Microformats and OpenID will kill Facebook’s business model

The business model of these walled gardens goes something like this: Offer our users privacy (and other services). Exploit network effects to get as many of our users’ friends as possible to join. Sell advertising to our massive captive audience. At the moment, this model works — just look at Facebook and MySpace. But notice that during the second step, the site isn’t getting users to sign up primarily because they like the service, but because their friends are already on the network.
Walled gardens exploit their users’ personal relationships to grow their proprietary systems — and on the internet, that’s never sustainable.

An article by Mr. Jonathan Kahn that you can read it here

Logic inconsistencies in PHP

Why PHP ( Personal Home Page back to 1996, or Pre HyperText Processor, as the community that uses this language wants to define this acronym these days) s***s?

Easy: In every logic structure of any computational language we observe, and we have to respect the following equation/definition:
me === me

"me" = me

"me" ==""me"

In PHP scripting language this logic has, but,  a break:  me =="me".

If one answer this in an exam of first order Logic, that one will not get approved in the exam; that one, a beloved fivetyfivethousandamonth payed expert, will not even get a bachelor title.

If that assertion is true, it will exists against some basic principles of logic, classis or computational Logic.  Read Tarsky, and tell me.

So if an assertion considered false becomes true by definition, what else wrong can you expect from PHP?

This is why s***s.

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