Something worng about Skype

Never had noticed before, and I guess it was not like this, say, a year or two before.

Do not, please, put the "Skype Me" icon with yours. Strangely, you will receive immediately a "porn-link" in your chat window.

Why is this happenning?? Dunno. Possible reasons:
  1. Some of your friends in Skype use his/her computer for something else than work
  2. There is a plague, as it is in the WWW

During my daytime life I do not have time to analyze this questions, neither to write a mail to Skype Inc wondering why this is happening in a, supposed, private but open, controlled but free, P2P grid.

So, please, do not use the Skype Me, besides you, little dof, wants to find your mirrored little dog.

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