, e.g. MS Windows, they show up as a bunch of unusable extras, like .DS_Store, Icon^M and __MACOSX.
ZipCleaner can remove these files from the zip archives the Finder creates: just drop them on it. It also allows you only to remove the .DS_Store files, which contain Finder settings and Spotlight comments. To do that, drop an archive on ZipCleaner, while holding down the option key.
Warning: Removing all resource information from a zip archive can make included files, like applications, unusable! If you want to be save, unzip the archive and test the files. Removing only .DS_Store files should give no problems, though.

You can download ZipCleaner here. (128 KB, univeral binary)

ZipCleaner can best be used with Mac OS X 10.3 or higher.

Thank you Roger, you saved my day.

Chosen from the Rest

Virgin Mary was tired
So tired
Tired of listening to gossip
Gossip and complaints

They came from next door
And a bewildered stream of chatter
rom all sorts of
All sorts of
Untidy whores
Came from next door
Came from next door

But some men are chosen from the rest
But their disappointment runs with their guests
Never would be invited to the funeral rosegarden

But their choice don't seem to matter
They got swollen breasts and lips that putter
And their choice of matter and their scream of chatter
Is just a little parasitic scream of whores
Screaming whores
In the rosegarden funeral of sores

Virgin Mary was tired
So tired of listening to gossip
Gossip and complaints

In the
In the
Rosegarden funeral of sores

Some Point

There is this article published by "El País", a newspaper from Spain, that may explain - if there is needed - for the use of the adjective "ignorant" in previous posts.

Just under the scope of ignorance campaigns like "Si eres legal, eres legal " are published. And campaigns might be good or bad, but campaigns are not made against civil rights and despise human freedom.

Good to see, the people stay alive and well in this country.

Spain's DCM is a complete ignorant

Laws are written to be respected and read too.

Un usuario de Internet que desde su domicilio intercambia obras protegidas por la Ley de Propiedad Intelectual no comete delito alguno si dicha conducta se realiza sin ánimo de lucro, concepto éste que según la Circular 1/2006 de la Fiscalía General del Estado "no puede tener una interpretación amplia o extensiva, sino que debe ser interpretado en el sentido estricto de lucro comercial".

It seems that Mr. Cesar Antonio Molina shows a complete and extense ignorance - I would like to beleive that thisis not intentionally - in laws appliabled in culture when he is saying that P2P users do not respect the laws.

First at all, we, spaniah citizens, we all, want to know where the hell all the money of the SGAE goes to. To private pockets, not to composers. Where all these billions of euro, whose firts mission was dedicated to pay the associates and promote new values in arts and culture, are located.

It is simply a question of respect and democracy.

Stay well.

Processing 1.0

Processing is a programming language, development environment, and online community that since 2001 has promoted software literacy within the visual arts. Initially created to serve as a software sketchbook and to teach fundamentals of computer programming within a visual context, Processing quickly developed into a tool for creating finished professional work as well.

Download it here, and have all the fun.

Layed Off

A clever article by Mr. Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Laying People Off:

Usually, the people getting laid off aren’t at fault. More likely, it was the fault of top management—the same top management with golden parachutes. Hence, you have a moral obligation to provide services like job counseling, résumé-writing assistance, and job-search help. There are firms that specialize in helping employees during “transitions,” so use them.

Private APIs

From Ars Technica's article :

Does Google Mobile use private APIs?
But truly the Application is really nifty, assuming you don't speak with a Texas or British accent, and it's a real delight for the end user. Which is, of course, why developers write these things in the first place.

ActionScript 3 RIA API Guide

The brand news things for ActionScript developers like you ( and me ) .
The new guide includes updated apis for Adobe AIR 1.5, Flex 3.2 and Flash Player 10.
Get the PDF here

Are blogs dead yet?

Mr. Paul Boutin thinks so.
As a writer, though, I'm onto the system's real appeal: brevity. Bloggers today are expected to write clever, insightful, witty prose to compete with Huffington and The New York Times. Twitter's character limit puts everyone back on equal footing. It lets amateurs quit agonizing over their writing and cut to the chase. @WiredReader: Kill yr blog. 2004 over. Google won't find you. Too much cruft from HuffPo, NYT. Commenters are tards. C u on Facebook?.

Brevity is the new black. As this - your - blog has been ever black.

Let me say, just say: If blogs are templates withy simple content, then blogs should die fast.

It is a fact, I always disagree with a scriveners' blog without a clear visual intention behind the content. A clear example may be one those milions human beings that use a classical and marvelous WordPress template, obviously designed by someone else for some other specific purpose.

When you write a book: Do you care for the cover, the typography, the paper? O you just simply use the photocopier, staple it and leave it on a bank in a park waiting for someone to read it?

Do you use you blog just to vanish your ego? If so, sure blogs are not dead. But this is not a trend now; years ago, someone pretended they were dead.

Links for 20081118

Not all computational effects are monads
I conjecture that Haskell semantics are invariant under permutation of case statements in some sense, meaning that if all branches of a case statement A have the same case statement B in them then this B case statement can be pulled outside (and putting the same case statement A inside each branch of B) without changing the semantics (under some suitable set of hypotheses that include the assumption that the expressions being cased are not diverging). Adding catch to Haskell would violate this property that I’m conjecturing (as your example using (+) illustrates), and hence catch cannot be defined in Haskell. Therefore catch must be modelled in some way, such as with monads as you do.
Open radar
Radar is Apple’s internal bug tracking system. How Apple views Radar and how external third-party developers view Radar causes a bit of a conflict. Apple heavily uses Radar internally. Thousands of Apple employees' work-days are defined primarily by what’s in their bug queue.
Why is Python more fun than Java?
Python has some features that both make it easier to code certain common constructs and contribute to the resulting code's readability.

On Combinatory Logic

Combinatory logic is an elegant and powerful logical theory that is connected to many areas of logic, and has found applications in other disciplines, especially, in computer science and mathematics.

Combinatory Logic was originally invented as a continuation of the reduction of the set of logical constants to a singleton in classical first-order logic (FOL). Combinatory Logic untangles the problem of substitution, because formulas can be prepared for the elimination of bound variables by inserting combinators. Sometimes, bound variables are thought to signify ontological commitments.

A philosophical role of Combinatory Logic is to show the variability of the ontological involvements a theory has.

Some interesting further readings on Existential Import, is are explained here. Hope you enjoy it.

New Web Pick

I have been, for one year, kindly accepted as a member of the designers' team of New Web Pick.

NWP is an international digital designer union and a community of international digital designers, is one globe designing information focusing on the digital designin.

We include and recommend the most excellent digital designer throughout the world.

We try to construct a paradise for digital designers, which allow all the friends from all over the world who love digital designing to share their happiness in designing and promote their inspiration and originality.

We plan to build a platform for communication of international designing and letting you talk to the best digital designer face to face, which will be a bridge of all international digital designing enthusiasts.

Interactive Briefing Newsletter

"Web Marketing Association Interactive Briefing Newsletter

Delfi Ramirez

In April, the Web Marketing Association had our WebAward judges review both Hillary Clinton's and Barack Obama's Website in a head to head challange. Senitor Obama's Website won the challange and he went on to win the Democratic nomination (I'm not saying it was because of us, but you have to wonder...)

Well, we are at it again. This month we asked the WebAward Judges to compaire Senitor John McCain's Website with that of Senitor Obama's. Accross the board, Senitor Obama's Website was consistantly seen as better in all aspects of Website development.

Here are the results.

Design - Asked "which Website has the most pleasing design?" WebAward judges selected the Obama site 4 to 1 over the McCain Website.84.5% of them voted for Senator Obama's Website and 15.5% selected Senator McCain's Website as better looking.

Innovation - Website innovation also went in favor of Barack Obama. By the same margin as design, the vast majority of WebAward judges (82.4%) thought the Obama Website seems more innovative, while only 17.6% favored McCain's.

Content - In terms of having the most appealing content, judges again selected the Obama Website over John McCain 's Website, although by a narrower margin than the first two criteria. 71.6% of the WebAward judges felt has more appealing content for visitors compared to 28.4% for WebAward judges also found that the Obama Website is more effective for telling the candidate's story and attracting contributions and voters to its cause (72.2% Obama vs 27.8% McCain).

Ease of use - Senator Obama's Website was seen as easier to use by the WebAward judges than Senator McCain's. 73.8% selected as easier to use compared to 26.2% of WebAward judges who felt was easier.

Copywriting - It is obvious that both campaigns have excellent writers on staff. Neither Websites have any of the editing issues some large organizations can experience. However, the WebAward judges gave the advantage to the Obama site (70.1% over the McCain site 29.9%).

Interactivity - Interactivity makes a Website more than just an online billboard and both candidates were effective in giving visitors to their Websites plenty to see and do. Nevertheless, once again the WebAward judges gave the edge regarding interactivity to the Obama Website (75.2%) over the McCain Website (24.8%).

Technology - Use of technology is evident in both candidates' Websites, however, the clear favorite for the WebAward judges was winning 82.4% of the votes compared to with only 17.6% of the votes.

When the WebAward judges were asked "If the election was to be held today. Which candidate would you be more likely to vote for?" 54.6% responded Barack Obama, 15.7% responded John McCain, 11.1% voted neither and 18% reported that they are a non-US judge and can not vote for anyone in a US election.

You can read the complete release at prweb.

Regardless of who you will be voting for in the next presidential election, Websites are going to play an ever increasingly important role in how candidates get their messages across to the American voters. Based on the findings of this survey by some of the top Internet professionals available today, the Web Marketing Association names the winner of the McCain vs Obama Website Challenge. We wish both candidates the best of luck in their efforts to become the next President of the United States in the November election.

Bill Rice
Web Marketing Association

Barack vs. John

I have been kindly invited by theWMA, to act as a judge and analyze - from the point of view of a professional worker in Internet Communication the pros and cons the web-sites of Mr. John McCain and Mr. Barack Obama may have.

I told you, as you know I am not the kind of person ho has a prize, this year as a member of the judge's team of this fantastic and professional Boston based Marketing Association, I had also the privilege of being elected to join the final jury membershipfor their annual web excellence prizes.

Note: Yes, yes, you are right, smiling puppy: This is the kind of post I am not comfortable writing, but I hope it serves to spread the constant and serious work the Web Marketing Association has been doing all over these years.

Expert Python Programming Book

Atomisator, a companion web-site and a free framework for the book Expert Python Programming; written by Monsieur Tarek Ziadé.

Tarek is CTO at Ingeniweb in Paris, working on Python, Zope, and Plone technology and on Quality Assurance. He has been involved for 5 years in the Zope community and has contributed to the Zope code itself.

Tarek has also created Afpy, the French Python User Group and has written two books in French about Python. He has gave numerous talks and tutorials in French and international events like Solutions Linux, Pycon, OSCON, and EuroPython.

Chapter 10th of the book has a preview here.


Last 12th of September the LHC web-site developed by the team at CERN was hacked.

I did not post before any mention , because I was waiting for an aanswer, and I have found nothing in the WWW. Nothing but the shut-down of the LHC web-site.

Would this mean people carrying on the project is unable to patch the hole? Or other malign attacks ? Beacuse hacking and protection of data is our everyday bread, isn't it? And to have questions and doubts about this matter is no good, by any means.

Some friend told me about an intuition why this had hap`pened. And I will try to explain it here as clear as my poor english grammar might do.

The site was hacked maybe because it was developed: on a LAMP Content Management System, or on a ASP CMS.

The failure of the logic of both programming languages in its base might have caused, unintentionally the possibility for hackers to do their job. Do have always in mind Frege.

I wrote in a post before here, in this, your blog where and why LAMP based CMS fail. And tonight, I am not going to bore you about the logic errors underlaying in the ASP-NET base.

It would be a good scenario one whre the the technical committee might explain to the citizens of Europe what have failed, which was the mistake, why the hole happened.

It would be a good scenario presented to all of us, european citizens, at least to learn of the errors of the others and avoid that in the future that this would happen anymore.


Someone told her, days ago, like she was kind of an  ambitious person.

My ears get the impression that get printed into my mind after hearing to her/his words. Ambitious, she? For sure.

Define ambition to respect herself and her work and to respect other people's work and lives.

Ambition comes by hand with temper, and might be not a failure in itself. Being this true, I did not knew it.

An article featured at the Guy Kawasaki's blog have had a positive effect on each of us.

Those brief  moments when someone's judgement on you, just because he -- or she -- belongs to another scenario.

Are You Limiting Yourself? is an excellent article to remind to you the people you met in life who are not always playing the same game one does, honey.

I once coached a man who was, in most areas, a competent entrepreneur. He knew his business very well, he was dedicated and ambitious, and he was an effective leader for his team.

Urban monkeys, worth a read.


A recommended update to avoid some explosions in your lovely OS X. For musicians and filmmakers. And for you, too.

Have a cup?

Objective-J and Capuccino have been, from now on open sourced

In reality, Objective-J was built to support the real star of the show: Cappuccino. Cappuccino is essentially a port of the GNUStep frameworks (or Cocoa as more people are familiar with them), and it aims to fundamentally change the way applications are written on the web. Unlike many other libraries out there today, Cappuccino is designed with the express purpose of building desktop caliber applications that run in the browser. That’s why we chose to base this framework on proven technologies that have had thousands of successful applications written on them already, and have been proven to be one of the best development environments there is

Good news for Safari web-developers like You and Me

There is good news for site owners here since Google have used the opensource WebKit framework for rendering pages which means that if your site supports Safari, it should support Google Chrome.

If you are a marketer, read about Chrome here

String Concatenation

*Note from the Editor:  Links and content of this post has been revisited December 2013. The original cite has been outdated. However you might find the content still valuable if you are, say a Javascript coder with some Java OOP backend.

String Concatenation in Flash, clearly explained by Mr. Francis Cheng from Adobe.

An excerpt:

To understand this issue, we need to see the expression from the compiler's point of view. To the compiler, the expression: 
"Hello" + + " world"is actually the following: 
"Hello" + ( + " world") 
So the short answer for those of you familiar with operator precedence rules is that the compiler first evaluates the expression (+ " world"), which yields NaN. 
The compiler then evaluates the expression "Hello" + NaN, which yields "HelloNaN". The reason for the compiler error is that in Strict Mode, ActionScript 3.0 does not allow the application of the the unary "+" operator to a value of type String. 
You'll get "HelloNaN" as the result if you turn off Strict Mode. If this makes little or no sense to you, read on for a more detailed explanation.

Android Challenge

Wanna ever program in Python? Android is you platform, dedicated to mobiles and provided by Google Inc.

Love that cab4me, mainly because of I hate to wait for a cab. Specially when it rains.

cab4me uses the location awareness of Android (GPS and cell-based), to make it easy for the user to order a cab to his current location without the need to know the exact address or to know the name of the cab company.

Coda 1.5

Coda of my favourite and a live-without everyday use app for MAC OS X, has been free upgraded.

You might need Coda to work in a comfortable way with your scripts, your style-sheets or your client's web-pages. Features in this update are numerous, but I point you over this ones:
  • Custom books are searchable if you provide a relevant search URL
  • Improved syntax coloring, including accurate coloring and completion when one language is nested in another (such as JavaScript and CSS within HTML)
  • Subversion
  • Javascript console
  • Dragging a remote image file into an editor now generates a CSS style reference instead of HTML style if within a CSS context

And tones more. Thank you, team at Panic.

See the new releases here.

The True Mission

Google must win the handset operating system wars because Android’s true mission is to deliver ads, just as a magazine and its articles generally exist to deliver ads.

Read the complete article at B.Net

Fear of switching

Congratulations to the Creative Director of the advertsing company that works for Macintosh's Apple Inc. And congratulations too for Off the Air.

Fear of switching is the foundation of customer loyalty for PCs. This is the right thing.

See the ad here.

Blog Action day

Blog Action Day is an annual nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.


I always was certain that, opposed to the common opinion, rays 'came from earth' to sky and not inverse. From the basement to the top.

The video enlights in a way that my conceptions were not wrong at all a way.

This is: Rays, as you may see in the video 'climb' from earth to clouds, even the initial reaction happens above. Comments are welcome, if you think I am wrong.

In Benjamin Franklin word's:

When rain has wet the kite twine so that it can conduct the electric fire freely, you will find it streams out plentifully from the key at the approach of your knuckle, and with this key a phial, or Leiden jar, maybe charged: and from electric fire thus obtained spirits may be kindled, and all other electric experiments [may be] performed which are usually done by the help of a rubber glass globe or tube; and therefore the sameness of the electrical matter with that of lightening completely demonstrated

Why I do enjoy Scripting Languages

In the type theory of PM, the class φ has the same logical type as the function φ. 
This makes it appropriate to use the following contextual definition, which allows one to eliminate the class term ψ from occurrences in the context f :

f {(ψ)} . = : (∃φ) : φ!x . ≡x . ψx : f {φ!} Df

or in modern notation:

f {z | ψz} =df ∃φ[∀x(φx ≡ ψx) & f (λx φx)], where φ is a predicative function of x

Scripting language, a semantic world where classes were replaced by functions.

Via The Notation in Principia Mathematica.

Intuitionistic understanding of truth

A clear and concise article on Intuitionism, a classical debate on truth and local truth as appliable to computer programming, and more closely its application to game programming.

An excerpt:

Imagine a planet and a meteorologist at each point of the surface, measuring the local temperature T. We assume that T varies continuously with position. A statement such as T>273 is true at some points of the planet and false at others. We say that it is locally true at x if there exists a small neighborhood around x where it is true. In other words, a statement is locally, or stably true at a given point if it remains true when we perturb the point a little.

On this planet a statement is globally true if it is locally true everywhere, and it is globally false if its negation is locally true everywhere. There are also many intermediate levels of truth. The truth value (a measure of truth) of a statement is the set of those points at which the statement is locally true. Such a set is always open.

Worth two reads.

Pere Espinosa © Delfi Ramirez  @Segonquart Studio 2008
Pere Espinosa © Delfi Ramirez  @Segonquart Studio 2008

Comming soon........ in Agust 2008

Programming is hard

Programming Is Hard dot com is one around thousand selected web-pages that deserves worth a visit.

This simple for loop, made my day.

1 /// head et al
2 /// whatever you need
4 var hour;
5 var ampm;
7 for (hour=1; hour<24 br="br" hour="hour"> 8 {
9 if (hour < 12) {ampm="am"};
10 if (hour >= 12) {amppm="pm"};
12 if (hour < 13)
13 {
14 document.write(hour + ampm)
15 };
16 else
17 {
18 document.write((hour-12) + ampm)
19 };
21 document.write(" ");
22 };

Note from the editor: Revisited this post in 2012, Programming is hard dot com is no longer working. A link to the WayBack Machine has been provided instead.

Cheoptics + Actionscript

I just finished a project, at the segonquart studio headquarters, implementing ActionScript version two dot zero, Touch Devices hardware, and Cheoptics as the framework.

Tactile Screens and beautiful 3D videos controlled and fired via ActionScript from a touch table surface, so easy to use a child could do it.

The client is  an automotive company ( say Toyota ), and my work would have not been possible without the beatifula UI design from the team of GlobalRender

Soon displayed, in this yopurs truly portfolio - still, under construction.

Enkoder, now 4.0.1

Enkoder , one of my favourites apps for Web based in OS X platform has relreased its 4.0.1 version , thanks to Mr. Dan Benjamin

The Enkoder helps protect email addresses by converting them into encrypted JavaScript code, hiding them from email-harvesting robots while revealing them to real people.

To appear in August 2008

Programming -- Principles and Practice Using C++ will be in your bookstore in August, holidays.

It is an introduction to programming for people who has never programmed before. It will also be useful for people who have programmed a bit and want to improve their style and technique. It is designed for classroom use, but written with an eye on self study. Drafts have been used as the basis for first programming classes at Texas A&M University for three years now.

Enabling Quartz 2D in Tiger

This is how you can enable Quartz 2D in OSX 10.4 ( aka Tiger )

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ \Quartz2DExtremeEnabled -boolean YES

Application Engine

I am playing this afternoon with Google App Engine.

What is it? Maight yo wonder. Well, Google App Engine lets you run your web applications on Google's infrastructure.

Good to read that Google App Engine applications are implemented using the Python programming language. The runtime environment includes the full Python language and most of the Python standard library.

Long live Python

Before Aligheri ( more soon )

From the page: ""El amor es sufrido, es benigno; el amor no tiene envidia, el amor no es jactancioso, no se envanece; no hace nada indebido, no busca lo suyo, no se irrita, no guarda rencor; no se goza de la injusticia, mas se goza de la verdad. Todo lo sufre, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta"."

Annoy Your Clients

In a Thursday presentation at RSA 2008 in San Francisco, David Cross, a product unit manager at Microsoft who was part of the team that developed UAC, admitted that Microsoft's strategy with UAC was to irritate users and ISVs in order to get them to change their behavior.

"The reason we put UAC into the platform was to annoy users. I'm serious"
said Cross.

Microsoft not only wanted to get users to stop running as administrators, which exacerbates the effects of attacks, but also wanted to convince ISVs to stop building applications that require administrative privileges to install and run, Cross explained.

"We needed to change the ecosystem, and we needed a heavy hammer to do it," Cross said.

Redmond, do not forget users are the ones that feed you and feed me. Please, treat them carefully.

Yes, do it. Recommend them VISTA OS. Yes. It is incredible but true, that you my dear, as a client, as a consumer, can be fooled up and down on purpose.


A brave update of Schopenhauers's considerations on refutation 90 years after, by Mr. Paul Graham.
But the greatest benefit of disagreeing well is not just that it will make conversations better, but that it will make the people who have them happier. If you study conversations, you find there is a lot more meanness down in DH1 than up in DH6. You don't have to be mean when you have a real point to make. In fact, you don't want to. If you have something real to say, being mean just gets in the way.
Worth a read.

CSS Animations

Specification is an extension to CSS Transitions.

I am considering Apple's suggestions: CSS Animation & Visual Effects, which you might want to look at here.

WebAward Competition

I have been invited to, as I have been last years take part a judge for WebAward Competition. WebAward Competition is the Best Website award competition for many reasons:

We have a transparent process. We tell you what the seven criteria for a successful Website are and let the judges determine how to apply them each year.

Our judges are Internet experts and leaders in their industry from around the world who volunteer their time because they are leaders in their industry and understand the value of the WebAwards to the Internet community.

All of our sites get sent to the judges - not just a handful of "finalists". In fact, each site is reviewed by 3-6 judges and the final score is an average of the top two scores.

The awards are industry specific, with 96 categories that you can enter. Your sites are judged against their peers and each industry has its own standard of excellence it should strive for - just like in real life.

This year we are introducing a new award image plaque with a modern look that will look great on your office wall or in your company's trophy case.

Winning a WebAward is also a great marketing opportunity. Winners can use press releases to drive traffic to your site and will receive links from our site to help with SEO efforts.

Everyone who participates gets feedback. Some will get specific comments from the judges reviewing your site, but everyone will receive their scores on each of the seven criteria and benchmark those scores against your industry averages.

Everyone who participates will also receive a copy of the 2009 Internet Standards Assessment Report which provides more than a decade of benchmarking data for your industry.

It is simple to enter and last years sites can be reentered with a single click from your nominator account.

The Web Awards is a volunteer organization that has been around for 11 years.Get your award here


"En la calle acercósele un mendigo diciéndole: «¡Una limosna, por Dios, señorito, que tengo siete hijos...!» «¡No haberlos hecho!», le contestó malhumorado Augusto. «Ya quisiera yo haberle visto a usted en mi caso ––re plicó el mendigo, añadiendo––: y ¿qué quiere usted que hagamos los pobres si no hacemos hijos... para los ri cos?» « Tienes razón ––replicó Augusto––, y por filósofo, ¡ahí va, toma!» , y le dio una peseta, que el buen hombre se fue al punto a gastar a la taberna próxima."

From Miguel de Unamuno's Niebla

PHP s***s

Today, Wednesday, let me entertain you a while explaining you what, in my modest opinion, is PHP all about.

I look after PHP eleven years ago, via Eduard a friend of mine - who sadly leaved us becaus of a stroke ten years ago- and a brilliant photographer who introduced me in the world wide web programming lifestyle.

Those times, I remember, PHP was kind of a language for outsiders, pseudo-programming language for newbies that easily let one develop, say, Flash applications with CMSs and all that mattered. You had a Windows machine and we hacked it with Linux, Apache and...Personal Home Page, now called Processing Hypertext Language, acronym of PHP.

No one, no University in Spain, no serious trade company, used Linux then. WE loose money and time, but we beleived in Open-Source. Then.

My work was focused to work with KDE in Macintosh. Until the year 2000, when OS X appeared, my efforts were seen like a foolish spare of time, specially in the Department of Physics from the University of Barcelona, where I took some courses on SUSe Linux. That was in 1997.

For me, educated in the principles of logic I had learned while I was studying Philosophy, computational languages were something exciting. A bridge between languages and maths.

Multimedia, as we know it today was something completely new and opened. Logic has to be true as far we concern what we explain via a computer is true. Call it a photographer's book, an economic report or whatever.

So we spare a lot of time, days, months. And we were, then, seduced by Javascript, more than PHP. We fight against browsers. In that early ages there were only IE dot five and Netscape dot four as common browsers, Mosaic was still around as a debugging tool.

Today, when I have a look at all that two dot zero stuff, I took the dust off my old books of Javascript and, same processes, new libraries, but still based on the same principles.

I saw clearly, in those days, that Javascript was the perfect solution to write desktop applications via browser, without depending upon a database.

We had XML, a small piece of text that could be overwritten via cookies. I remember asking in the University if there were some courses on Javascript. By that time, not so far from today, twelve thousand experts/teachers were absolutely dedicated to ASP and SQL Server. Or Pascal or Fortran. I stopped working with Basic and DB2, when I was sixteen, when I leave college.

No Javascript at all. But we were still using PHP because of we were still beginners.

Inside my self-education I discovered PHP was, to me, a bunch between Perl, Javascript and some horrible tokens from C, and the most important thing: It had serious logical inconsistences. See it by yourself here. Or there.

Of course PHP sucked then. There were also discussions on the web, in that what we know today as forums. Everybody loves forums because they make feel important to insignificant people. Forums also let you streal knowledge and wisdom. The few, but. Forums to me are equal to porn, say," he-dog looks fos a she/he-dog to fund a family." Or "Please, please, help me because I am a programmer who does not knoww how to solve the difficulty of a language program". Evidence, clear lights, sound. In other words: Porn.

So there were too PowerPoint presentations saying, without polite words, the same.

The sound and he fury continued all over the years. Here, there, neraly everywhere.

Is there any guiltness out there? No , except for an audience who seemed to like crap. After this. They al loved PHP, Debian, and MySQL. I was three years fighting against a language that seemed to be "perfect".

Then I was into Python. More reasons can be foun here, for example.

Some voices, recall that PHP sucks, even these days. One, two and a recently third opinion can be read if you surf the web.

So I stopped by getting angry myself, I stooped bitng my nails, and decided that still today I might not say loudly that PHP sucks. Except for you; pretentious and absolut beginner who wants to be titled an "expert".

Have fun and enjoy yourself here. Extend your knowledge here.

Safari: Debug

Three or four days ago, I was caring about the debug menu, something I use frequently and that dissapeared from safari 3.1

To recover it, write in Terminal the folowing sentence:

defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu -bool true

It works again, and again.



Today, Sunday, let me entertain you for two seconds explaining you what is PHP about. See it here.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Safari 3.1: No Debug

Uuups!! Debug Menu has dissapeared from Safari 3.1 version.

I tried the old hack under Tiger via Terminal
% defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

and it does...nothing!!

Hope this weekend I will have time to , say, "investigate" how to enable it.

I miss the Shark profile, the Garbage javascript, and the download test features...actions that , I guess, they might remain hidden somewher.

If you know how to enable all the old features of DebugMenu, please, say something.I owe you a beer.

Safari Grows

Safari is now 3.1. Brand new features, upon other less or more useless, are:
  • Adds option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features.
  • Allows access to Web Inspector.
  • Allows access to Network Timeline.
  • Allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector.
  • Allows custom user agent string.
  • Improves snippet editor.
Update yor Wintel / Mac PC, appreciated reader.

Two New Ones

In these days, this yours is designing and deploying, at Segonquart Studio,  two - or three - brand new projects :

First one is a web-site for Mr. Gary Rosema and his architectural restoration dedicated biz.

Gary Rosema © Delfi Ramirez 2009 @ Segonquart Studio
Gary Rosema © Delfi Ramirez 2009 @ Segonquart Studio

Second one, no less important, is for Ernesto Carratalá Rey, a well known international painter from BCN, Spain.

Ernesto Carratala Rey © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2008
Ernesto Carratala Rey © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2008

Both seminal works, under development and construction, can be seen here and there.

More soon.

Something worng about Skype

Never had noticed before, and I guess it was not like this, say, a year or two before.

Do not, please, put the "Skype Me" icon with yours. Strangely, you will receive immediately a "porn-link" in your chat window.

Why is this happenning?? Dunno. Possible reasons:
  1. Some of your friends in Skype use his/her computer for something else than work
  2. There is a plague, as it is in the WWW

During my daytime life I do not have time to analyze this questions, neither to write a mail to Skype Inc wondering why this is happening in a, supposed, private but open, controlled but free, P2P grid.

So, please, do not use the Skype Me, besides you, little dof, wants to find your mirrored little dog.


Zeldman Revisited

We get better design when we understand our medium. Yet even at this late cultural hour, many people don’t understand web design. Among them can be found some of our most distinguished business and cultural leaders, including a few who possess a profound grasp of design—except as it relates to the web.
Some who don’t understand web design nevertheless have the job of creating websites or supervising web designers and developers. Others who don’t understand web design are nevertheless professionally charged with evaluating it on behalf of the rest of us. Those who understand the least make the most noise. They are the ones leading charges, slamming doors, and throwing money—at all the wrong people and things.

How clear. Via A List Apart

The Dressing Room

“El Probador” is an alternative and urban event where new designers offer the public a look at their latest creations at affordable prices. It provides a platform for designers to explore their creativity and talent.

An brand old idea by Memé Ibáñez, that can be found here.

That's all for today. Enjoy yourself.

Microformats and OpenID will kill Facebook’s business model

The business model of these walled gardens goes something like this: Offer our users privacy (and other services). Exploit network effects to get as many of our users’ friends as possible to join. Sell advertising to our massive captive audience. At the moment, this model works — just look at Facebook and MySpace. But notice that during the second step, the site isn’t getting users to sign up primarily because they like the service, but because their friends are already on the network.
Walled gardens exploit their users’ personal relationships to grow their proprietary systems — and on the internet, that’s never sustainable.

An article by Mr. Jonathan Kahn that you can read it here

Logic inconsistencies in PHP

Why PHP ( Personal Home Page back to 1996, or Pre HyperText Processor, as the community that uses this language wants to define this acronym these days) s***s?

Easy: In every logic structure of any computational language we observe, and we have to respect the following equation/definition:
me === me

"me" = me

"me" ==""me"

In PHP scripting language this logic has, but,  a break:  me =="me".

If one answer this in an exam of first order Logic, that one will not get approved in the exam; that one, a beloved fivetyfivethousandamonth payed expert, will not even get a bachelor title.

If that assertion is true, it will exists against some basic principles of logic, classis or computational Logic.  Read Tarsky, and tell me.

So if an assertion considered false becomes true by definition, what else wrong can you expect from PHP?

This is why s***s.

Optic Apple Mouse

Apple Optic Mouse

Optic Apple Mouse tracks and holds all you have done. Incredible, isn't that?

Such a surprise to see the behaviour of my Apple Mouse connecting it to an old, old Win XP PC.

After IE7 installation was done; I opened Google; clicked on the search voila !.

( look at the image ) This is what the devil does. 

Upside, a gentle screen shoot to kill your petty bourgeoisie.


I am down , truly deeply down, as I have not been in my ordinary life.

But I still beleive in Plone.

From now on, silence.
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