Annoy Your Clients

In a Thursday presentation at RSA 2008 in San Francisco, David Cross, a product unit manager at Microsoft who was part of the team that developed UAC, admitted that Microsoft's strategy with UAC was to irritate users and ISVs in order to get them to change their behavior.

"The reason we put UAC into the platform was to annoy users. I'm serious"
said Cross.

Microsoft not only wanted to get users to stop running as administrators, which exacerbates the effects of attacks, but also wanted to convince ISVs to stop building applications that require administrative privileges to install and run, Cross explained.

"We needed to change the ecosystem, and we needed a heavy hammer to do it," Cross said.

Redmond, do not forget users are the ones that feed you and feed me. Please, treat them carefully.

Yes, do it. Recommend them VISTA OS. Yes. It is incredible but true, that you my dear, as a client, as a consumer, can be fooled up and down on purpose.


A brave update of Schopenhauers's considerations on refutation 90 years after, by Mr. Paul Graham.
But the greatest benefit of disagreeing well is not just that it will make conversations better, but that it will make the people who have them happier. If you study conversations, you find there is a lot more meanness down in DH1 than up in DH6. You don't have to be mean when you have a real point to make. In fact, you don't want to. If you have something real to say, being mean just gets in the way.
Worth a read.

CSS Animations

Specification is an extension to CSS Transitions.

I am considering Apple's suggestions: CSS Animation & Visual Effects, which you might want to look at here.

WebAward Competition

I have been invited to, as I have been last years take part a judge for WebAward Competition. WebAward Competition is the Best Website award competition for many reasons:

We have a transparent process. We tell you what the seven criteria for a successful Website are and let the judges determine how to apply them each year.

Our judges are Internet experts and leaders in their industry from around the world who volunteer their time because they are leaders in their industry and understand the value of the WebAwards to the Internet community.

All of our sites get sent to the judges - not just a handful of "finalists". In fact, each site is reviewed by 3-6 judges and the final score is an average of the top two scores.

The awards are industry specific, with 96 categories that you can enter. Your sites are judged against their peers and each industry has its own standard of excellence it should strive for - just like in real life.

This year we are introducing a new award image plaque with a modern look that will look great on your office wall or in your company's trophy case.

Winning a WebAward is also a great marketing opportunity. Winners can use press releases to drive traffic to your site and will receive links from our site to help with SEO efforts.

Everyone who participates gets feedback. Some will get specific comments from the judges reviewing your site, but everyone will receive their scores on each of the seven criteria and benchmark those scores against your industry averages.

Everyone who participates will also receive a copy of the 2009 Internet Standards Assessment Report which provides more than a decade of benchmarking data for your industry.

It is simple to enter and last years sites can be reentered with a single click from your nominator account.

The Web Awards is a volunteer organization that has been around for 11 years.Get your award here
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