"En la calle acercósele un mendigo diciéndole: «¡Una limosna, por Dios, señorito, que tengo siete hijos...!» «¡No haberlos hecho!», le contestó malhumorado Augusto. «Ya quisiera yo haberle visto a usted en mi caso ––re plicó el mendigo, añadiendo––: y ¿qué quiere usted que hagamos los pobres si no hacemos hijos... para los ri cos?» « Tienes razón ––replicó Augusto––, y por filósofo, ¡ahí va, toma!» , y le dio una peseta, que el buen hombre se fue al punto a gastar a la taberna próxima."

From Miguel de Unamuno's Niebla

PHP s***s

Today, Wednesday, let me entertain you a while explaining you what, in my modest opinion, is PHP all about.

I look after PHP eleven years ago, via Eduard a friend of mine - who sadly leaved us becaus of a stroke ten years ago- and a brilliant photographer who introduced me in the world wide web programming lifestyle.

Those times, I remember, PHP was kind of a language for outsiders, pseudo-programming language for newbies that easily let one develop, say, Flash applications with CMSs and all that mattered. You had a Windows machine and we hacked it with Linux, Apache and...Personal Home Page, now called Processing Hypertext Language, acronym of PHP.

No one, no University in Spain, no serious trade company, used Linux then. WE loose money and time, but we beleived in Open-Source. Then.

My work was focused to work with KDE in Macintosh. Until the year 2000, when OS X appeared, my efforts were seen like a foolish spare of time, specially in the Department of Physics from the University of Barcelona, where I took some courses on SUSe Linux. That was in 1997.

For me, educated in the principles of logic I had learned while I was studying Philosophy, computational languages were something exciting. A bridge between languages and maths.

Multimedia, as we know it today was something completely new and opened. Logic has to be true as far we concern what we explain via a computer is true. Call it a photographer's book, an economic report or whatever.

So we spare a lot of time, days, months. And we were, then, seduced by Javascript, more than PHP. We fight against browsers. In that early ages there were only IE dot five and Netscape dot four as common browsers, Mosaic was still around as a debugging tool.

Today, when I have a look at all that two dot zero stuff, I took the dust off my old books of Javascript and, same processes, new libraries, but still based on the same principles.

I saw clearly, in those days, that Javascript was the perfect solution to write desktop applications via browser, without depending upon a database.

We had XML, a small piece of text that could be overwritten via cookies. I remember asking in the University if there were some courses on Javascript. By that time, not so far from today, twelve thousand experts/teachers were absolutely dedicated to ASP and SQL Server. Or Pascal or Fortran. I stopped working with Basic and DB2, when I was sixteen, when I leave college.

No Javascript at all. But we were still using PHP because of we were still beginners.

Inside my self-education I discovered PHP was, to me, a bunch between Perl, Javascript and some horrible tokens from C, and the most important thing: It had serious logical inconsistences. See it by yourself here. Or there.

Of course PHP sucked then. There were also discussions on the web, in that what we know today as forums. Everybody loves forums because they make feel important to insignificant people. Forums also let you streal knowledge and wisdom. The few, but. Forums to me are equal to porn, say," he-dog looks fos a she/he-dog to fund a family." Or "Please, please, help me because I am a programmer who does not knoww how to solve the difficulty of a language program". Evidence, clear lights, sound. In other words: Porn.

So there were too PowerPoint presentations saying, without polite words, the same.

The sound and he fury continued all over the years. Here, there, neraly everywhere.

Is there any guiltness out there? No , except for an audience who seemed to like crap. After this. They al loved PHP, Debian, and MySQL. I was three years fighting against a language that seemed to be "perfect".

Then I was into Python. More reasons can be foun here, for example.

Some voices, recall that PHP sucks, even these days. One, two and a recently third opinion can be read if you surf the web.

So I stopped by getting angry myself, I stooped bitng my nails, and decided that still today I might not say loudly that PHP sucks. Except for you; pretentious and absolut beginner who wants to be titled an "expert".

Have fun and enjoy yourself here. Extend your knowledge here.

Safari: Debug

Three or four days ago, I was caring about the debug menu, something I use frequently and that dissapeared from safari 3.1

To recover it, write in Terminal the folowing sentence:

defaults write IncludeInternalDebugMenu -bool true

It works again, and again.



Today, Sunday, let me entertain you for two seconds explaining you what is PHP about. See it here.

Have fun and enjoy yourself.

Safari 3.1: No Debug

Uuups!! Debug Menu has dissapeared from Safari 3.1 version.

I tried the old hack under Tiger via Terminal
% defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

and it does...nothing!!

Hope this weekend I will have time to , say, "investigate" how to enable it.

I miss the Shark profile, the Garbage javascript, and the download test features...actions that , I guess, they might remain hidden somewher.

If you know how to enable all the old features of DebugMenu, please, say something.I owe you a beer.

Safari Grows

Safari is now 3.1. Brand new features, upon other less or more useless, are:
  • Adds option in Safari preferences to turn on the new Develop menu which contains various web development features.
  • Allows access to Web Inspector.
  • Allows access to Network Timeline.
  • Allows editing CSS in the Web Inspector.
  • Allows custom user agent string.
  • Improves snippet editor.
Update yor Wintel / Mac PC, appreciated reader.

Two New Ones

In these days, this yours is designing and deploying, at Segonquart Studio,  two - or three - brand new projects :

First one is a web-site for Mr. Gary Rosema and his architectural restoration dedicated biz.

Gary Rosema © Delfi Ramirez 2009 @ Segonquart Studio
Gary Rosema © Delfi Ramirez 2009 @ Segonquart Studio

Second one, no less important, is for Ernesto Carratalá Rey, a well known international painter from BCN, Spain.

Ernesto Carratala Rey © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2008
Ernesto Carratala Rey © Delfi Ramirez @ Segonquart Studio 2008

Both seminal works, under development and construction, can be seen here and there.

More soon.

Something worng about Skype

Never had noticed before, and I guess it was not like this, say, a year or two before.

Do not, please, put the "Skype Me" icon with yours. Strangely, you will receive immediately a "porn-link" in your chat window.

Why is this happenning?? Dunno. Possible reasons:
  1. Some of your friends in Skype use his/her computer for something else than work
  2. There is a plague, as it is in the WWW

During my daytime life I do not have time to analyze this questions, neither to write a mail to Skype Inc wondering why this is happening in a, supposed, private but open, controlled but free, P2P grid.

So, please, do not use the Skype Me, besides you, little dof, wants to find your mirrored little dog.


Zeldman Revisited

We get better design when we understand our medium. Yet even at this late cultural hour, many people don’t understand web design. Among them can be found some of our most distinguished business and cultural leaders, including a few who possess a profound grasp of design—except as it relates to the web.
Some who don’t understand web design nevertheless have the job of creating websites or supervising web designers and developers. Others who don’t understand web design are nevertheless professionally charged with evaluating it on behalf of the rest of us. Those who understand the least make the most noise. They are the ones leading charges, slamming doors, and throwing money—at all the wrong people and things.

How clear. Via A List Apart

The Dressing Room

“El Probador” is an alternative and urban event where new designers offer the public a look at their latest creations at affordable prices. It provides a platform for designers to explore their creativity and talent.

An brand old idea by Memé Ibáñez, that can be found here.

That's all for today. Enjoy yourself.
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