Intuitionistic understanding of truth

A clear and concise article on Intuitionism, a classical debate on truth and local truth appliable to computer programming, and more closely to game programming.

An excerpt:

Imagine a planet and a meteorologist at each point of the surface, measuring the local temperature T. We assume that T varies continuously with position. A statement such as T>273 is true at some points of the planet and false at others. We say that it is locally true at x if there exists a small neighborhood around x where it is true. In other words, a statement is locally, or stably true at a given point if it remains true when we perturb the point a little.

On this planet a statement is globally true if it is locally true everywhere, and it is globally false if its negation is locally true everywhere. There are also many intermediate levels of truth. The truth value (a measure of truth) of a statement is the set of those points at which the statement is locally true. Such a set is always open.

Worth two reads.
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